Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Announcing a new Book Release "Despite the Angels"

Title: Despite the Angels
Author: Madeline Stringer
Genre: Literature & Fiction/ Fantasy & Futuristic
Sub genre: Angels/ Ghosts

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Have you ever felt you know someone already, even though you only just met?
Maybe you knew them in another life....
Lucy and David, who live in modern Dublin, first knew each other in Ancient Crete. They had a baby girl, but disaster struck, and their guardian angels have been trying to reunite the little family for 4,000 years. 
Despite the angels’ attempts to be understood, humans often do not hear, and unwittingly can waste whole lifetimes....
Now in Dublin things are still not going according to plan - Lucy is too young, and David is marrying someone else.
Angels are optimists, so they are re-organising, but

About the author
Madeline has been writing in a desultory fashion since childhood, but only got going with it when life calmed down in her late forties! She has now written 2 one-act plays which were performed to enthusiastic audiences on Ireland's amateur "One-Act Circuit", an All-Ireland competition. One of the plays gained her a merit award for the writing, and other awards, including two for Best Actress, won by Mabel Gargan in the part of Maud in "Rhyme for Reason".
Madeline has also written two novels, and the first one, "Despite the Angels" was published on Amazon in March of this year( http://authl.it/h8 ), and was launched as a paperback in Dublin on 27th September, and will be stocked in the famous "Sweny's Chemist" in Dublin - famous because it appeared in Joyce's "Ulysses". She plans to publish her second novel during 2014, and is currently in the middle of a third. The writing bug has caught!
She also wrote and directed a 'book trailer' video which can be seen on youtube: http://tinyurl.com/qyyd66r

Twitter account: @TrynorTheGuide / @MadelineAnnS

At the launch of the book

With fellow authors Grace Wynne Jones and John Joyce.

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