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Identity Crisis by Grace Marshall: Excerpt and 5 Star Review

Title: Identity Crisis  (Book 2)
Author: Grace Marshall
Series: Executive Decisions Trilogy 
Genre: Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Romance, Erotic


Reclusive romance novelist Tess Delaney is the alter ego of Garrett Thorne, bad-boy brother of business tycoon Ellison Thorne. When Tess is nominated for the Golden Kiss Award, Garrett recruits PR specialist, Kendra Davis, to keep his secret and be Tess for the awards despite their mutual animosity. But when Tess is stalked by a rabid fan, an identity crisis is eclipsed by a battle for survival, and Tess Delaney, the woman who doesn’t exist, just might understand Kendra and Garrett’s hearts even better than they do.

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Garrett felt like a naughty teenager as they sneaked out the back door, through the gate of the privacy fence and down the alley. He wore a shapeless track suit with the black hoodie pulled up over his head and a scruffy pair of Converse sneakers that weren’t exactly meant for dancing. And Kendra, well she hardly looked ratty, in his opinion. She wore low rider jeans, and where they weren’t hugging her body like a second skin, they were full of threadbare, flesh revealing holes. The black sweat top she wore was cut short enough to show a tantalizing flash of her navel and hips bones when she moved just right. It slid off one shoulder to reveal the thin lacy strap of a red bra. She wore all of her russet locks tucked up under a leather beret. Her fashion statement was topped off with black ankle boots. She looked very, very dangerous. And hot. Of course she didn’t need to dress the part for either, he thought. He was already certain on both counts.

‘You live a little closer to The Boiling Point than Dee does.’ She took his hand and nodded to where the alley T’ed with the street, and then gave way to the park on the other side. ‘She never goes there, of course. Well she did once, but that was just for Harris, then he hated it.’ She giggled. ‘God I wish I could have been there for that.’

‘Am I going to hate it?’ he asked.

She shook her head. ‘Probably not. You’re much more of a bad boy than Harris is, or is that all an act?’

The long line of shiny chrome Harleys out front of the squat cinder block building gave Garrett the first clue that this was not Dancing with the Stars. Kendra waved them away absently. ‘The Boiling Point’s not really a biker bar, but it’s kind of the warm-up act, I suppose you could say. Lots of bikers start off here before they head on to their usual haunts. Makes for an exciting mix. Later in the night there are almost no bikers. But there are always lots of interesting people.’

Any other time, Garrett would have been up for meeting interesting people, but tonight he couldn’t imagine anyone interesting him more than the woman on his arm. He paid the fee at the door and a surly man the size of small house with fire-engine hair and a scruffy beard stamped their hands with a red ink TBP.

Inside a live band had just begun to play to a full, but not yet crowded house. ‘The place gets raided from time to time,’ Kendra said. ‘I don’t know what all goes on. I just come here because it’s interesting.’

‘A good raid and us carted off to the police station will really give the press something to talk about,’ Garrett observed.

‘Don’t worry,’ she yelled to be heard above the band’s bass-heavy version of Highway to Hell. ‘They just got raided last week. They’ll be good to go for a while now. We can relax and enjoy ourselves.’ She pulled him onto the dance floor. ‘Best dance while there’s room. In a few hours it’ll be a real tit squeeze.’

Kendra Davis was just as stunning dark and dangerous as she was golden and romantic, as she was naked in his kitchen, and she definitely knew how to move on the dance floor. But it made Garrett more than a little nervous that he wasn’t the only one who seemed to be noticing the way the woman could shake her booty. He thought about asking her to try not to draw to much attention to herself, but he wasn’t even sure it was possible for Kendra Davis not to draw attention.

The place smelled of leather and beer, and sweat. Already there was a thick haze of pheromones invisible to the eye, but everyone there breathed them it, gave them off and reveled in the dark anticipation of what the night might bring. The look in Kendra’s eyes was bright and wicked, like she would do anything, try anything, like all the boundaries were suddenly negotiable.

And fuck, as amazing as she was like that, as much as he wanted to lose himself in the place, in the experience, there was no way he could keep from thinking about who might be watching her in that crowd, about who might be waiting for just the perfect opportunity.

