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A War Hero Returns Review

Title: A War Hero Returns
Author: Johnny Ray
Pages 438 pages
Genre: Suspense Romance

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After serving eight years in the army, Suzan Mercer returns from Afghanistan to Florida as a female war hero–her works as a CIA operative, of course, would always be hidden.
She couldn’t believe her mother had used a power of attorney while she was gone to sell the land her father had left her. After learning her mother also has early onset Alzheimer's and claims to have been taken advantage of by Matt Harris, the billionaire developer involved, Suzan uses her military and CIA training to plot her revenge and to reacquire her land.
Entering a world where high heels replace combat boots and deep red lipstick becomes more deadly than a colt 45, Suzan never anticipated the cost to reacquire her land would be losing her heart. 

Matt also learns his money and power cannot acquire the one asset he has always lacked in his life as he ventures into untested skies without a golden parachute to save him. Also, would the ghost of his playboy image come back to haunt him?
While Suzan Mercer’s father promised in his dying words the land he left her would bring her love, she never anticipated the events involved in the process. Now, could she balance her new love life with her hidden CIA commitment? Could she?

About the Author

Johnny Ray is an award winning novelist who won the Royal Palm literary award for best thriller and is quickly making a name for himself as the master of the romantic thriller. 
He loves social interaction with his readers and can be found on

He can also be reached by e-mailing at,
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Johnny Ray’s previous works include:

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My 4 Star review

This will be my third book review for the author Johnny Ray and I really do enjoy his books. Not afraid to explore the many diverse cultures and using them excellently in his novels. Always bringing some thing interesting to his writing.

Suzan Mercer, A war Hero just returned from Afghanistan when she discovered her inheritance was sold too Matt Harris, well known Developer and International playboy. 
From the onset of the book sparks flew between the two head strong people. Their lives intertwined as she head up a case against him to get her property back. A mother who was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer proofed to be difficult making allegations against Matt that gave Suzan the proof of fowl play. But as the story unfolds she discovered another side of this man and soon realized that she fell in love. 
Matt and his team went out of their way to proof they were legit in their dealings offering Suzan the world at her feet.
A beautiful love story if not for Suzan's constant need of assurance and questioning Matt's attentions. As a trained observer it astounded me that this CIA operative jumped so easily to conclusions. Conclusions that led to more heart ache as Matt proofed to her his heart's intent and willingness to work with her.
This story was two fold as they finally came together admitting their love and she agreed to marry him. But then two months later we found our self in the same situation. 
This time Chelsea a well known socialite discovered she was pregnant and accused Matt being the father and refuse any DNA tests to be done. Hiding from him but showed her protruding body to every camera man  more than willing to take pictures of the expectant mother. Making every effort in ruining Matt's reputation as man and Business man. 
Our war hero was at it again, running as she believes once again the deception. Again Matt had to convince her of his innocence. Her running ultimately leads her to work as an undercover agent for the CIA and they forced her back To Matt. Ending up in India to find a warlord. Here we see some action and learned some secrets of Matt.
The plot was good but I missed elements of depths in the characters at times. A few mistakes in wording did not demeanor the story line. In the beginning of the novel I really struggled to connect with the characters. The love scenes in the beginning needed some passion, leaving me with a question mark. But as the book progressed I could connect with them and passion became part of the love scenes, making it more realistic.
The characters became more defined at the end as the suspense mounted and coming to a swift close.
A enjoyable read and book I can recommend.

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