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No Condemnation a Christian Fiction, Excerpt and Review

No Condemnation Virtual Book Tour with Dr. Vivi Monore Congress  July 1-12, 2013

Book Title: No Condemnation
Genre Christian Inspirational/Fiction
Perfect Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Voice of Inspiration Publishing; First edition (March 13, 2013)
ISBN-10: 0974802026
ISBN-13: 978-0974802022

About The Book

The city of Tobe, a snowball's throw away from Buffalo NY, is known for its frosty climate...and its drama. Despite the chilling temperatures, love is in bloom for some of its residents while lowering the boom on others. Either way, getting the most out of love and life is largely based on healthy decisions because there are times when, simply put, love isn't always enough. 
Young, enterprising Trené Sloan is successful in business but not so much when it comes to relationships. Recklessly in love with Chaz Thomas, the philandering father of her children, Trené continues to dole out love and forgiveness in the face of his unrelenting quest for short-lived affairs with every woman that crosses his path.
But will she find the courage to make the hard decision to leave the toxic relationship and reclaim her misplaced faith before tragedy occurs?
No Condemnation (from the Just NO Series) is next level inspirational fiction; heartwarming, emotionally-engaging while keeping things real.

About The Author

Dr. Congress is a Best-Selling, Award-Winning Wordsmith, Literary Advisor, Publisher and creator of C.H.O.C. Lit™ Flavored Books (Christians Having Ordinary Challenges).
She holds a BA in Human Relations, Masters in Theology, Doctor of Ministry degree in Christian Counseling and is a Certified Christian Life Coach.

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Book Excerpt

New Beginning

The women sitting in the pew three rows ahead had glanced over their shoulders several times, whispering and exchanging sly, familiar, yet discreet grins in his direction. Even in church, Chaz Thomas knew what people—women, in particular—were saying about him. Not that he gave a king-sized flying flip one way or the other as long as the conversation gave him the front-and-center attention he craved. In feminine circles, he was hailed as The Perfect Ten. Although he was, in fact, a good-looking brother with strong, chiseled features and a body to match, those attributes weren’t exactly the reasons Chaz had gained the ‘title.’ It was more along the lines of his having fathered at least ten children, aged ten years old and younger, all within a ten-block radius. But, who was keeping count other than those he casually wrote off as trash talking women he’d rejected, full from drinking that bittersweet playa hater’s juice?
If it weren’t for Trené, his current baby mama, begging him to attend Friday’s Watch Night Service with her, he wouldn’t be here now subjecting himself to visual inspection—and temptation. Every man knew church was the place to find a woman engaged in inner warfare, surreptitiously longing to unleash the “other,” less-holier side of herself. Trené was aware of his weakness and should’ve known better than to bring him for that reason alone. Chaz was no different in his thoughts on the subject and like most so-called preachers he knew, he was more than willing to accommodate. Unlike a great many of them, however, Chaz was able to... in ways and for durations that only he and God would ever truly know.

What Others Are Saying

Vivi Monroe Congress writes with a rhythm and flow that prods the reader along for the ride. No Condemnation injects just enough grit and honesty for a dose of realism. Her multi-dimensional characters will have you turning pages with curiosity as she reveals their plight with literary prowess and wit. No Condemnation is a journey of faith that s not for the faint of heart. Essence Bestselling Author of the Brunch Series, Sweet Magnolia and other works --Norma L. Jarrett

The prolific wordsmith, Dr. Congress, entertains and counsels as she infuses inspiration into the chaotic realities of life in her debut novel, No Condemnation. Bestselling author of The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box --Valerie J Lewis Coleman 

Once again my husband did a fine review, here are his
thoughts about the book.

My 4.5 Star Review

Well I was extremely surprised when I start reading the first chapter with the title in mind. We met up with Chaz Thomas in a church service, but with other things occupying his thoughts, I was wondering where the author was going with this story. Then we met Trene and his Girlfriend who prayed for him and when she took the initiative inviting him to the end of year service the story took a new direction more in line with the title. From here things start to accelerate as we met all the different characters in this drama. We meet up with Rowe alias Cootie Chaz buddy from High school. Then we met Viola Trene’s mother who’s husband experience a mid-life crisis in his sixties. This is quite an intriguing story unfolding keeping you interest with each new character. We are introduced to Trene’s partner in her Salon Niki, and her husband Joe and we must not forget about Trene’s children whose lives were affected in the outcome of the plot. As the story unfolds you are drawn into the lives of these people, their highs and lows and understand where they fit into Trene’s life, a story full of wrong decisions for the right reasons and a lot of heartache in a real life drama. Every one has a different view of a relationship with God some were distant and some close with Him. The story let you focus on your own relationship with God and how do you relate to Him in times of trouble or when you get no answers. At times, you feel like crying out with the characters in their situation and then crying with them, feeling their pain. This is undoubtedly an exceptionally compelling story with a real strong message do not judge to quickly and watch your actions you are not unbreakable. The writer succeeded in bringing a believable drama to us.
Well done Vivi Monroe Congress a tremendously enjoyable read but keep you tissue box handy.

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