As though she were reading his mind, she pulled him to her with a hand curled around his neck and spoke against his ear. ‘Oh would you relax, Garrett. Do you really think this is the kind of hang-out Tess Delaney would frequent?’

Then she slid both arms around his neck and let him pull her into a deep, hungry kiss. When it ended with an aggressive flick of his tongue, she offered a throaty giggle. ‘Marking territory, are we?’ Before he had a chance to respond, she returned the favor, plunging her tongue in deep, and tightening a fist in his hair to pull him closer.

He moved a hand to the small of her back and gave her the full frontal rub-up, enough to be sure she knew she’d gotten his cock’s attention. ‘You see where this is leading if you keep that up?’

She pulled away and gave his crotch some breathing room as the music settled into a heavy metal beat that filled the dance floor with lots of heavily booted bikers and their spandex and leather women. Garrett was surprised to find more than a few men in pressed jeans and designer polo shirts bellied up to the bar in the mix that looked like it was probably mostly low-brow. He wasn’t the only man who looked like he’d just come from a work out at the corner gym and Kendra’s shredded jeans seemed to be the fashion statement of more than a few women among a smattering of Goth and grunge and plain old red-neck jeans and tee-shirts with baseball caps.

With each song the band played, the dance floor became fuller and fuller. The strobe light flashed and the disco ball bathed the floor in sparkles as people rocked and strutted and sweated, and it became more and more difficult to tell who was dancing with whom. Garrett was about to grab Kendra by the hand and reel her back in so they could stay connected when a biker in a ZZ Top tee-shirt that smelled like an ashtray and looked like it might have been painted across his bulging pecs managed to slide in between them, turn his back on Garrett, and focus his full attention on Kendra. And suddenly all Garrett could see was his broad back.

‘Kendra,’ he called, but his voice was drowned out in the roar of Def Leppard. And that might have been okay if the man hadn’t been so fucking big. Kendra was certainly entitled to dance with whomever she liked. But he couldn’t see her. He fucking couldn’t see her! Not even her feet between the man’s shuffling boots. ‘Kendra!’ He called again. Louder this time. That at least got the man’s attention, but when he turned to see what Garrett wanted, and he could see beyond the biker’s bulk, Kendra was not there! The woman the man was dancing with had cropped blonde hair and a leather bustier several sizes too small.

‘Kendra!’ Garrett called out, louder this time, shoving his way past the biker, who pulled the blonde to him protectively. Frantically Garrett scanned the burgeoning crowd on the dance floor, scanned the women with hats. There were cowboy hats, police hats, even a few stocking caps, but there were just too many people, too many lights, too much noise. In his mind he could only think of Razor Sharp’s horrid email and Kendra’s response to it. Why the hell hadn’t he forced the issue? Why the hell hadn’t he made her tell him why she was so upset, made her tell him about the stalker Dee had mentioned. And fuck! Why had he let her talk him into bringing her here?


Grace Marshall lives in South England with her husband and the growing gang of hooligan birds who frequent their feeders. When Grace isn’t busy writing something sexy and romantic, she’s busy digging in her ever-expanding veg garden or walking across the British countryside. She finds inspiration outdoors in nature, and most of her best story ideas come to her while she’s walking or gardening.
Grace is the author of the fast paced, quirky Executive Decisions Trilogy  published by Xcite Romance. The first and second novels in the trilogy are out now.

Grace Marshall’s alter-ego, K D Grace, writes critically acclaimed, best-selling erotic romance. Whether it’s sexy romance or romantic sex, between The Graces, there’s a story for you.

