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Life Changes Chapter 3

Every one turned to go out on the patio, Aldrich and Anabella find them self at the back of the group waiting patiently for them to go through the patio doors, he moved forward, pressing against her. His body heat surrounding her and Anabella could pick up his cologne, spicy with a hint of a sea breeze. She inhales with pleasure fully aware of the man directly behind her.
Aldrich him self find it hard to think of something else for some reason he was attracted to the young girl. It was just not his style to be interested to a mere child but she intrigued him, her innocence a thing of beauty. But there was also something else, a sadness that she carefully hides from every one but it draws him to her.
He wanted to shield her for some reason, his hands reaching to touch her and hold her safe.
The last time he felt this kind of protectiveness was when he was married all those years ago. Never again he felt it with any other woman.
She was a young girl trapped in a woman’s body with no idea of where she belongs.
Instead, in a low voice he bends over and asks.
“How old are you?”
“Eighteen” self assured but careful
She looked around and saw his lips very close to her and she wandered how they will taste. The mere thought flashed through her mind, images of more lips throwing kisses her way invaded her and she closed her eyes willing the images to be removed.
When she looked up his eyes had a question and she knew that she was staring.
A blush formed over her cheeks, shame and guilt towards the thoughts she conjure about him. He is not like your parents she remind her self.
He gave her a toothy smile but asked her normal questions, her age not an issue at the moment. She relaxed, didn’t realize she was nerves but he was attractive.
‘In what events will you compete?”
“Two hundred meter Back stroke, butterfly and relay”
“I will definitely make some time to watch sweet heart” he said softly touching her arm as they move forward
‘Thank you’ for the endearment word and she smiled turning back to step outside.
Yes, he will definitely make some time; her slender body appealed to him and the dress fitted her well. He watched as she walks in front of him with a sway in her hips, pressing his hand softly at the small of her back.
Once outside he took her to an open chair where she sat down, bending shapely legs under her and seated directly in front of him. He liked to watch her even if she is not aware of him.
Anabella was aware; the butterflies on her tummy told her he was watching her every move. Even when Mr. Richter and Tim spoke to him, she still could feel his gaze on her sipping away on a drink. His posture relax and at ease. He knew the family well she thought as she watched him listen to Mr. Richter with great intend.
Some times she returned to Monica and her other friends to talked to them just to look back at him. Finding his eyes on her and smile playing on the lips. She was not uncomfortable under his stare she rather enjoys his blunt way of looking at her.
She wished she was a bit more outgoing to speak to him, but she would not know what to say. She knew he was a lawyer at a successful firm, other than that nothing. She wants to change that, but her innocence preventing her to go and than there is the age difference.
He was so out of her league, no way he would find her interesting. She can not understand why she felt uneasy about it. There are many couples whose age difference is not a problem, her parents are one. Mother and father differ fifteen years and they have a ‘happy’ marriage. If you can call what they have a marriage, it worked for them.
So far he is keeping his distance and on the one hand she appreciates it but on the other hand she would love to know him better.
‘What can I offer a man like that?’ She thought he look intelligent, sharp of all the years in law and almost intimidating as she watched him, he must be a worthy opponent, his confidence a great appeal to her.
Monica discerned the mood between the two and she was excited about it. The first time she met Aldrich she knew that he will be the perfect partner for her friend and it is only now that she could managed to get them together, and the way that Anabella is looking at him she knows that she was right. She knew she would have to intervene and set things up knowing her friend she will not make the first move.
Aldrich is not indifferent either and may be he will do something, Tim did warn her that the age difference can be a problem, but just look at the two; they will make a great couple.
Aldrich was also lost in his own thoughts. He was thinking of their age difference and that it could cause an obstacle. Eighteen was still very young, at thirty he was ready to settle down; he was looking at her chatting with her friends. They have nothing in common and her whole life was still in front of her but yet he find himself intrigued especially the sad look he saw for that fleeting moment. Then of course, there is the whole innocence factor, she is untouched by any man.
