Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Interview with T.T. Harris and her new release Secrets in the Sanctuary.

Playwright| Author| T. T. Harris
T. T. Harris is a native of Delaware and has been writing novels for many years. She attended Texas Southern University in Houston, TX and later migrated back to the east coast to finish school at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. As a small child, Ms. Harris had a love for writing short stories and excelled in creative writing in school. In 2004, Ms. Harris began working on her first novel entitled, “Legal Problems,” which she released in May 2012.

After receiving great reviews and success from her first released novel, Ms. Harris immediately began to write a story that will bring the awareness to people in religion everywhere. As an active member and Elder in her church, Ms. Harris felt that the church is suffering with a bad reputation and has been plagued with stereotypes in the community and society. Ms. Harris hopes the novel, The Things Church People Won’t Say and Secrets In The Sanctuary will help her readers be inspired and share their testimonies of hope and deliverance.  

Secrets In The Sanctuary is a continuation from the popular novel The Things Church People Won’t Say released in October 2012. A few years has passed, Rachel Titus, the first lady of Greater Mission Temple of Faith Ministries, thinks her secrets are safe until the unthinkable happens. Bishop Richard Titus is faced with some very tough decisions that will affect the lives of his family and churches forever. Robert and Veronica Jones’ past come back causing a line of destruction in their church. And a host of lies, secrets , crime, passion, and betrayal plague this congregation of people. Secrets In The Sanctuary, is a dramatic and explosive fiction novel that leaves you wondering if secrets are really kept under lock and key in your sanctuary…perfect peace within themselves and discovering that true love comes from God first. Will they accept God's invitation?

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