Tuesday, November 5, 2019

My dream of being a bestselling author is just a paperback away.

Books are essential to our everyday life.

For bookworms, it is important to hold a physical book in their hands instead of reading it on an electronic device. I know, as a book reviewer I oblige authors and read in the various formats available on my laptop. It is easier and quicker, but it is not the same. A book is authentic. It fits perfectly into your life; you can sit anywhere and enjoy the feel and smell of it while turning the page.
Since 2012, when my first book, A Pirate’s Wife was published I had this dream to hold my own book in my hands, but it never realized. No matter how much I tried to find a permanent position or tried to save it stayed a dream.

Then, in August of this year (2019) I had the opportunity to distribute my books through a well-known distributor in my country, South Africa. And they not only opened the doors for me but to every client, I brought in. I was excited and apprehensive at the same time when I plunged ahead. In faith, I signed the contract and proclaimed this my year to see it happen.
Since then I could print a few books of each but like with everything else you need to sell quantities to really make money from it. Since this is my only source of income, I am moving ahead to get the ball rolling. My clients are already in the network while I sit on the sidelines wishing, I could print my books. This is where my quest for fundraising comes in.

I started with the fundraising in October 2019 but since it didnt reach the required amount, I decided to extend it without a deadline until the target has been reached, including my new book's distribution costs as well.

This is a learning curve for me. To get out of your box and think differently is a whole new experience, especially when you don't like to talk about yourself. But circumstances forced me to do this, even if I don't like it. I definitely learn to be more open and out there, marketing myself. A big step in an even bigger world when there is so much competition. 

Lynelle's Books

A Pirate's Wife - Historical Fiction - Free in Kindle
Bella's Choice - Contemporary Romance - $1.99 in Kindle
Blood Mines - Futuristic Thriller - $1.99 Kindle
GedagteKringe - Afrikaanse Bundel - Free in Kindle 

Here are the rewards when you contribute to this live event.
(Please note that the exchange rate given was on the day it was converted. Verify it again.) $1 = R14.75 05 November 2019

Every dollar or Rand will bring me closer to the realization of having my book not only in my hands but every other readers' hand that like to hold their own book.
Donate $5.00 (R75) Or More Every five dollars you give you will be mentioned in my books.
Donate $70.00 (R1 025) Or More Receive 2 Books of your choice, signed
Donate $75.00 (R1 110) Or More You can take part in the new cover changes for Blood Mines and receive a copy.
Donate $150.00 (R2 215) Or More Receive all 4 books, signed
Donate $500.00 (R7 380) Or More Be a character in my new book, Love at War, A Family Trilogy.

This is not the final cover.
Donate $1000.00 (R14 755) Or More Be a character and receive all 4 published books plus the newest one, Love at War, A Family Trilogy.

Love at War consists of three parts
Part 1 - Hope in conflict
Part 2 - Love at War
Part 3 - Faith Justified
It is an inspirational story and quite long. I require a few characters. But the story is basically ready and in need of a good proofreader. 

By clicking on the Gogetfunding link you will be taken directly to the site. 
I have posted more photos and links on there for your convenience.
You have a choice to donate via PayPal or Visa.
It is easy and safe.

 Thank you for considering and donating. 

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