The way she blushed at his remarks, her loss for words, if he want to know her more it must come from him.
The question was do he need that in his life?
When he looked at her once again, his eyes taking in the full splendor of the young woman the decision was very clear in him he will make the effort. There is something about her that keeps his interest.
However he will have to be patient although her innocence is appealing to him it can be a problem also. She is not like the normal girls of her age; she is grown up, her eyes gives a sense of maturity that he did not expect from a girl her age. She has this look that says she has seen it all before and it made him curious.
Her actions say she is new to the love from a man. May be it is the lawyer instinct but he could pick up a story here.
Monica made sure everyone had a good time. She was always the heart of any party and as a good host her timing was impeccable.
‘It was time to bring the two love birds together’
She turned to Tim and motioned that he must put some music on. Then immediately a song ‘Butterfly kisses’ filled the night sky from the speakers in the corner. Monica made her way to Aldrich asking for a dance. She knew him well and really liked him as a friend she just knew that she had to arrange a party for these two to meet.
He smiled when she stood in front of him asking him for a dance and stood up straight accepting her invitation. She led him to the floor, and he followed to take her in his arms at a comfortable length and enjoy the song. Once when they were next to Anabella’s chair Monica reached out to her friend’s hand.
Startled at the sudden touch Anabella looked at her then at him and was pulled up placing her into Aldrich’s hand smiling.
Aldrich immediately picked up what Monica was doing and took over with a smile. He really didn’t need help from an eighteen year old in this department but appreciated the jester. He pulled Anabella closer to him his hand lightly touching her lower back the other engulfing her right hand and they danced away.
They were both good dancers and their feet moved in synchronization with the music, melting together. At first, she was surprised but didn’t mind at the closeness. Willingly she came closer as they danced her lips close to his neck where she could see his heart beat in the small of his neck and he smelled so good.
She wondered how it would feel to kiss him their, heat rushed through her whole body. As if he could hear her thoughts, he was pulling her in closer to him. She fitted perfect in his arms next to him. Her hand on his shoulder holding him gently.
As the second song continued, they did not let go. If some one would have asked what was the name of the song they would not recall it. Anabella tried hard not to think too much just enjoyed the closeness and the feeling of safety he created. His heat was intoxicating and she could not help but to brush with her fingers the part of his skin just above the collar of his shirt.
He looked down at her smiling, the emeralds glowing and he leaned in their cheeks touching and she sighed softly laying her head on his shoulder. It was amazing how comfortable they felt with each other, no words necessary to break the silence.
His hands were warm and gentle, the one in her lower back caressing her softly. The same soft gentle touch as she has. During the last song, he encircled her so that both his arms were around her.
Through hazy eyes, she looked at her arm around his neck noticing the time on her watch. It was already nine fifteen; she had to leave her body sending out different messages than her mind tells her. Finally, she whispered in his ear to let her go, she need to leave.
“I must go” she said softly he turns and looks at her, the blues was darker and soft as if she could melt in them. She would love to explore this more but this cannot be, not now.
He pulled her in even closer and in a husky voice, he said: “I would love to know you better’ reluctantly he released her.
She was not sure she heard him correctly but the mere thought of him wanting to know her caused her heart to skip a beat.
The few minutes they shared together was overwhelming to him, he never thought this can happen to him. With wonder she looked at him.
‘You are silly Anabella, what do you have to offer him, nothing especially the love part, I don’t know what love is and why would he want to know me?’
“I understand you have a big day tomorrow and you need your rest” and he smiled
When he released her, void filled her heart and body a void never experienced before, she knew there was something missing in her life and now she have found it, she didn’t want to let go. She stepped closer to him kissed him in the crook of his neck and walked away.
She went over to Monica and her parents, thanking them for a great evening, greeted all the other guests and walked out the door.
