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#cblspromotions Present My Brother's Keeper (Sequel to “By Right of Blood”) Barrage and Giveaway

My Brother's Keeper
(Sequel to “By Right of Blood”)
by Lorrieann Russell
Historical Romance
Published by Edin Road Press
Release Date: December 5, 2012
Heat Level: Sweet
Length: 703 pages

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Scottish noble William Fylbrigge has finally come into his own after being named as the Earl of Sutherland and heir to Lord Edward, the Duke of Stonehaven -- titles that his older brother Thomas always expected would be his own.

With the assistance of some dangerous new allies, including the corrupt but powerful Bishop Dunkirk, Thomas and his dragon wife Bryndah level the charge of witchcraft against the new Earl, threatening his life and family, and all those who support him. Especially since the charge may be truer than they imagined.

Will the people he has led the charge to protect now come to his side in his time of need?

"Vivid, splendid, brightly colored...My Brother's Keeper is a well-woven tapestry of exciting characters you'll remember always, in a romantic, dramatic, richly epic Scottish setting you won't soon forget."--Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, author of The Keltiad and Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison

“The story takes hold of you from the first page to the last and will not let you go until that ending has manifested itself. This is brilliant storytelling at it’s finest and Lorrieann Russell is a born storyteller. Long live William Fylbrigge!”--Valerie R. Williams, reader review

“MY BROTHER’S KEEPER will whisk you away to a time of political intrigue, black magic and romantic pageantry. Ms. Russell weaves a story of olde that allows her reader to be transported to another place and time where wisdom is often overruled by witchcraft and fear. This is just great storytelling. A true delight.”--Elsa Poole, reader review

About the Author
Lorrieann Russell has written three books (so far) chronicling the life and times of William Fylbrigge: By Right of Blood, My Brother’s Keeper, and In the Wake of Ashes. She has also published several short stories, and has been a featured guest on Edin Road Radio. She is an accomplished artist, illustrator, photographer and designer. A native New Englander, she spends much of her time in the mountains of New Hampshire, hiking and taking pictures of the landscape.

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Excerpt #1:
With one last glance in the mirror, William took a deep breath. “Well, I would say I am as ready as I will ever be.” He extended his hand toward the door. “After you.”

Sean pushed William’s hand down and extended his own. “No. After you.” He shook his head. “Some nobleman.”

They laughed and started toward the door. They were stopped by a firm knock.

“Are you expecting guests, Will?”

“I never expect anything. Makes everything much more interesting.” He chuckled and opened the door. The smile on his face faded as quickly as it had appeared. “Thomas. What are you doing here?”

“Would you leave your only brother standing in the corridor? Or may I come in?”

“Actually, we were just on our way down. You can walk with me if you choose.”

Thomas ignored the comment, walking straight past William and into the room. He strode to the table and helped himself to some wine, then turned slowly to face William. “I see you have finally learned the proper way to dress yourself,” Thomas said, scrutinizing William as he would a horse he wished to purchase and giving Sean a dismissive glance. “A pity that you still need lessons on what company to keep, however. William, there is a matter we need to discuss. Could we have a private moment?”

Sean bristled and started toward the door. William held up a hand.

“I don’t think there is time now, Thomas. You really don’t want me to be late for my own wedding, do you?” William turned to leave.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to turn your back on me, brother.”

William stopped, then slowly turned to face his brother. “I beg your pardon?”

“I said, there is a matter we need to discuss… privately.”

“Say what you came to say, but Sean will stay here. If you will not speak, then we shall go down to the hall.” William clenched his teeth to keep the confident edge in his voice, but he could feel the angry redness forming on his face.

Thomas took a step forward, locking his eyes on William’s. “Lord Ogham is not amused at the way you so eloquently convinced some of his earls to shift the trade routes from his tenants. You may have held your own against his dull-minded twits, Drunbalk and Wesley, but are you prepared to take on Ogham face-to-face?” He took another step forward, glowering. “I cannot believe Edward sent you to the negotiations, a beardless boy. Is he trying to condemn the lot of us?”

William scowled at his brother, resisting the urge to reach for his sword. “Edward has no such concern, Thomas. At any rate, I will not speak with you further on this subject tonight.”

“Then allow me a word of brotherly advice. You have angered some considerably dangerous adversaries.” Thomas sauntered toward the door, a wry grin coming to his face. “You would be wise to watch your back, dear brother. It is obvious you have no one capable of watching it for you.”

Sean crossed the room in less than a heartbeat, his hands clasped tightly around Thomas’s throat. “That’s twice! No further threats will come from you.”

Thomas twisted awkwardly, trying to free Sean’s hands from his throat.

William strolled toward the two. He spoke in a soft and steady voice as Sean and Thomas grappled. “We don’t have time for him, Sean. But feel free to finish this later. Right now, I’d like to go downstairs to get married.” He casually returned to the door. “Now, is anyone going to join me?”

Sean released Thomas with a shove, sending him flailing over the table. The wine bottle and glasses hit the stone floor with an ear-splitting shatter. Thomas rose to his feet quickly. Red-faced and furious, he stormed toward William. “You have set your course, brother. Mark my words; this is not finished!” The echo of the threat hung in the air as Thomas stalked past William and out of the room.

“How pathetic,” William said, more to himself than to Sean. “He still attempts to intimidate me.”

Sean set the table straight, leaving the broken glass where it lay, and returned to William’s side.

The scarlet slowly fading from his cheeks as William brushed the dust off Sean’s shoulder. “Thank you, Sean. You handled that quite nicely. I would have hated to ruin this fine outfit.”

“My pleasure.” Catching his breath, Sean grandly primped up his own less grand sleeves. “Will,” he began, still struggling with his breathing.

“What is it? We’re late, you know.”

“Don’t worry about your back. I’ve got it covered.”

“I’m counting on that, my friend.”

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