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#cblspromotions Presents Going after her heart 5 Star review

Going After the Heart
by Kristen Beairsto
Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self/Indie
Release Date: December 18, 2012
Heat Level: Steamy
Length: 234 pages

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Lizzy Bergstrum thought she finally reached a point in her life when she could honestly say she had it all.  A thriving writing career.  A wonderful daughter.  And a marriage to the love of her life.  But looks can apparently be deceiving because her husband just walked out on her and their eight year old daughter hates her.

Gavin Bergstrum can’t handle the direction his life has taken.  Not only did he get laid off from his job, but his wife seems to barely remember he exists.  Convinced he’s tried his best to change things, he begins to wrestle with the possibility of divorce.  But he can’t think straight in the same house as Lizzy.  Hating to leave his daughter, but needing time to think and come to terms with what he feels he needs to do, Gavin decides to return to his small home town in Oregon and stay at his family ranch with his father and brothers.

In shock, Lizzy gives Gavin his space.  But as time passes and he doesn’t say a word about their marriage, Lizzy decides it’s past time she takes matters into her own hands.  Without a word, she follows Gavin to Oregon.

Now facing a daughter who blames her for everything, an irritated husband, and a small town that feeds on the drama, Lizzy finds herself trying to figure out how to convince Gavin to give her another chance, teach her daughter it takes two to make a successful marriage, and overcome her own insecurities – all without compromising who she is.

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About the Author
In between her to-be-read pile and trying to bring the characters in her head alive, Kristen spends as much time as she can with family and friends.  Much to her husband’s dismay, she enjoys collecting purses, shoes, and jewelry.  During those rare times she’s not working at her day job, rushing her daughters somewhere, watching movies with her husband, and trying to meet a deadline, she can usually be found energetically cheering for one of her favorite New York sports teams.

As with just about every other writer on the planet, Kristen grew up an avid reader.  She started with young adult before she technically hit the age range and moved on to sci-fi classics by Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury.  At fifteen, her best friend gave her a book she just had to read!  The book was Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts.  Always a sucker for a happy ending, she was a goner and fell in love with the romance genre.  Having started writing novel length stories at the age of eleven, Kristen’s stories all took a romantic turn from that point on.

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My 5 Star Review

A wonderful sweet contemporary romance I thoroughly enjoyed. The ending wonderfully crafted to leave you in a haze of perfect romance.
The characters strong each with their own rich personalities that gives the story credibility in the realities of life and marriage in particular.  
We meet Lizzie an accomplished writer so busy with her career that she did not recognized the signs of an indifferent husband. When he simply left one day she was shocked back into reality and after three months being separated she follows him with determined purpose to get him back.
Her daughter, eight year old Sky the catalyst motivating her but also dragging her down. Her behavior rude and down right ugly because she did not understand the intrigues between her father and mother. Blaming her mother for the split and making life hard in general. 
Gavin who felt left behind, not being heard and mostly ignored because of his wife's demanding schedule left to work at his father's ranch after loosing his own work. The company down sizing and he was left with no options. 
Graham his brother ignorant of Clare's feelings trying to hold on to a childhood friendship not realizing his best friend could also be his lover and wife.
Buying a house he did the only thing he could to convince her of his love after he royally screwed up. 
Clare's subtle signs to the man she loves from the age of eleven been ignored. Leaving her frustrated at times, reaching out to Lizzie in friendship. Which of course caused Graham to be jealous.
Ray the father who stayed mostly in the back ground but the anchor in the family who kept a level head showing his sons the errors of their ways. Loving both his granddaughter and daughter-in-law but giving some chastising when needed.
Wendy the "villain" in the plot to center them and help them to focus on the issues at hand. Sorting out the every day problems of marriage sharing each others passions and careers. Trusting each other enough to protect and safe what was dear to both. For Gavin to know his wife he was forced to read her books finding more then he bargained for.
Between too much work and not enough hours in the day Gavin visited her cabin regularly at midnight finding that he still loves his wife but taking his sweet time in saying the words. 
And of course the Bear and her cups played their role perfectly in bringing the small family back to it all. Realizing that they are meant to be together and that the rest will fall into place. 
The story line keeps you entertained, easy read and fast paced and deliver a sweet authentic romance. Believable till the end.

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