Aldrich was still standing at the same spot where she left him still feeling her lips on his neck, shocked at her tender display when Tim walked over
“She impressed you my friend” gave a chuckle patting him on the shoulder and walk away saying.
‘Monica was right, you will like her’ as if that brought him back to reality he quickly took a card of his pocket scribbled on it and ran to her car reaching her as she was about to get in.
She felt a piece of paper pressed into her hand, looked up at him. The message was clear he wanted to see her again.
Once at home inside her bedroom she unfolded the piece of paper still in her hand. It was his business card

Aldrich Hagin
Tel num: 555 444 0000

She turned it over and it read:
“Until we meet again’

Monday, May 14, 2012

Life Changes Chapter 2

With an hour to spare she stood in front of her cupboard she took out a light cream color winter dress with three quarter sleeves hanging just above her knees, there was still a chill in the air this late in September and she didn’t want to be cold. Long dark brown boots completed her outfit. Her long straight dark brown hair hangs loosely over her shoulders. Even after the winter, she kept her tan, which was noticeably at her face, knees and fore arms.
She left the house ten to seven, Monica stayed only three blocks from her. It was already dark outside and stars appeared all over the heavens. A light breeze rushed through her hair but not cold which she was glad for, it is along time since she has seen her friends and may be it will be good to see them all. She got into her Silver Renault Clio, a present from her parents on her eighteen birthday. She was stunned to find the car parked in the driveway the morning of her birthday. She has not seen either of them for almost a week and Roy and Derek gave her the keys.
It was a great morning, she spend with them while driving them to the nearest Mugg and Bean and enjoyed breakfast together. Like young people they laughed about silly stuff not one mentioned the always absent parents. Her parents spend the previous night with friends and were not back home till two days later. It was good to hear them laugh and be the young handsome men they were. Normality was not a word to describe them, but on that day they came very close to it. They even took a few photos together which was framed and hanged in her room. Which remind her if they try hard enough they could be a normal happy family, the one thing she craved the most.
She had an air of confidence around her but at the same time she was very humble and shy. Through life’s trails she have learned not to boast in her own abilities but stay in the back ground and do her own thing. She had to learn to stand on her own two feet not depending on parents.
They never did cared or were interested in her life. Although they took great, care in her physical needs, emotionally they distant them selves from her, which border on abuse. Their own life and lifestyle was all that mattered to them.
Her brothers would sometimes protect her but also only to some degree before they would leave her alone to fight or defend for her self. She loves her brothers and she knows there are a lot of sacrifices they had to make to adjust to their parent’s way of life but she herself could never pay that price.
Her innocence to high a price for her was a big issue or rather an embarrassment to them, especially her mother and they thought she was uptight.
She was always proud of the fact that she could still be a lady considering, watching Mrs. Richter who played a huge role in her life, her profile of grace and humbleness a measure of a woman; which made her determined to be similar. Graceful, elegant and respect for herself, with a husband who would adore her.
From teachers and classmates she only received respect and admiration.
In less than two months, she will complete her schooling. She looked forward to the following year because she will attend the University of Cape Town where she will study Physiotherapy with her main focus in sport. She always loved sports; there is not a sport she did not try at one time. She likes the commitment, the discipline that it brings into her life and the joy of competing. When competing in a team sport or as an individual she felt that she is accepted for who she is as a person. In the beginning, it was a way to escape her home life but now it has become her lifestyle.
Aldrich was standing at the big living room windows looking at the parking area when silver Renault Clio pulled up and stopped. At first, he only saw long booted legs appearing out of the car and then the girl stood up. She was a beauty from where he stood. She came closer until she reached the door and knocked; in the light of the porch, he could see that she was definitely a beauty, a tall beautiful girl with long straight hair. This must be Anabella he heard so much of, the friend slash swimmer of Monica.