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My 5 Star Review

The second book in the Executive Decisions Trilogy filled with suspense, romance and intrigue. Identity Crisis is the perfect name for this book since you had several characters, each with their own unique attributes but yet only two main characters existed. 
Garrett and Kendra. At two opposite poles but yet drawn together when their lives connected all because of Tess Delaney. The well-known romance author who was nominated for the Golden Kiss Award. The problem was Tess Delaney was the pseudonym of Garrett Thorne. Little brother of Ellison Thorne whom we met in the first book Executive Decision. In the first book he was always in the back, making trouble for his older brother and almost cost Ellison and Dee to break up, but we know that never happened. I must admit in the first book I had no patience with this "good for nothing" character. The reason why sparks flew the moment Kendra, best friend of Dee and he came in the same office. 
But through out the second book you get to know the man Garrett with his heart literally on his sleeve. Hopeless romantic, sensitive but yet extremely masculine. In love with Kendra since the moment she slapped him in the first book. But make no mistake he was no push over. He was a mature man with a head on his shoulders, with a fierce protective sense that riled Kendra at every corner. And a mind to write the most beautiful romances that even brought Kendra to a place where she could believe that love and romance exist. 
Kendra Davis aka Kay Lake aka Tess Delaney aka.... (smile) Her identities shield the real person but Garrett broke through all the layers to find an interesting, caring and lovable woman. Control freak par excellence this woman pushed all boundaries in her life and in their growing relationship. Afraid of nothing but yet fearful of loosing control. 
And when a stalker came into the picture threatening Tess Delaney's life and ultimately her own we see this strong woman immersed in a sharp edge, no nonsense and fierce woman who would protect her love at all cost from the man who wants to destroy her.
Again we meet up with Dee and Ellison, Stacie, Wade and Harris as the group of friends work together to safe Kendra and Garrett.
In between the lines of the story passion flow like a current, steady at its course. Sometimes going through wild rapids as two bodies collide in desire, passion and love. Well written to invoke the characters growing emotions as they work through all the normal developments of such an relationship as well as the constant pressure and harassment of the stalker and press to get the exclusive on Tess Delaney.
We learn about Razor Sharp aka.....(smile) who has an emotional investment into Tess's life. Only thinking of her in the most lustful perverse ways. Cursing her for having a relationship with Garrett every time he sees them together. He dragged in Carla Flannery aka Bull dog, a journalist and Barker Blessing a fierce critic, sending them messages and mails to fuel the threats even more. 
However at the end justice prevails. 
A great romance novel with a good out lined concept to keep you turning the pages of this book. Highly recommended to all lovers of Woman's fiction, Romance with heart thumping passion and a good dash of suspense. 


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Title: Spiritual GPS God Promised Solutions
Author: Apostle Oliver T.Reid
Genre: Christian Inspirational

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Spiritual GPS is dedicated to the masses that found themselves paralyzed at life’s intersections and crossroads. This book is committed to those who are in desperate need for God’s direction each and every day of your life. To the one that has lost their way this book is devoted to you. To the one that can’t see God’s promises because of life’s obstructions this book is designed with you in mind.
If you have ever faced a problem that appeared to be bigger than the solution this book is handcrafted by God for you. If you have endeavored to hear the simple words you can this book is for you.
Spiritual GPS is tailored to people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. This book caters to individuals who dare to dream and live on the cutting edge of their next level. Spiritual GPS is focused on allowing you to concentrate on godly solutions instead of the equations.

About The Author
Apostle Oliver T. Reid, called into the ministry in his youth, is a powerfully anointed and dynamic man of God.  Known to be a remnant preacher and a testament to these times, Apostle Reid flows with a global prophetic mandate with God’s signs and wonders following.  A man of many gifts and talents, he walks in the office of Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist and Teacher, and most affectionately knows him as “Apostle.”  As a trailblazer, stalwart, and international apostle Reid has a passion to see the body restored, sinner’s saved, and broken hearts mended.

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Apostle Reid is happily married to Miatta Reid and a proud father. He is a graduate of Winston Salem State University with a BA/BS degree in History and Sociology. Apostle Reid obtained a Bachelors as well as a Master’s Degree in Theology from Life Christian University. He is presently in pursuit of his Doctor of Ministry in Theology degree from Life Christian University.  

Connect with Oliver:

My 5 Star Review

Today I introduce my husband to the blog, Paul Clark helping me out with this review, since I found myself overwhelmed at this point with book reviews.
Here is his thoughts

