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#cblspromotions presents Afterglow by Ute Carbone My 5 Star review

by Ute Carbone
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Category(ies): Comedy, May-December
Publisher: Champagne Books
Release Date: January 7, 2013
Heat Level: Sensual
Length: 220 print pages

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India Othmar isn’t having a great year. Her husband of thirty-one years has left her for their son’s ex-girlfriend. Her grown children have moved home. Her best friend Eva seems determined to set her up with every oddball in their small Massachusetts town. And her most significant relationship these days is with Cherry Garcia.

But India is more resilient than she thinks. And though it will take a broken arm, a lawn littered with engine parts, some creative uses for shoes, and a scandalous love affair of her own, she learns, much to her surprise, that her life hasn’t ended with her marriage.

About the Author
Ute began her writing life as a poet and has had a number of poems published in small press magazines and anthologies. Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared in such publications as Comstock Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, and Bellowing Ark. Her novels include Blueberry Truth, Afterglow, and The P-Town Queen, which has been nominated as Champagne Books novel of the year for 2012. She also has a novella, The Whisper of Time, available as an e-book and work in several anthologies including a short story in Shared Secrets, and poems in Poems from the Cranberry Room, and Poets Unbound.

Ute, who pronounces her name oohtah, was born in Germany and grew up in upstate New York. She and her husband reside in Nashua, NH. They have two grown sons. Ute enjoys hiking, skiing, and generally anything that involves being outside. She loves the theatre and attends as regularly as time and money will allow. She’s a bibliophile who will read just about anything, though she loves novels best.

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My 5 Star Review

Funny and at times hilarious I was thoroughly entertained during the read of this well written romance story. Fast paced the author introduced you to India Othmar, kindergarten teacher and her friend Eva, next door neighbor, business woman and lover of all men. Eva always ready with advice even if it was out of tune, but she made India blush, laugh and enjoy life. Refusing to let her wallow in ice cream and PJ's.  Together the two enjoyed life even if India faced a wary time with a cheating husband, and meddling mother-in-law going through the process of divorce, finding a lawyer. Who once was madly in love with her and facing the grown up children Patch and Allie with the truth. Each with their own set of issues creating a enjoyable book you could relax and read in a day.
Patch and Allie both grown ups at the age of 30 and 25 still hanging around the house while India's life dramatically changed. Accepting each other's choices and partners as they struggle through ordinary days.
But when we are introduced to Doctor Mitch Tinker, thirty years old, handsome with beautiful light brown eyes and friend of Patch smitten with the fifty one year old woman. You can prepare yourself for an interesting read. Convincing her he was the best thing that will ever happen to her again. Adoring her, being a very good friend and some times partner in crime. 
We meet Red Lansing a pilot who was madly in love with the same woman and you know you have a good story. Mixed with shoes for planters, granite as a romantic gift, kindergarten children and you know you have a winner.
Tom her no good husband who could not make up his mind. Then he wants her back but have no problem getting in bed with his son's ex-girlfriend. The man is simply relentless but at the end India made choices that makes her happy. 
The reason for the name of the book. Afterglow. Fitting too this delightful novel I enjoyed immensely. 
I really loved all the characters in the book as they became alive. Realistic, feeling I know them and has empathy for India as she faced all the problems, from one night stands to being charge with possession of weed. 
A book I can recommend to all Romance lovers with a touch of comedy to keep the book entertaining to the end. With friends like India's you knew she would eventually make the right choices and believe that she too can have another chance at love.
Thanks Ute Carbone for a wonderful story.

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