Tim mentions her often especially the last month he was at a point of nagging. At first, he didn’t want to come but Tim kept on, convincing him to come. Tim said that he wanted to introduce him to some one special, a friend of Monica. He met Monica a few times over the years and he know that she is much younger than they are, that will make the friend the same age and he is not in the mood for babysitting. However, if this is the girl then she is not only very young, but a very pretty young girl.
‘Maybe he will stay awhile and check things out if it does not work out he can always leave’ he thought.
She was graceful in movement and strength not typical of a girl of her age and it caught his attention. She was young at least eighteen he thought. Maybe to young, but Tim insisted that he must meet this girl. She is really special he said. From Tim’s stories, she was practically raised by his parents. People gathered around coming closer to the door to greet her.
“Anabella is here!” Monica was excited that her friend made it making a big announcement of it. Apparently every one was glad about this news. Aldrich watch her carefully, his eyes curious on the young girl.
“Come in Anabella, welcome!” she greeted her with a big smile
“I am so glad you have come” pulling her closer by the hand
“You look beautiful”
Monica welcomed her into the house, happy to see her friend. For the past few weeks they both were busy with studies and out door activities. Both of them are also on the prefect list with their own assigned duties. Not much time left for visits or chatting.
Monica was also very beautiful but smaller build, slender, she was very blond. At first you will think it comes from a bottle but at closer inspection, she is all-natural with big blue eyes and a broad smile that is reaching her eyes.
“Hi my friend” she hugged Anabella fiercely, smiling as she talks
“It’s lovely to see you again, thanks for the invite” a beautiful smile adorn her face, two identical dimples appear in her cheeks and Aldrich thought that is the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. His interest was growing rapidly.
“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Richter, how are you?” she looked at Monica’s parents, reaching for their hands
“Very well” replied Mr. Richter
“Tomorrow is the big day, hey” Mr. Richter continues squeezing her hand
“I know it will go well with you, the gold medal is practical yours, as I see it, it is only a formality. You have put in the time and effort. We will watch on TV tomorrow”
“Thanks Mr. Richter, I appreciate the confidence in me. I hope to make you all proud” a light blush appeared on her cheeks enhancing the young oval face.
Monica tucked at Anabella’s arm.
“Come Anabella I want you to meet Tim’s friend Aldrich”
Anabella turned to face him. Her mouth became dry and her heart stopped for a second. “This must be the hunk” she thought as her friend continued chatting away.
“They work together at the same firm in the city”
She looked at the most gorgeous man she has ever seen, she had to look up to him, and although she is five feet ten, he was still taller than she was. Short dark golden blond hairs cut in the latest fashion crowned his face with big sea blue eyes. He is not a typical pretty boy but a man with a strong jaw line and rugged face. The shadow of day old stubble makes its appearance in a handsome fashion. Charming character was written all over him, experience life, lifelines a give away. Yet he had a softness about him that wants her to step into his embrace and hug him as a big teddy bear.
“She would love to be hugged by him” she thought. He had broad straight shoulders that say lean on me. He was bulky all over and she bet that the clothes disguised muscles all over as well.
Sea blue and emerald eyes met and Anabella felt weak at the knees at the interesting look he gave her. In her young life, she has seen many men walking through their door. Pretty and handsome ones, her mother’s favorite kind but empty shells things in men that gave her a total turn off, but this man looked at her as if he sees her, not for how she looked but for whom she is, and that is a welcome first.
She know she is beautiful, so many people has told her that but some how under his gaze she looks stunning and a warm feeling nestled in her belly.
‘A bit old for me’ she thought but very attractive and she smiled at him, not the dimple smile previously given to her friends but enough for Aldrich to have a good look.
The first time he has a good look he immediately was in the mood for strawberries and cream, his favorite dessert. The rich velvet texture of the cream mixed with the sweet pink fruit always appealed to him. She remind him of that all velvet and sweet and he smack his lips.
“I would love to eat it with her” he thought, and a soft smile appeared on the plush lips.