Review GPS Book

 Introduction, it gives you a very clear direction where this book is going and whom it addresses in the pages to follow. It draws the reader in because he can identify with what is said. Like a GPS.
When you are searching for the truth and direction in life, the writer opens the road before you so you can move forward.
Immediately when you start reading the highlighted scriptures it directs you and bring correct focus for the reader or seeker. What is been establish is that God is not making up a plan for your life as you go along. He already has given you the victory, WOW!
God’s intention is for us to be stuck in solution mode.
As you progress the book change into a day to day confrontation with relevant truths well put, directly getting to the heart of the issue. No small talk here just bare truth like the scripture is.
First route takes you through different stages and situations of delays where you need to learn to embrace them.
You are confronted with many issues that you are not willing to face or endure. We like to take the easy and quick way out although we know it is not God’s plan. There is a lot of road signs on our walk and the writer are addressing it one at a time, giving you time to ponder on it so your direction can be clear and you do not have to ignore the signs but embraced it so you can move into God’s purpose and plan for your life.
Second route is about yielding.
To yield yourself to different situations that come your way the focus moves from you to what God purpose and plan is for your life, in order for us to move forward.
Third route is about tunnels we experience in life.
When you move through a tunnel your vision gets affected so this is normally a place where the enemy attacks in different ways. On the other side of the tunnel your view is wider and there is light so you need to hold fast to the truth to move through the tunnels in life and will not blur your vision from God.
This is definitely a great work book that confronts 3 different routes in your life and it also speaks directly and do not beat around the bush.
It is definitely a workbook for any one that seeks more, growing in the Christian life or has some obstacles he is facing. This will challenge you but also bring focus and restoration to your life if you deal with each question honestly and direct.

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Interview with Anne Patrick and a Giveaway

                 Interview with Anne Patrick    
 Enter to win an eBook copy of Kill Shot, Trespasses, and Betrayal!
Winner can choose between Kindle or PDF format. Open Internationally! Ends 3/12

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Gated by Matt Drabble Book Tour and Review

Title: Gated
Author: Matt Drabble
Genre: Horror
Published by: Eden Publications

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British couple, Michael and Emily Torrance lived perfect lives, he was a writer of horror
fiction getting paid for his hobby, and Emily was immersed in her life as a teacher. Their
world was complete when Emily fell pregnant and their family was set to be complete.
Their dreams however, were shattered one wet winter night by a car mounting a
pavement out of the darkness.
To overcome their loss, they up sticks and move to Eden Gardens, an ideal American
gated community promising "Heaven on Earth and Twice as Nice"
They find that the town and people are perfection personified, all set beneath an eternal
sunny blue sky. The people are overwhelmingly warm and friendly. The town is picture
perfect, a beautiful throwback to a bygone age long since forgotten. Their lives and faith
are restored as they settle into Eden and their circle is complete when Emily falls
pregnant again.
But are their neighbors stares a little too intense, is the town􀂶s interest a little too
close. They are about to find out that paradise comes a cost, and when you sign a lease,
you should always check the fine print.

Born in Bath, England in 1974, a self-­professed "funny onion", equal parts sport loving
jock and comic book geek.
From an early age reading so many works of varied authors I took the somewhat
foolhardy decision to attempt my own novels. I have currently completed three books,
"Rapture Falls", "Vengeance Has Fangs" and "Gated" all of which are available in eBook
format for download on Amazon.
Perhaps one day I will be able to list my publishing achievements and literary awards,
but for now I simply hope to have produced an interesting piece of work that entertains
with a modicum of intelligence.
I have always been an avid fan of the Horror/Supernatural genres and find that many
great works in this field are automatically dismissed due to their subject matter.

Contact details:

My 4 Star Review

The reason for my four stars is that I simply do not like Horror in any form. I had to say this early on to get it out of the way and review the book objectively.  But I do love a good on the edge thriller and this book did not had the usual blood and gore in it as normal horror has. So I could enjoy it and can recommend it to all horror/thriller readers.

