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Review for Justice Quinn #2, The Beautiful Justice Series

“He was intrigued to the point that it itched. She was on his mind like a soft obsession, and it was sweet for someone who knew nothing about love.”


Book 2 in
“The Beautiful Justice Series

“Her overflowing anointing drew out his spirit’s disease like the sea draws complication out from a mind and dispels it into soul peace.”

Andrew McKenzie has lived most of his life tormented by guilt and pain, haunted by the secrets of his past. When he is hired to work for Sienna and Jonathan Driscoll, his life changes more drastically than he could have ever imagined. Before long, Drew learns that this is not an ordinary job. There is definitely something unusual about the Driscoll family—especially their son, Justice Quinn.

Drew is introduced to the Driscolls’ daughter, Bella Maura, with whom he shares a special bond. As his relationship with Bella develops, Drew learns that he is not the only one hiding a secret. Each new day brings with it shocking revelations about the unique spiritual gifts of the Driscolls, and their God-given obligation to people suffering at the hands of the darkness and evil of the world.
Where is God’s justice? Does anyone hear the prayers of the abused, those too broken and weak to defend themselves? Why does it seem that so often the unjust escape punishment on the earth? Justice Quinn deals with each of these questions, as well as the concept of intercessory prayer, in order to help us understand why God’s timing must be reverenced.

"I think I know why,” Drew said slowly, carefully. “I grew up watching a perfect example of what not to be. It was beaten into my bones so that I’d never forget it”

About the author

Dawn Dyson lives with her husband on a farm in Nebraska and has degrees in both Animal Science and Education. She currently serves as the farm's office manager, but writing is her primary passion. She describes her writing as a God-given gift and strives to incorporate Christian themes throughout each of her works. She encourages others to find their passion in life, link it with God's and then share it with the world.

A giving heart is easily ill-used without wisdom, without discernment. Love is not blind. Love, real love, is the clearest thing anyone can see because it’s selfless. It’s lucent, and purer than water. In it, there is no place to hide. Discipline keeps the path straight. Obedience keeps the path narrow. Decision, against all influence, against all odds, paves that path with the promises of the Bible.
The second book is the closest anyone has come in describing the Kingdom life as lived by this family and the extended characters of this book. If you are not spiritual inclined, nor understand the Holy Book this book would not be for you. You would think that this is just fictional, a lot of hogwash, but in reality for those who understand the Word and live it, will know it is not. The evidence is all around us if you are willing to open your eyes to the truth. The word is like a two-edge sword and used simultaneously to show us God's character in its dualistic form. Only by faith can you understand the principles in the Word as the truth and not from a natural mindset. Be open-minded and you will learn more of God's heart than you have every perceived.

My 5 Star review

Book 2, Justice Quinn continues 19 years later from the first book Bella Maura, in the series The Beautiful Justice series. In the fist book, we are introduced to the spiritual gifts of Bella, Jonathan and Sienna.
In book 2, it continues with Justice the small baby orphan whom they adopted into their family, raising as their own, becoming justice in the world. I loved the symbolism the author used in showing us that Justice and Faith have many similarities, both working to show you the way to Him. Restoring hope in the world. The characters Justice and Faith, a young man and young girl who fell in love and at the end Justice sacrificed himself so that Faith could truly live a life of purpose. Each character created so that you will better understand the true meaning of the words. Its influence into the world and their immediate family heartbreaking but yet fills your eyes with tears as the love blossoms between them.

We meet up with Bella, now a young woman in her early twenties, beautiful and still interceding for those around her. Working with her brother to help those in need.
We meet a young man, Andrew McKenzie. His past so shocking and severe but yet teaching this man what it is to be a godly man. His character strong but caring, suffering with past hurts but yet knowing enough to lay it down and be restored. His suffering makes his character believable, stronger, patient and beautiful.
The lurking presences of the enemy giving it enough suspense to turn to the next page. Not placing too much emphasis on him but yet enough to know he was hiding in the shadows, trying very hard to disrupt and destroy the frailty of this family.
Sienna is more in the back ground in this book but still there, writing her novels playing her part to support her children and those closest to her. The love of Jonathan and Sienna the thread that holds everything together.
The author's writing style flowing and descriptive as she tells the tale of this family and their unwavering faith in the power of an All-seeing, and All-knowing God.

“Marry me today because we have a son waiting.”

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“If you shift your soul to the good, the world will turn pleasant for you. If you let your soul rot, the world will fall into ruin.”


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