This is the first time Anabella felt this way about any man. She have never experienced weak knees, racing heart for the opposite sex in fact because of her parents life style she saw men as self absorbed and horny only interesting in one thing. With this man it was different, she felt save, not wanting to run as far as possible. Yet she hasn’t even spoken to him and already she felt this way about him. In fact, she wants to be as close as possible.
Her innocence and shyness cause her to look away when she saw the smile on his face, feeling a bit out of place but return her gaze feeling his gaze on her, not revealing any thing but curiosity and a beautiful smile.
With a deep strong voice he greeted her, taking her hand in his ‘Hallo sweet heart’ he said, the endearing word fell naturally from his lips and she nodded and greeted him as if it was the most natural thing to do ‘Aldrich, please to meet you’
‘The pleasure is all mine sweet heart’ she look up at him, a sparkle of approval in his eyes. His hands strong and calloused not the hands of a office jog.
He was self assured, confidence oozing out of him, as he spoke his voice the sound of a summer rain rumbling that made her tinkle all over and those eyes, she can disappear in them. She let go of his hand as she smiled, not to sure what to reply and looked around the room for her friend who left her right after the introduction.
Before she returned back to him. His closeness affecting her heart rate greatly, his presence sends out rays of calmness that filters through her and she felt at easy next to him.
Mr. Richter came in with drinks, and a glass of orange juice placed on a tray holding it to her and Aldrich. They turned as he spoke behind them and the gaze they shared broke for a few minutes very much aware of each other.
“Some thing to drink Aldrich, here is your orange juice Anabella”
Both reached out, Anabella taking the orange juice and Aldrich a drink offered to them.
“Thanks sir, can I help with the tray?” Aldrich offered
“Its fine” he said place the tray in the hands of his son who just join them and walk away.
“This is a girl to watch on TV tomorrow Aldrich” Mr. Richter said prideful, Anabella couldn’t help to blush; she is never one for much attention.
“Tomorrow she will bring a gold medal or two back for swimming, as a community we are very proud of her accomplishments”
Admiration was all over Mr. Richter’s face when he looked at her.
For a moment Anabella was thinking about her parents that didn’t care nor ever spoke to her in the same manner as Mr. Richter was speaking to her. They never gave her any attention, as parents they just missed it completely. For a fleeting moment a sad look appeared in her eyes, a look that Aldrich did not missed before the sparkle returns.
Aldrich wondered what could upset this sparkling girl. The air around her is filled with energy and excitement so why then the brief sadness. He knows very little about her but he wanted to be the one who could wipe that sadness away. He wanted to know more.
“Thanks Mr. Richter, you are very kind to say things like that. Now I know that I have to bring back the gold medal” Anabella replied softly, the blush still on her cheeks, she could feel Aldrich’s gaze on her and she look away hoping to find Monica some where in the room. However, she was nowhere to be seen, her friend is really doing the disappearance act very well tonight she thought.
‘I only say it because it is true Anabella, you have worked hard’
‘Thanks sir’ she accepted the praise taking a sip of the drink.
“It is lovely evening and spring is here I can smell it. Let’s go outside, tables and chairs has already been put outside, make your selves comfortable and enjoy the evening’ Mr. Richter said
“I know I will enjoy the evening” said Aldrich and he looked down at Anabella. A pleasurable look appear in those big blues as she spoke to Mr. Richter
“Thanks sir” Anabella looked up to find his gaze on her. A delighted chill ran down her spine.
That sounded like a promise of enjoyment, only meant for her.
Mr. Richter chuckled and said playfully ‘Enjoy you two’ and Aldrich grin with delight, taking a sip of his offered drink.
The blush on her face said it all.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life Changes

I have decided to change the first chapter to another part in the book, more suited.