An eerie and sinister plot that draws you in from the start. The three part book giving you a historic over view of the origins of the town. Building up to a climax that had me up till late to read the final outcome. At first I thought it was the epilogue that the author cleverly put in front to give you a taste of what's to come but as the story unfolds I realized my mistake and at the end was surprised, ending in a unsettling end. Leaving room for a follow up. I hope.
Even with a few missing words I was well entertained from beginning to end. The focus on the story and the unfolding story line, well laid out to captivate the imagination.
I must agree with Micheal the main character in the book this was definitely a Stepford community. Everything was just to picture perfect. I mean summer all year round, abundance with just one big smile on your face. It sounded far fetched and plastic from the beginning. But yet the author has done a wonderful work in pointing it out and the people's reluctance to see the truth. With the late night prowler aka spray painter that marked every building in green paint "WAKE UP" But the sleepy town was dozing off never realizing the danger all around them.
The young couple Micheal and Emily immigrated to the US from the UK after an brutal accident where in their unborn child was killed. They were ready for a clean break and to start over but they got more than they bargained for in this gated community of Eden.
Every character that was introduced held a sinister story, and an uneasy air around them. From the start you realize that something really terrible is going on in this "perfect" town.
The one character that stood out the most was the mountain of a man, Sheriff Quinn. He was cruel, dangerous, sadistically  ominous and  menacing. He had no regard for gender or age, insane, blood thirsty, showing no emotion. I mean really I would have flee at the sight of this man. And yet the bodies accumulated around him as if he was building a wall with flesh and blood. Creepy at best.
I counted twelve as the story progressed and that was only the ones I know off. No remorse as he went through town's occupants with a icy and deathly grip.
Surprises were installed all over this book. Quit a number of people was not who they appear to be. Everything pointing to the Woodlands Festival. A festival held annually and the towns people was looking forward too the event. Micheal was warned to stay away but at the end was dragged too it, in order too safe his wife and unborn child.
Mrs. Thirlby, Sarah-Jane, Eddie and Morgan each played their part very well and keep you guessing at their part.
The biggest fraud was Casper Christian. He controlled and manipulated the town with a iron fist. Stern and menacing taking no nonsense from the occupants. Revealing a far greater sinister role in the whole plot. Believing he was God's answer in building a Kingdom. Demented in every way, and the out come will definitely surprise you.
Blood sacrifices, mind control, murder, disappearances, unexplained suicides and accidents and a blood thirsty massacre was all concealed within the walls of this dark place. Keeping you glued to the book. With its dark secrets and even darker but yet colorful characters.
But between all the horror you also learn about the restoration that take place between Micheal and Emily. Their marriage bond strengthened by their past experiences and the new start.  You see the growing relationship between Micheal and Thom, a young teenager at a loss after his father's disappearance. Finding Micheal as a mentor and father figure helping the two too safe the town from its horrific hold. You see how the scared boy turns into a man when faced with choices and safe those he cared for.
A book I can recommend to all readers for the love of Horror and thrillers.

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The Eighth Wonder Tour and Interview by Kimberly Young

Interview with Romance and Inspiration

   1.       Where did the idea come from for the book?
The ideas came from my own life. My own life is definitely the inspiration for The Eighth Wonder. They say write what you know, so I wrote about academia, being an academic for the last 20 years. I wrote about loss in death of my father, not making much of that up. I wrote about being a career-driven woman who did not choose to have children, again, my own choices in life and I wrote about loving someone that was unobtainable.
As a psychologist, I have counseled men and women struggling with extramarital attractions and understand the emotional conflicts those endure who deeply value fidelity but still feel the pull of falling in love with another, even when one party or the other appears to be happily married. These experiences led me to talk more about infidelity as one of the themes of the book as well as loss of loved ones, since I often deal with grief, especially the loss of a child, as Tom lost his daughter to leukemia.

2.       What genre does your book fall under?
Commercial fiction/mainstream – generally a story about trust, love, loss, and self discovery.
3.       Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I get this question more than you know – I have Julie Roberts in mind for Nicole, Dane Judy Dench for Carol, and perhaps a young Kevin Spacey for Tom.
4.       What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
A modern day Bridges of Madison County, Nicole Benson, 35, is a self made woman who sacrificed marriage and children to earn her Ph.D. at NYU with dreams of teaching an Ivy-league school until she meets Tom Ryan, 44, married 23 years and shattered by the death of his daughter to leukemia.

5.       Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
My last four books were represented by an agent and John Wiley, those are nonfiction. The Eighth Wonder is my first work of fiction, this is published by Authorhouse, a semi self publisher from what I can tell as they offer most of the services that Wiley had. I am not always sure of the difference these days as there is a rapid merging of publishing houses.
6.       How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Writing became my therapy during my recovery from eye surgery. I had retina detachments and it was unclear if I would regain my vision. I was homebound for four months, during this time I wrote The Eighth Wonder.

