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A Dead Game by Mira West 5 Star Review and Interview

Introducing Mira West's first full-length Novel, A Published Author of Children Books.

Title: A Dead Game
Author: Mire West
Genre: Suspense Romance
Pages: 295
Published by Dog Ear Publishing

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There is an illusion of glamour in the casino—a fa├žade in which a person knows nothing but what they see. A Dead Game is based on true events of my experience in the business. It revolves around the kingpin of a drug cartel who was covertly operating from within the greedy confines, until a woman changed everything. A spellbinding romantic suspense that will captivate both men and women.


Mira West, born a Texan in 1957, began her diverse life showing and training Arabian horses (to the winners circle) at her ranch in Missoula, Montana. However, her passion for writing never stopped, and she presented her first book at the Children’s Book Writers Conference in San Francisco in 1987. An author of two previously published children’s books, she embarked on her first full-length novel, A Dead Game, a story which brings to light her extraordinary experience in the casino business. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and
The International Women’s Writing Guild.


1.      The idea of writing the novel originated from my passion to write and the unique setting of working in a casino as a woman in the 80’s, which was more like prey to the wolves of the trade. 

2.      The genre: Romantic Suspense

3.  The three main characters to be played by actors:
                 Villain – Ben Affleck 
                 Hero – Matt Damon 
                 Heroine – Isla Fisher

4.      Dealing blackjack at the Paradise Palace becomes a death defying challenge after falling for a man known, in his world, as Warlord and Kingpin.

5.      Published by Dog Ear Publishing

6.      The first draft took over two years to compile and write.

7.      This novel is an original story, incomparable to anything I’ve read so far. Although, here is an excerpt from a recent review: “The author has laced the book with the pitch-black, twisted humor as you would see in Quinton Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. I’ve referenced a lot of movies in this review, because that’s what the book reminds me of. I literally pictured it in my head playing out as scenes in a movie.”

8.      Writing this novel was inspired by the bizarre people, stories and events I encountered during my sixteen years of experience in the casino business.
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9.      The book features stories of players who had won or lost, yet left a lasting impression. It begins with a vagrant who turned his social security check into two million dollars. The people, jargon as well as the events in the book are real. It also includes a Glossary of Terms used in the casino—found at the back of the book.

   My 5 Star Review
The execution of the intriguing plot kept you glued to the pages in this suspense filled romance. Each character clearly defined by their actions and the people they mixed with by choice.I must say out of all the characters in the book I admired Dr. Jerome Jensen the most. He was unwavering in his actions, knew what needed to be done. Not afraid of taking risks all while there was a death sentence hanging over his head. Knowing that he had nothing to loose as he risk every thing to those he values the most. 
Jasmine (Jaz) Woods found herself in the middle of a love triangle being drawn to two men so opposite from each other in character, but proclaiming that they loved her. Both doing things to impress her but also pushing her away. And because of past mistakes and a failed marriage she had doubts as to which path to take. Protecting her children the best she could. 
      But life always has a way of working out and in this case, past sins of Frank Pazzarelli caught up with him and he was taken out of the race. This Kingpin was so wrapped up in his own deals and schemes that he lost sight of the most valuable asset, love. Although he tried to grab it his constant failures, making the wrong decisions cost him everything. 
The fast paced, well thought out plot revealing the shady side of Casino life. As people plotted and schemed because of greed, power and lust. Getting in depth knowledge into people's minds, in their search for the ultimate fast buck. The never ending roads winding down in greater debauchery as the story unfolds page after page of this fast paced book. 
      A first adult novel for the author. Hopefully not the last out of her pen.
      Overall a good and entertaining story with interesting characters that center around the Casino. Ending superbly in a sudden good twist, which makes it a beautiful love story till the very end. 


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