This would be the official 1 Chapter of Life Changes

Anabella came out of the swimming pool, the rippled water a clear aqua seeing right to the bottom, wiping the water from her eyes and with the brush of her hands, making sure her hair was neat. She has just swim twenty laps as part of her training program for her up and coming swimming championships. She feels good, energized, excited, and ready for this championship. She has put in long hours, pulled every effort to accomplish this one gold medal her dream for many years and it will open doors for her future plans. It was in reach, she could feel it. She knows that she is ready.
“How do you feel, Anabella?” Ask her coach Mr. Rhodes.
“Excellent, I am not even tired. This was a good work out” answer Anabella
“Are your parents bringing you to the venue or must I pick you up?”
“Both my parents are out of town. If you don’t mind sir, I will appreciate it if you can pick me up”
Although she could easily drove her self to the championships she prefer to go with some one else, the tension and stiffness of sore muscles after a meeting bringing a numbness into her limbs that makes driving almost impossible.
“Then it is settled, I will pick you up at 7:00 sharp, don’t be late.” Her couch said sternly
“Yes sir”
“Go and rest, relax this afternoon, make sure you are in bed early. Don’t worry about anything, everything will be fine. You have worked hard these past few months.”
“Yes sir” she knew that she has worked hard, the sore muscles was evident as well as the fact that she did not spend much time with family or friends. She has enough self-assurance in her abilities that she knows not to be worried at all. She loves the competitive side of the sport, the racing against a good competitor and the excitement of winning after giving it all.
The solitude once you dove into the water and it is only you and the water the lane trailing before you. Sounds of the crowds do not bother her at that moment and she can just allow the water to enclose her and swim through the currents creating by the swimmers. A big sense of freedom and accomplishment running through her veins, the adrenaline rushing through her core making her feel alive. Here she feels whole, forgetting anything else; here she is in control of her surroundings and her own life. Here she sets the pace overcoming all fears.
While Mr. Rhodes was talking, she managed to dry herself off and put her tracksuit on, ready to go to her house. This is her home, the place she feels safe. Over the years the swimming pool is the only place that have become a safe haven in her other wise distorted life. How she long for a normal family life, to wrap her arms around a loving father, caring mother to tell them about her day, to include them in her life. She sigh as she turned away from the pool, burying the negative thoughts which want to rob her from her jovial mood.
Confidence came out of her whole posture and she felt good, really good. She never let on what is going on in her mind, she never allow outsiders in her life, she is always the outsider, never part of the family concept. Her only confidence comes from who she is and her accomplishments, either sports or academics. However, it never made her arrogant or self-absorbed.
“Bye sir, see you tomorrow morning at 7:00, and thanks” she respected Mr. Rhodes for his time and devotion to her. He has put in just as much time as she has the last couple of months through training. She has learned to trust him for all the advice and continued motivation; she will miss him when she is off to Varsity next year. He influenced her into studying for a physiotherapist, since her passion to work with people.
“Bye Anabella, see you at 7:00”
‘Good bye Mr. Rhodes’
At home, she went straight to the shower, the warm water was soothing to her sore muscles, and she totally relaxed under the water. She was all alone at home, for a change there was not a lot of people in the house. Her parents went to a business seminar for the weekend and they will only be back on Sunday evening. Her two older brothers, Roy and Derek was not back from work yet, not that she expected them because they normally would go straight to the pub or a friend’s house because it is Friday night after all and the parents aren’t here to arrange their weekend. How she which they could be a real family, she loved her brothers but life at home keeps them apart and they do not spend time together.
It was not unfamiliar to Anabella to be on her own on a weekend, if her parents are here they do not speak to her any way because they are busy entertaining their friends and she smirk in disgust.
A long time ago Anabella decided not to be part of their lifestyle and because of this there is no relationship between them. She has learned to distances herself and throwing herself into her sport, at first the sport was a way out from the house now it has become her life. A life she appreciated and cherished.
She had the shower all to herself for as long as she wanted.