7.       What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Nicolas Sparks usually has some theme about love but it is strained due to outside commitments and conflicts, yet the characters grow in the end and are indelibly changed. The Eighth Wonder would fit generally into this genre.
8.       Who or What inspired you to write this book?
Since I was eight-years old, I wanted to be a writer. The greatest feeling in the world was when the ideas flowed and I just wrote my heart out. Those cherished moments when I could see the story unfolding and I almost couldn’t type fast enough to catch up with my thoughts.
The hardest part about writing fiction is when things feel stuck. It was a lonely experience being a writer. You are just so in your head all by yourself. No one else can help you find your voice. It is talent and hard work to be a writer. It is that creative need to write. The process is just lonely. But, (and it is a big BUT) there is nothing more satisfying than reading a chapter or scene I wrote, knowing it was just what I wanted to say. It was exciting to see what was going to come next with The Eighth Wonder. I had no outline or plan when I started the novel. Writing it felt like I was connecting to the deepest place of my heart.

9.       What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

 One interesting fact is that I wrote the entire novel without ever visiting the real Kinzua Bridge. As I mentioned, I was homebound for months after retina attachment surgery so I couldn’t leave. I searched the Internet for a place where Tom and Nicole could meet. That is when I discovered The Kinzua Bridge, once dubbed The Eighth Wonder of the World as the longest and tallest railroad bridge when it was built in 1882. I had a romantic relationship with the bridge when I read about that day. All at once, the entire story came to me. I saw the title, the way the couple could engage the bridge, the cabin where they would later meet. It was sweet reading about the history of the bridge, and it almost becomes a third character as the backdrop of the story.

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The Eighth Wonder Tour by Kimberly Young: My 5 Star Review

Title: The Eight Wonder
Author: Kimberley S. Young 
Publisher: Author House, January 31, 2012
Category: Literary Fiction, Contemporary, Romance Tour Dates: February, 2013 Available in:
Print, Kindle,  & Nook,
208 pages

A modern Bridges of Madison County, Nicole Benson, 35, is an ambitious college professor with dreams of teaching at an Ivy-League school until she meets Tom Ryan, 44, married 23 years and shattered after his daughter’s death from leukemia. A first-generation in her family to go to college,  Nicole is a self-made woman. She put herself through school, sacrificing marriage and children for her career. In the summer of 1997, she finally graduates with a Ph.D. from NYU, but her life is thrust into chaos when her father is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Abandoned by her mother as a girl, her father is all she has. 
After fifteen years in New York City, Nicole leaves everything and everyone she knows to teach for a year in rural Bradford, Pennsylvania to be close to him in nearby Buffalo. Now, trapped in tiny Bradford, she has never felt more alone in her life…until she meets Tom Ryan. 
At 44, Tom represents what Nicole longs to be: settled, secure, and clear about his purpose and direction in life. Emotionally scarred, he and his wife are empty nesters with an older son away at college and struggle to grieve together after the death of their daughter. Tom and Nicole’s story begins as a journey of self-discovery for both of them but turns to bittersweet romance when their friendship becomes love. Nicole risks offering what she has never given before, her heart; and Tom has never felt happier or more conflicted when he falls in love for the second time in his life.
Praise for The Eight Wonder:
“Kimberly Young has constructed an amazing first novel about unexpected love and the strange chemistry of May-November romances. This is no bodice-ripper or sappy saga of moonstruck entrancement.  Her characters are deep, and the reader roots for them.” - John M. Hanchette, Pulitzer Prize-winner and St. Bonaventure University journalism professor.
“ I was sucked right into the story that unfolded in the Eighth Wonder.  After a few paragraphs, I was hooked. It all became “real” just like the love that never died between two special people – a great reminder that the complexities of life only become complex because we make them so. And that each and every day there is an opportunity to love and be loved in a secret place called the heart.”- Jacqueline Dunkle, Reviewer
“This is a must read story. I just finished reading it and could not put it down. This is one story you won’t soon forget.”- Bob C., Reviewer
“For those of us who live in northern Pennsylvania, The Eighth Wonder evokes a sense of place and home. Nicole Benson and Tom Ryan are finely drawn characters who seem real, like people we know or would like to know. The story is both realistic and sweet. I was drawn into the story from the very first page. For readers who do not live in northern PA, close to the Kinzua bridge, it is just a great romantic novel. Perhaps it will make you want to come and visit our beautiful area.”- Teacherlady42, Reviewer
“The author has woven a wonderful human story set in my part of western Pennsylvania near the Kinzua Bridge. She touches all the human emotions and draws the reader in.  The Eighth Wonder is a can’t put it down love story.”- John, Reviewer
“I am not one to read love stories.  This is not the love story I am familiar with. The characters were easy to relate to. I saw some of myself in Nicole – professional woman in a small town knowing she is capable of more but committed to family and content with her choices. When I found myself shouting at my e-reader about the decisions being made by the characters and when I started to cry toward the end, I knew the author had me. The raw emotion she was able to elicit with such incredible characters shocked me. I didn’t realize I was as committed to the characters and the story as I was. That is a testament to very good writing and plot development.”- Pwhoffmann, Reviewer
“Ms. Young did a great job with this book, developing the character’s so thoroughly that I felt like I personally knew them. The descriptiveness of the scenes at the cabin made me feel like I was right there.  I definitely found this an enjoyable read and hope that Ms. Young keeps writing novels!”- Colleen, Reviewer
Kimberly Young is a licensed psychologist, an author, and an internationally-known speaker on Internet addiction. In 1995, she founded the Center for Internet Addiction and since then she has written numerous articles on the topic including four books, Caught in the Net, Tangled in the Web, Breaking Free of the Web, and Internet Addiction: A Handbook for Evaluation and Treatment. 
She is a professor at St. Bonaventure University and her work has appeared in hundreds of media outlets including The New York Times, USA Today, Time, and Newsweek, and she has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNBC, CNN, and ABC World News Tonight. She has written creatively on and off since she was eight-years-old, mainly working on poems and short stories. While recovering from retina re-attachment eye surgery, she was homebound for several months and decided to pursue her creative writing more seriously. The Eighth Wonder is her first novel.
Buy The Eight Wonder at: Hardcover, Paperback, or  Kindle
Barnes & Noble: Hardcover or Nook
Book Depository: Hardcover and Paperback
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My 5 Star Review

