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5 star review for "The Santa Claus Killer"

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry, You Better Not Pout, I’m Telling You Why… Santa Claus Is Coming… To KILL!

It all begins in Manhattan. 

When Manhattan South Homicide Detectives Murphy and Rico fall upon a string of Santa Claus murders, it doesn't take long for the FBI Serial Killer Task Force to figure out they’re hunting the same diabolical madman. 

In a rush against time… they must break out their Naughty List and hunt down a psycho intent on ruining Christmas. 

LOCK the doors, close the blinds and get ready to run for your life. 

Santa’s at your door and he isn't bearing gifts.

About the author

RJ Smith is the author of The Santa Claus Killer-a 2013 Emmy Awards Swag Bag book selection.

He is also an American optioned screenwriter and novelist of action packed thrillers.

Reading his work is like watching a mind movie, the words leap from the page,tear through the pupils and explode in mental images. 

He’s been noted by Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Studios, The Page International Screenwriting Awards and Sundance's Table Read My Screenplay.

RJs books are represented by JRK Literary Agency in New York and Mr. Robert Snow of London.

His film rights are managed by JS Integrity Management of Los Angeles.

In 2014, Storyteller Entertainment will release RJs new explosive, epic, thrilling disaster novel, CATACLYSM.

STOMPING into stores SUMMER 2015 is book #2 in the FBI Serial Killer Task Force series, BEACH BODIES. Here, readers may catch up on the lives of Detective Mike Murphy and FBI Agent Mei Ling.

The author lives in the Great State of Florida and spends most of his time in Manhattan and Los Angeles.


Books: JRK Literary (USA) Mr. Robert Snow (London)

Film:JS Integrity Management

 5 Star review

Gruesome, and twisted but brilliant!
I received a signed copy of the much anticipated book from the author RJ Smith. I have read many of the reviews on Facebook about this book, and it is true nothing will prepare you for the content of this book. Firstly, I have to say that I am not a horror fanatic, at all! Do not read books or watch movies in this genre. Just too gory for me, thank you. J
Where to begin!
The story is unique, well written with enough detail to see it happening right before your eyes. Like watching it on a big screen. I loved the clever snippets, with different fonts, creating the sounds and atmosphere as you read the story. The nursery rhymes gave it an eerie feeling as the story builds, layer upon layer to reveal all the twists in the plot.
Shocking revelations that laid the sickness of humanity in horrific encounters, as bodies appeared. Piling up as Santa Claus walks the streets of New York.
As a foreigner, who have never been in New York the descriptions of this city is entertaining, but yet amongst all the glamour and lights an empty world is revealed. Struggling street kids, worthless homeless bums, the filth of the streets giving you another glimpse of this well known icon in America. As I read the book, the well known phrase of Frank Sinatra’s song came to mind.
If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere 
It's up to you New York, New York
Life is hard, even here in this much talked about, dreams come true, tourist attraction.
The characters were fascinating, well researched, always with a human side as the gruesome story unfolds. Stefan, a street kid’s character touched your heart as he faced the many difficulties of life, friendship, parenthood and survival. Ending up as a hero, and for the first time he knew he belonged.
I loved all the different names of the Killer as the author kept your focus throughout the story line. Knee Bouncer or Cat Killer just to name two. I can not reveal too much J 
Buy and read the book,, really!
The personality of this creep, his inward struggles with demons and ghosts as he walked the streets in his Santa suit, a real nut case on two legs. With bodies everywhere, blood always drips to announce his arrival. His sick and twisted mind in delirium, with his faithful hatchet in his hand, and ghostly voices in his head, always urging him on.  
Rico Martinez, hard-ass detective, on his way out, and his team had to catch this man as Christmas comes closer. Chasing this man all around the sewers and filth, with shocking discoveries along the way.
Even a romance developing, so sweet. J
Captivating and thrilling with actual facts mixed within the story line makes this a great read, one I can recommend to all fans of horror. It will keep you glued to the book, even after dark, with Santa’s ring tone in your head.
Masterfully created to make this a Best Seller.
I am really looking forward to more books out of this author’s pen (keyboard). J

See, he even rubs off on you!

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