Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Fundraising and distribution of books - An author's dream.

Fundraising is a difficult medium but yet attainable. You are pioneered into a new bracket which #empowers you to build on your own dreams. 

Our #Dreams shapes us. Dreams Empower us to take the next step and be the person we have envisioned. I have many dreams but the reason for this fundraising is to accomplish one of the many. I am in no position to go to any financial institution to get the required amount I need for the #distribution of my books. The reason I am #exposing myself to every reader who shares the same heart as me. Like-minded in our quest to hold a #book of our own on our hands. 

Words are the common bond that helps us to accomplish and reach out. #Words bring comfort, healing and are in general a blessing. But words can also break and destroy. In books, we learn the trappings, social skills, and reactions when faced with different scenarios. It enables us to become better. It is then that we walk in our creative #purpose. The motivational directives we receive gives us the courage to walk the road of life. I have found that even the #unexpected reads prepare me whether it is fiction or non-fiction. 

For bookworms, it is important to hold a physical book in their hands instead of reading it on an electronic device. A book is #authentic. It fits perfectly into your life; you can sit anywhere and enjoy the feel and smell of it while turning the page. With a book in hand, you are never alone. A true companion that never judges or condemns you. It gives you identity, joy and lifts your spirit. It inspires us and keeps us on our toes. It is an #intimate journey that no one can understand except another bookworm. It is #designed with the sole purpose to center us and entertain us. People that read are richer than those that don't read.

Books are my creative purpose. I am #passionate about books. My entire life circles around it. Since a young age, I was reading. My very first book was a historical documentary about Hiroshima. I was 13years old. I discovered a world outside my world which elevated me. I discovered Konsalik in our local library and read all his books which were translated into Afrikaans. From there on I discovered more authors and became engrossed with books. Then I learned to read English and my world expanded even more. I have filled diaries - boxes full of diaries - with thoughts, experiences, feelings, and views. 

The writing process #enables me to speak what is in my heart and to reach people on a one to one basis. Our #voices are the very echoes of our hearts. At the age of forty-five, I started to write seriously. During that difficult time when I lost all earthly possessions, it grounded me like nothing else. Words became my solace and comfort. Creating characters and stories gives me the endorsement to walk this life with confidence. Our words bring worlds together creating new worlds so where we get lost in the stories of fictional people. It gives us meaning and clarity in our own search. Without books, our lives would be empty.

Since 2012, when my first book, A Pirate’s Wife was published I had this dream to hold my own book in my hands, but it never realized. I have walked a road of discouragement and pain. I have made mistakes but each step after that empowered me. I have published 3 after that and is busy with book number 5. I have written short stories, articles, and motivational articles. I have been a radio presenter where I talked to single women. Through it all I empowered myself but the financial side kept on being a dream. With your donation, I will achieve not only the printing of my books but it will help me to move towards another goal of mine, financial independence. 

In August of this year (2019) I had the opportunity to distribute my books through a well-known distributor in my country, South Africa. For a self-published author, this doesn't happen. And they not only opened the doors for me but to every client, I brought in. I was excited and apprehensive at the same time but continued in faith. I signed the contract and proclaimed this my year to see it happen. 

The pre-orders make it possible for me to accomplish it but I need to print these books. The account is on me. The cost of all four books is R65 000 excluding VAT, which is a total of R74 750. To me, it is a staggering amount. Since I am busy with book 5, which is a 200k book, proofreading and printing costs would be just as expensive. This is the reason I started with the fundraising. In my search to achieve this goal, I have read many testimonies on how it helped and opened doors to them. 

My story is not unique but the fact that I refuse to sit down and stay down sets me apart from others. This is a learning curve for me. To get out of your box and think differently is a whole new experience, especially when you don't like to talk about yourself. I definitely learn to be more open and out there; marketing myself. A big step in an even bigger world when there is so much competition. Your donation will empower me and enable me to achieve more than just the print of the book. It will set me on the path of financial independence so that I can continue on this road with confidence.

Lynelle's Books

A Pirate's Wife - Historical Fiction - Free in Kindle
Bella's Choice - Contemporary Romance - $1.99 in Kindle
Blood Mines - Futuristic Thriller - $1.99 Kindle
GedagteKringe - Afrikaanse Bundel - Free in Kindle 

Currently, I am busy with Love at war. It consists of three parts that take you from the streets of Pretoria to Iraq and Sudan and end in the United States. It is a mixture of interesting characters, each dealing with their own inner pain. It is close to finish and will then be sent to a proofreader. 
This is not the final cover.

Part 1 - Hope in conflict
Part 2 - Love at War
Part 3 - Faith Justified

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 Thank you for your donation. 

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