Once in her room she got dressed brushing her hair until it shines. Music was playing softly through the radio and she was singing along with the well-known song.
Suddenly her mobile phone rang, disturbing the stillness but she smiled. The caller id showed it is her best friend Monica. Of all her friends, she was the closest to. She is the heart of the group with her sparkling personality and she is always busy with arranging parties or schemes, especially where boys are concerned.
Anabella trust her because she is the only one who knows what is really going on at her house. Not that she ever aloud her to come here, for that she was too ashamed, but she new enough and is always close. When it really goes bad she always can turn to her, although Monica is this cheerful person and it looks like a “dumb blond” she has shown maturity in a lot of things over the years, something that is not well known in their group.
“Hi Moni”
“Hi Bell you in the mood for a party at my house tonight?” she could here Monica was excited, almost out of breath. She could see her as if she stood in front of her, but she does need to rest, her muscles still stiff after the practice.
“Not tonight Moni, I need to rest, tomorrow is a big day, and I must be in top form” she said with a sigh smiling because of her friend’s anxiousness.
“Please Bell; do come please even if it is only for an hour or so” Monica sounds very eager almost desperate ‘what is she up to again?’ she thought
“Moni I cannot come, please understand”
Bell please man, here is a hunk of guy, a friend of my brother and I want you to meet him, please come”
At the background, Anabella could hear a shout as some one is screaming to her
“Please Bell!” It is Monica’s brother Tim. He is twelve years older than they are and is a lawyer, working for a well known law firm in the city.
Again he shouted with a deep voice, laughing.
“Please Bell come!”
Anabella smiled to this and then said “Alright Moni but only for an hour I do need to have a good night rest”
Reluctantly Anabella gave in; she knows her friend and she will not stop until she says yes. Her friend and her family is like a real family to her, over the years she has learned what it is to have parents from them and many times, she would find herself crying after wards, longing for parents like them.
“Great I expect you at seven and you can leave at nine will that be early enough?” relieve in her voice.
“Yes it is, thanks for the invite see you later”

Monday, May 7, 2012

This is Chapter one of my book 'Life Changes' It is an Inspirational Romance Contemporary book. 
I wrote this book first under another title but decided to change the name and the contents of it.
I plan to add a chapter once a week or more if the response is good
Your feedback would be appreciated.

Sandra Anthony sat in the hotel room after the conference her and her husband Ted had attended over the weekend. She had switched on the big screen TV to watch some news while she waited for her husband who was in the bathroom. They will be attending a Charity Ball tonight for Street Children, normally they do not attend these kinds of events but it will promote their business. As she flicked through the stations she stopped at E-News sport, her daughter had just appeared on the big TV screen on the starting block for her swimming event, backstroke over two hundred meters.
Her emerald eyes roamed over her eighteen-year-old daughter’s young body, a spitting image of herself, except her daughter’s young body was in very good shape, filled with energy and vibrancy. Her innocence was as clear as day light. Sandra smirked, because she thought it was ridiculous that her only daughter was not willing to share their lifestyle. To explore her body’s urges, with that body she could introduce her to many willing customers bringing in more business. Their lifestyle has opened up a very profitable business, one with various benefits that made life exciting.
It all started when she was only sixteen years old meeting her fathers friend, Robert. Robert was in his early thirties, and a beautifully built man with broad shoulders and a heavy chest, narrow waist and firm butt. He was extremely handsome. At sixteen, she was still very innocent but very curious about sexual intercourse, her friends and she read all about the topic, and secretly experimented with each other and it thrilled her.
From the moment she met Robert, she knew that he would be her first. One Friday night her parents had gone out to some or other function, and they stayed at home and watched TV. He was lying on the couch, his abs clearly visible through his white shirt. She could not help herself; she stared at his broad shoulders and chest and than lower where she could see the bulge in his pants, wondering how it will look.
He caught her staring and grinned saying
‘Do you want to touch?’
