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CanSir by Mitch Alexander Interview and Review

    Title: CanSir, A Backward Path
    Author: Mitch Alexander
    Genre: Biography, Inspirational 

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Blurb and Bio:

This is a memoir about my cancer journey. It's unlike any story that you have ever heard. I believe that most people who survive cancer would rather not even talk about it. I not only talk about it I give you the history of my crisis. I included all the emotional constituents that led up to the dis-ease of cancer. The purpose of this book is to ask everyone to think about life. Not just how to survive it but how to make it better by re-evaluating your relationship to people places and things. 

I am a survivor. I suffered abuse from a very early age until I hit my thirties and I began to work through the reasons why I was a magnet for abuse. I have seen the answers slowly revealed. This has been a journey of sustained doggedness. I was not willing to let go until I could say that I understood why. Death would have been so easy so much of the time but in the end I was too stubborn or too inquisitive to give up totally and die. I have to think GOD gave me several tasks to perform in my life and I had not competed those so GOD kept me going.

Interview with Author Mitch Alexander
1.       Where did the idea come from for the book?
I have known for a decade that I was going to write some sort of non-fiction book about my life experiences. After I completed my first book(Shadow Acquired) a novel, I was prepared to work on one of two other novels, but I got a clear indication that it was time to write my story. I experienced cancer and I was grateful for the awakening I received from that crisis.
2.       What genre does your book fall under?
Non-fiction, health concerns, cancer
3.       Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I suppose I would choose Ewan McGregor to play myself. I don’t have an idea about anyone else. Can a character play a person in a book? Darth Vader jumps at me to play my father. Maybe Louise Fletcher for my mother. I don’t know who else could play evil characters to match my ex-wife, the judge and lawyers.
4.       What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
It is a story of will over matter where GOD can carry one through when it looks otherwise impossible.
5.       Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
I choose to self publish due to the fact that I used the real names of people involved. I thought it was more important to be honest and take responsibility for my own writing.
6.       How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
I worked on and off for six months. It was a living hell going back through the various stages of my life and describe the things that I had to remember and work back through in order to solve the cancer crisis.
7.       What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Although I did not read it, I remember how much anger blazed at Rosanne Barr after she released her book and more recently Mackanzie Phillips’ bio.
8.       Who or What inspired you to write this book?
GOD is the short answer. I relied on HIM and prayed every day. I was so upset and sick and in pain while I wrote I was sure I would not survive long enough to finish. I would ask GOD many times if this was how I was going to end. HE finally got my attention and asked me if I really thought HE would have me write the book and not carry me through to completion. I knew that HE would not and that I was overwrought because I lacked faith.
9.       What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
All of us, each one of us is responsible for our own circumstances. If the things we allowed in our lives prior to a crisis caused the disease, then we can also work back through it to change the outcome from victim to victor. We all need to learn to question what we believe and figure out if those things help or hinder us.

My Thoughts
"Seek a truth and you will find a path"
Frank Slaughter

In his opening statement Mitch Alexander stated that he wants to challenge the readers belief. I can say with certainty he did accomplish in his goal. I did not think that this book would be so forth coming but I was challenged to read this book for what it is. A lengthy and detailed biography of a man seeking answers, wanting to be heard and be acknowledge.
It was like reading an extension of my own life and the experiences I had. Relating to the religious part of this book. Yes and even a few other places. But this is not about me.

It is easy to say when life hands you a lemon make lemon juice but when even the sap has been removed and only pips, core and the peel is left and you have nothing to help you to move forward. The only thing you have left is backbone and truth. The Word clearly states that "the Truth will set you free" and in the author's life the principle has done exactly that.

In the account of his life the focus was not on the cancer it self although cancer played a major part in relating the story, but more in the reason cancer had a hold in his body.
The journey he had to walk to rid himself of this decease and validate himself as a person, being truthful to himself and acknowledge God's role in it.
He was very honest, very descriptive in telling his story and very open in his self analysis, being freed from hate, bitterness, suicide and self loathing.  
In his own words he said "I learned that I had no value" and "I am nothing, deserve nothing and should be happy about it" Schooled from a young age that this was the acceptable behavior
For many with those thoughts it would mean the end of the line but not for Mitch. Personally I think that it had the opposite affect on him. It forced him to look at his life realistically without any masks and remove the lies and fill it with truth. Truth that was upsetting to hear I am sure for the family but yet it had to be spoken to validate him as a human being.

At first when you read about the people in his immediate family you want to get verbally abusive yourself, taking them out for their selfish reasons but in truth they too need to discover the truth for them self. Stop making excuses and take responsibilities for their actions.
There is just no excuse for abuse in any form. When it happens before you do not shrug your shoulders and turn around. For the love of God, DO SOMETHING! People can not claim ignorance anymore. With technology freely at our finger tips it has no excuse. If you are against a wall push until the wall falls. It is only build by brick and cement. 

At some point we all come into a place that we need to look at our self in the mirror and have peace with what you see. Not only with the outer but inner casing as well. Only then the truth can set them free. 
But in the mean time we that do that separate our self's from the very people that abused and manipulated us for just too long. Disconnecting with the old and connecting with the new to become the person we were meant to be.

In CanSir, A Backward Path you will be challenged in every aspect of your life. With a harsh look at every part that makes you a person of validation. A person with purpose. Many of us will only find it after 40 but be warned this is not for the faint hearted, nor the feeble minded. 
If you are easily offended do not read the book. But if you want to be challenged be ready. 

Yes his faith is different than yours, not main stream for sure but when you have an open mind you will see the similarities. He does not point it out for you to bash his believes, but to understand and be the grace we suppose to be. We all share the same faith it is just differently packed, we read the same Bible as long as we get to the truth that is all that matters. We pray to the same Father that still loves us unconditionally. 
The rest is religion and not worthy to be mentioned.

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