Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life Changes

I have decided to change the first chapter to another part in the book, more suited.
This would be the official 1 Chapter of Life Changes

Anabella came out of the swimming pool, the rippled water a clear aqua seeing right to the bottom, wiping the water from her eyes and with the brush of her hands, making sure her hair was neat. She has just swim twenty laps as part of her training program for her up and coming swimming championships. She feels good, energized, excited, and ready for this championship. She has put in long hours, pulled every effort to accomplish this one gold medal her dream for many years and it will open doors for her future plans. It was in reach, she could feel it. She knows that she is ready.
“How do you feel, Anabella?” Ask her coach Mr. Rhodes.
“Excellent, I am not even tired. This was a good work out” answer Anabella
“Are your parents bringing you to the venue or must I pick you up?”
“Both my parents are out of town. If you don’t mind sir, I will appreciate it if you can pick me up”
Although she could easily drove her self to the championships she prefer to go with some one else, the tension and stiffness of sore muscles after a meeting bringing a numbness into her limbs that makes driving almost impossible.
“Then it is settled, I will pick you up at 7:00 sharp, don’t be late.” Her couch said sternly
“Yes sir”
“Go and rest, relax this afternoon, make sure you are in bed early. Don’t worry about anything, everything will be fine. You have worked hard these past few months.”
“Yes sir” she knew that she has worked hard, the sore muscles was evident as well as the fact that she did not spend much time with family or friends. She has enough self-assurance in her abilities that she knows not to be worried at all. She loves the competitive side of the sport, the racing against a good competitor and the excitement of winning after giving it all.
The solitude once you dove into the water and it is only you and the water the lane trailing before you. Sounds of the crowds do not bother her at that moment and she can just allow the water to enclose her and swim through the currents creating by the swimmers. A big sense of freedom and accomplishment running through her veins, the adrenaline rushing through her core making her feel alive. Here she feels whole, forgetting anything else; here she is in control of her surroundings and her own life. Here she sets the pace overcoming all fears.
While Mr. Rhodes was talking, she managed to dry herself off and put her tracksuit on, ready to go to her house. This is her home, the place she feels safe. Over the years the swimming pool is the only place that have become a safe haven in her other wise distorted life. How she long for a normal family life, to wrap her arms around a loving father, caring mother to tell them about her day, to include them in her life. She sigh as she turned away from the pool, burying the negative thoughts which want to rob her from her jovial mood.
Confidence came out of her whole posture and she felt good, really good. She never let on what is going on in her mind, she never allow outsiders in her life, she is always the outsider, never part of the family concept. Her only confidence comes from who she is and her accomplishments, either sports or academics. However, it never made her arrogant or self-absorbed.
“Bye sir, see you tomorrow morning at 7:00, and thanks” she respected Mr. Rhodes for his time and devotion to her. He has put in just as much time as she has the last couple of months through training. She has learned to trust him for all the advice and continued motivation; she will miss him when she is off to Varsity next year. He influenced her into studying for a physiotherapist, since her passion to work with people.
“Bye Anabella, see you at 7:00”
‘Good bye Mr. Rhodes’
At home, she went straight to the shower, the warm water was soothing to her sore muscles, and she totally relaxed under the water. She was all alone at home, for a change there was not a lot of people in the house. Her parents went to a business seminar for the weekend and they will only be back on Sunday evening. Her two older brothers, Roy and Derek was not back from work yet, not that she expected them because they normally would go straight to the pub or a friend’s house because it is Friday night after all and the parents aren’t here to arrange their weekend. How she which they could be a real family, she loved her brothers but life at home keeps them apart and they do not spend time together.
It was not unfamiliar to Anabella to be on her own on a weekend, if her parents are here they do not speak to her any way because they are busy entertaining their friends and she smirk in disgust.
A long time ago Anabella decided not to be part of their lifestyle and because of this there is no relationship between them. She has learned to distances herself and throwing herself into her sport, at first the sport was a way out from the house now it has become her life. A life she appreciated and cherished.
She had the shower all to herself for as long as she wanted.
Once in her room she got dressed brushing her hair until it shines. Music was playing softly through the radio and she was singing along with the well-known song.
Suddenly her mobile phone rang, disturbing the stillness but she smiled. The caller id showed it is her best friend Monica. Of all her friends, she was the closest to. She is the heart of the group with her sparkling personality and she is always busy with arranging parties or schemes, especially where boys are concerned.
Anabella trust her because she is the only one who knows what is really going on at her house. Not that she ever aloud her to come here, for that she was too ashamed, but she new enough and is always close. When it really goes bad she always can turn to her, although Monica is this cheerful person and it looks like a “dumb blond” she has shown maturity in a lot of things over the years, something that is not well known in their group.
“Hi Moni”
“Hi Bell you in the mood for a party at my house tonight?” she could here Monica was excited, almost out of breath. She could see her as if she stood in front of her, but she does need to rest, her muscles still stiff after the practice.
“Not tonight Moni, I need to rest, tomorrow is a big day, and I must be in top form” she said with a sigh smiling because of her friend’s anxiousness.
“Please Bell; do come please even if it is only for an hour or so” Monica sounds very eager almost desperate ‘what is she up to again?’ she thought
“Moni I cannot come, please understand”
Bell please man, here is a hunk of guy, a friend of my brother and I want you to meet him, please come”
At the background, Anabella could hear a shout as some one is screaming to her
“Please Bell!” It is Monica’s brother Tim. He is twelve years older than they are and is a lawyer, working for a well known law firm in the city.
Again he shouted with a deep voice, laughing.
“Please Bell come!”
Anabella smiled to this and then said “Alright Moni but only for an hour I do need to have a good night rest”
Reluctantly Anabella gave in; she knows her friend and she will not stop until she says yes. Her friend and her family is like a real family to her, over the years she has learned what it is to have parents from them and many times, she would find herself crying after wards, longing for parents like them.
“Great I expect you at seven and you can leave at nine will that be early enough?” relieve in her voice.
“Yes it is, thanks for the invite see you later”

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