Her face has shown her eagerness and he pulled his t-shirt over his head showing of a well-toned tanned muscular chest. She licked her lips as her eyes went over him stopping at the zipper. Again, he spoke; his eyes not missing her actions at all
‘How old are you?’ he asked in a rough low voice
She replied ‘sixteen’
‘A bit young but you will not mind if we play, will you?’ leaning closer to her with a devilish smile, her insides was twirling with excitement.
She shook her head, not sure what to say; or even what he meant, her body quivered. Her eyes still fixed on him and she watched him as he stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans slowly, his eyes watching her every move. When her tongue ran over her dry lips, he started stripping himself down in front of her.
‘Sweet Jesus’ was the only thing that got out of her mouth; she had never seen anything like it. Thick and long erected member with a glossy tip.
He chuckled. ‘Come here, touch me’, he demanded and she crawled to him, lifted a trembling finger and she touched the length of his shaft; it felt like velvet and she grinned. With greater eagerness, she wrapped her hand around him and told him how beautiful he is and he thanked her. That night he coaxed her into touching him as he liked it and loved it. Going down over him, he moaned and when she saw the reaction on his face, she felt powerful grinning at him.
He held her head and told her what to do with her hand and mouth. She was like a typical teenager, curious, eager and full of energy.
He had just dressed when her parents walked into the house. They drank coffee and went to bed. Sandra kept thinking of the feel of him in her mouth and it was exhilarating. She wished she could have more sleep evaded her.
When the house was quiet, her parents in bed, she heard her door open and Robert walked in ‘Are you awake?’ and she replied with keenness
‘Yes’ her heart beat skipped a few beats.
‘Good, now it is my turn’
He only had his boxers on, his body highlighted in the moon light as she watched him walk closer to her.
He pulled the covers off, removed her panty and opened her legs, her eyes never leaving him. He grinned as he pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, and knelt down. She felt exposed but in a good way and the next moment, he went down on her.
‘I have never had a virgin before’ he said, just before he drove his mouth deep into her inner most private parts.
She thought she died and went to heaven at that moment. From that night on for the next week he would come into her room teaching her, coaxing her into sex, she learned his body and he learned hers; she simply could not get enough. After that, he visited often always introducing her to more pleasure. He always stayed with just oral sex until she turned eighteen.
One night after a party that Robert attended, he brought a friend with to see her. They had a threesome, a threesome so intoxicating that to this day she cannot forget or ever get enough off. That friend became her husband. Robert introduced them to more people, who opened doors for them; because of this, they are extremely rich.
Sandra and Roberts’s relationship went on for many years, until he passed away five years ago. To this day, she misses him because she learnt to care for him over the years.
She and her husband had continued with this lifestyle because it is the only thing she knew. She had no idea what normal couples were doing or how they managed to stay together. It would never appeal to her.
Even their two sons had joined in their business and she would get such a thrill watching them as their young bodies experimented. They were learning to become experts in the field of sex. Only her daughter refused to have anything to do with it.
Sandra smirked again, thinking to herself. The little twit does not know what she is missing.
She watched her daughter gliding through the water as she touched the edge of the swimming pool first. A smile adorning the youthful face and she smirked.
‘Honey?’ her husband called out
‘Yes’ she answered as she switched the TV off.
‘What were you watching honey’
‘Nothing interesting, are you ready?’
‘Yes let’s go’ he said as he kissed her in the nape of her neck and cupped her firm breast in his hand, teasing her ear lob with his teeth and she gently pushed him away
‘Not now dear, I have special plans for you… later’ and she smiled seductively. He removed the piece of material over her breast with his mouth and spoke
‘I can hardly wait’ biting her, shivers running down her body. She cupped his face, lifted him to her height, and kissed him, a kiss filled with a promise and he sigh.
‘You are the best’ she smiled and straightens the silk shirt and kisses him again before they walk out of the door.