Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Title: Spiritual GPS God Promised Solutions
Author: Apostle Oliver T.Reid
Genre: Christian Inspirational

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Spiritual GPS is dedicated to the masses that found themselves paralyzed at life’s intersections and crossroads. This book is committed to those who are in desperate need for God’s direction each and every day of your life. To the one that has lost their way this book is devoted to you. To the one that can’t see God’s promises because of life’s obstructions this book is designed with you in mind.
If you have ever faced a problem that appeared to be bigger than the solution this book is handcrafted by God for you. If you have endeavored to hear the simple words you can this book is for you.
Spiritual GPS is tailored to people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. This book caters to individuals who dare to dream and live on the cutting edge of their next level. Spiritual GPS is focused on allowing you to concentrate on godly solutions instead of the equations.

About The Author
Apostle Oliver T. Reid, called into the ministry in his youth, is a powerfully anointed and dynamic man of God.  Known to be a remnant preacher and a testament to these times, Apostle Reid flows with a global prophetic mandate with God’s signs and wonders following.  A man of many gifts and talents, he walks in the office of Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist and Teacher, and most affectionately knows him as “Apostle.”  As a trailblazer, stalwart, and international apostle Reid has a passion to see the body restored, sinner’s saved, and broken hearts mended.

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Apostle Reid is happily married to Miatta Reid and a proud father. He is a graduate of Winston Salem State University with a BA/BS degree in History and Sociology. Apostle Reid obtained a Bachelors as well as a Master’s Degree in Theology from Life Christian University. He is presently in pursuit of his Doctor of Ministry in Theology degree from Life Christian University.  

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My 5 Star Review

Today I introduce my husband to the blog, Paul Clark helping me out with this review, since I found myself overwhelmed at this point with book reviews.
Here is his thoughts

Review GPS Book

 Introduction, it gives you a very clear direction where this book is going and whom it addresses in the pages to follow. It draws the reader in because he can identify with what is said. Like a GPS.
When you are searching for the truth and direction in life, the writer opens the road before you so you can move forward.
Immediately when you start reading the highlighted scriptures it directs you and bring correct focus for the reader or seeker. What is been establish is that God is not making up a plan for your life as you go along. He already has given you the victory, WOW!
God’s intention is for us to be stuck in solution mode.
As you progress the book change into a day to day confrontation with relevant truths well put, directly getting to the heart of the issue. No small talk here just bare truth like the scripture is.
First route takes you through different stages and situations of delays where you need to learn to embrace them.
You are confronted with many issues that you are not willing to face or endure. We like to take the easy and quick way out although we know it is not God’s plan. There is a lot of road signs on our walk and the writer are addressing it one at a time, giving you time to ponder on it so your direction can be clear and you do not have to ignore the signs but embraced it so you can move into God’s purpose and plan for your life.
Second route is about yielding.
To yield yourself to different situations that come your way the focus moves from you to what God purpose and plan is for your life, in order for us to move forward.
Third route is about tunnels we experience in life.
When you move through a tunnel your vision gets affected so this is normally a place where the enemy attacks in different ways. On the other side of the tunnel your view is wider and there is light so you need to hold fast to the truth to move through the tunnels in life and will not blur your vision from God.
This is definitely a great work book that confronts 3 different routes in your life and it also speaks directly and do not beat around the bush.
It is definitely a workbook for any one that seeks more, growing in the Christian life or has some obstacles he is facing. This will challenge you but also bring focus and restoration to your life if you deal with each question honestly and direct.


  1. Thanks so much for the great review and hosting Oliver on tour.

  2. It was a great pleasure Paulette