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Gated by Matt Drabble Book Tour and Review

Title: Gated
Author: Matt Drabble
Genre: Horror
Published by: Eden Publications

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British couple, Michael and Emily Torrance lived perfect lives, he was a writer of horror
fiction getting paid for his hobby, and Emily was immersed in her life as a teacher. Their
world was complete when Emily fell pregnant and their family was set to be complete.
Their dreams however, were shattered one wet winter night by a car mounting a
pavement out of the darkness.
To overcome their loss, they up sticks and move to Eden Gardens, an ideal American
gated community promising "Heaven on Earth and Twice as Nice"
They find that the town and people are perfection personified, all set beneath an eternal
sunny blue sky. The people are overwhelmingly warm and friendly. The town is picture
perfect, a beautiful throwback to a bygone age long since forgotten. Their lives and faith
are restored as they settle into Eden and their circle is complete when Emily falls
pregnant again.
But are their neighbors stares a little too intense, is the town􀂶s interest a little too
close. They are about to find out that paradise comes a cost, and when you sign a lease,
you should always check the fine print.

Born in Bath, England in 1974, a self-­professed "funny onion", equal parts sport loving
jock and comic book geek.
From an early age reading so many works of varied authors I took the somewhat
foolhardy decision to attempt my own novels. I have currently completed three books,
"Rapture Falls", "Vengeance Has Fangs" and "Gated" all of which are available in eBook
format for download on Amazon.
Perhaps one day I will be able to list my publishing achievements and literary awards,
but for now I simply hope to have produced an interesting piece of work that entertains
with a modicum of intelligence.
I have always been an avid fan of the Horror/Supernatural genres and find that many
great works in this field are automatically dismissed due to their subject matter.

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My 4 Star Review

The reason for my four stars is that I simply do not like Horror in any form. I had to say this early on to get it out of the way and review the book objectively.  But I do love a good on the edge thriller and this book did not had the usual blood and gore in it as normal horror has. So I could enjoy it and can recommend it to all horror/thriller readers.

An eerie and sinister plot that draws you in from the start. The three part book giving you a historic over view of the origins of the town. Building up to a climax that had me up till late to read the final outcome. At first I thought it was the epilogue that the author cleverly put in front to give you a taste of what's to come but as the story unfolds I realized my mistake and at the end was surprised, ending in a unsettling end. Leaving room for a follow up. I hope.
Even with a few missing words I was well entertained from beginning to end. The focus on the story and the unfolding story line, well laid out to captivate the imagination.
I must agree with Micheal the main character in the book this was definitely a Stepford community. Everything was just to picture perfect. I mean summer all year round, abundance with just one big smile on your face. It sounded far fetched and plastic from the beginning. But yet the author has done a wonderful work in pointing it out and the people's reluctance to see the truth. With the late night prowler aka spray painter that marked every building in green paint "WAKE UP" But the sleepy town was dozing off never realizing the danger all around them.
The young couple Micheal and Emily immigrated to the US from the UK after an brutal accident where in their unborn child was killed. They were ready for a clean break and to start over but they got more than they bargained for in this gated community of Eden.
Every character that was introduced held a sinister story, and an uneasy air around them. From the start you realize that something really terrible is going on in this "perfect" town.
The one character that stood out the most was the mountain of a man, Sheriff Quinn. He was cruel, dangerous, sadistically  ominous and  menacing. He had no regard for gender or age, insane, blood thirsty, showing no emotion. I mean really I would have flee at the sight of this man. And yet the bodies accumulated around him as if he was building a wall with flesh and blood. Creepy at best.
I counted twelve as the story progressed and that was only the ones I know off. No remorse as he went through town's occupants with a icy and deathly grip.
Surprises were installed all over this book. Quit a number of people was not who they appear to be. Everything pointing to the Woodlands Festival. A festival held annually and the towns people was looking forward too the event. Micheal was warned to stay away but at the end was dragged too it, in order too safe his wife and unborn child.
Mrs. Thirlby, Sarah-Jane, Eddie and Morgan each played their part very well and keep you guessing at their part.
The biggest fraud was Casper Christian. He controlled and manipulated the town with a iron fist. Stern and menacing taking no nonsense from the occupants. Revealing a far greater sinister role in the whole plot. Believing he was God's answer in building a Kingdom. Demented in every way, and the out come will definitely surprise you.
Blood sacrifices, mind control, murder, disappearances, unexplained suicides and accidents and a blood thirsty massacre was all concealed within the walls of this dark place. Keeping you glued to the book. With its dark secrets and even darker but yet colorful characters.
But between all the horror you also learn about the restoration that take place between Micheal and Emily. Their marriage bond strengthened by their past experiences and the new start.  You see the growing relationship between Micheal and Thom, a young teenager at a loss after his father's disappearance. Finding Micheal as a mentor and father figure helping the two too safe the town from its horrific hold. You see how the scared boy turns into a man when faced with choices and safe those he cared for.
A book I can recommend to all readers for the love of Horror and thrillers.

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