A Forbidden love story written with compassion and sincerity. Becoming one with the characters Tom and Nicole in their struggle to be together even if they knew it was risky and wrong. Odds stacked against them but as Mildred pointed out in the book Love is not always fair regarding the things we know is important or make sense.
Nicole, an independent, intelligent strong woman was used living life as she sees fit. Loving the lifestyle that her independence afforded her. Not willing to be committed to one man. Leaving a trail of failing relationships behind her. But at the age of thirty five when confronted with mortality through her father's sickbed she realized that she too needed stability, love and security.
Meeting Tom Ryan he was all that and more. He was the first man she really cared for and loved. Willing to put every thing aside to be with him.
But Tom Ryan was a married man, struggling with the death of his thirteen year old daughter. His cold marriage and a distant son. And at forty four he was going through life, doing what was expected. Being part of the community dedicated his life to the every day activities of the older people.
He still loved his wife but they had no communication after the death of their daughter, each living separately from the other in their own world.
When he met Nicole she was a breath of fresh air. Loving him even if he was pudgy, grey with no future to promise her.
In between you learn more about them as the other characters featured in the story. Allison, Jennifer, Mildred and Carol that contribute to the questions they faced everyday. Each in their own way help them making life-altering decisions. 
Nicole's search for another position at the University of Colombia while her one year contract is coming to a close in Bradford. Tom's willingness to help and listen knowing that her leaving means he will stay behind and the end of their affair.
As reader you get involved with their thoughts, the questions they faced. Knowing their decision would cause a ripple effect in other's lives. 
Tom struggling with his feelings for his wife, trying to connect with her and we see that at the end cleaning the room of Lisa it had a huge impact in there married life and the turning point in the choices to be made.
He could never leave her, never loose the respect of his son, never betray them for his own happiness and at the end we see how these two people come to the same conclusion. To separate and never return to that place of happiness and love even if their hearts were aching for each other.
The story of the Kinzua bridge neatly woven into the plot to make the story believable and real. The connecting point in their relationship and the one place they could be their self. Having their own rituals as a couple, growing as people and just be. 
The camp site that was left for her in his will and after eleven years of separation he still had her on his mind giving her the biggest of all. His photo still on her desk telling him how she loved him.
Heart warming to the end as she take up the pen to write her story.

"In the depth of winter, there lay an invincible summer within me"
Albert Camus