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Bella Maura a Novel, 5 Star Review and Excerpt.

He is a good Daddy –it’s all about 
relationship, not religion.”

“Unnecessary evil needs to be with necessary holiness,
and it’s a fine line to walk, and in fact,
impossible without holy discernments.”

Novelist Sienna Emory is surprised by a frantic call she receives from her old college friend, Cheney. When she arrives at Cheney’s house, Sienna finds her passed out from a drug overdose and neighbor Jonathan Driscoll arriving on the scene. Trying to help Cheney overcome her addictions, Sienna develops a friendship with Jonathan, a handsome single father, and his five-year-old daughter Bella. However, Bella is not the typical kindergartner; she has special gifts, as if she is communicating on a direct line to God. Sienna and Jonathan quest for answers to Bella’s special gifts, leading them to Jonathan’s hometown in Ireland that holds the key to a family secret. Sienna begins to fall in love with Jonathan, but wonders what is God’s plan for them and if their faith is strong enough to protect them from evil.

In her second novel, author Dawn Dyson seamlessly weaves together a touching love story with weighty spiritual topics such as overcoming abuse, trusting God, and stepping into your spiritual gifts. Bella Maura is the first installment of the two-book series Beautiful Justice. This exhilarating novel will open readers to the spiritual opportunities and challenges that face us all.

“To me, conformity just always seemed 
like I was selling out.”

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About the Author

Dawn Dyson lives with her husband on a farm in Nebraska and has 
degrees in both Animal Science and Education. She currently serves 
as the farm's office manager, but writing is her primary passion. 
She describes her writing as a God-given gift and strives to incorporate 
Christian themes throughout each of her works. She encourages others
 to find their passion in life, link it with God's and then share it with the

“I always wanted you. 
God only knows how much…
I’d actually sit here and talk to you 
out loud for ours, for years…,”


Before she even opened her eyes, in the familiar soft silk comforter 
around her skin, Sienna sensed it was late morning by the slant of the 
sun across her face. She guessed it to be about 10:00 a.m. and noted 
that the household seemed quiet and unmoving. She stretched her arms 
overhead and rolled into the light, smiling at the memory of the previous 

When she finally did open her eyes, they rested on Jonathan’s attentive 
presence. He was seated on the chaise lounge where he had spent the 
night and, apparently, he’d been watching her sleep for some time. His 
hands were folded peacefully, his forearms resting on his tights, and his 
muscled shoulders were rounded – it was a thoughtful pose indicative of 
prayer and his forward gaze made it easy to deduce that she had been the 
primary focus. He was so intensely exquisite to her in the morning light, 
against that striking, red velvet backdrop, in his white tee with no sleeves, 
in his favorite blue jeans, in his bare feet. The colorless and angelic 
luminescence breathing just over his shoulder cast a fine glaze across the 
outline of his skin; it highlighted his black hair, his jaw line, and graced the 
tips of his boyish lashes like a silver lining – but his was a cloudless sky, 
one of purity and of simplicity and one of straight line. His eyes were 
soft and bright and unidentifiable in their color – they were not gray, they 
were not green, nor were they blue, rather they were layered with a 
mixture of all three. They seemed to change with the tide. 
Something similar to the sea, she finally decided, where his fathers 
comes from.

He got up without saying anything and walked straight to her with serious 
intent. He climbed onto her bed and kissed her, gently touching her skin. 
He’d been entertaining things in his mind prior to her awakening and was 
not the least bit concerned with hiding the fact. It was after all natural in 
this paradise.

“Good morning Butterfly” he said quietly as he looked into her eyes. 
His expression remained rather solemn. Between his fingers, he felt the 
softness of a loop of her hair, he thoughtfully got lost in the richness of 
color and how sharply it contrasted with her skin.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said “I apologize for my complete lack of manners 
and my inadequate  self-control. But…I’m thinking we need to get married…”

“Are you somebody’s mother?”

“If not, would you be mine?”

Finally, after the long wait I could read this book that laid on my shelf for 
a time. First reading the ones I was committed to reading for other authors.  
The joy when I received the actual book was thrilling, and I told everyone 
who wanted to listen. The anticipation was worth it. This book was simply 
a joy to read. I want to thank the author Dawn Dyson that had enough 
faith in me to send me the books for an honest review. Since this is the 
first in the series, I received all 3 books, what an honor!, 2 more posts 
will follow shortly.
With all that said here is my thoughts on this Contemporary Inspirational

My 5 Star Review

This is not only about two people meeting, falling in love and live 
happily ever after. This is a terrific tool to use when people wants to 
understand the terms Spiritual Warfare and Intercession better in a 
fictional story. There is no glamour in this gifts as with many others. 
This is a lonely road where you will not receive any acceptance from 
anyone, especially the church. The world would put you in a psychiatric
 ward thinking you are mad, filling you with all kinds of medicine and 
at the end cast you aside. One of the points touched by Sienna the main 
character in the book.
The plot was well examined and put to paper with a clear understanding 
about the subject and what it means for the one who bares this gift. 
The characters strong and best suited to bring the point across. With a 
deeper understanding from the scripture in Isaiah 1:17. Sienna abused 
all her life but yet strong and determined helped other girls to stand up 
from their own abusive state and become the very person God has 
intended all along. I did appreciate the fact that the author did not put 
too much emphasis on the abuse, but rather the road to healing because 
of obedience and being with like-minded people.
I loved the character Jonathan, a man that went through his own pain 
and abuse before he settled down. Writing songs from the heart of God 
revealing God's love, faith, patience and hope to a thirsty world. 
With his daughter still in training, he was the perfect father figure to 
be used in the story. 
Wisdom, patience and love were the core of his character, beautifully
portrait in this ex-junkie, living the hard life because of fame, rebelling
against his heritage, getting lost in a world of fame and money. But yet
all of those traits would never have materialized if not for that path.
You see his devotion not only to his daughter but even to Cheney, 
desperately trying to save her from her self.
Bella a sweet 5 year old with a gift no one understand until Sienna appear 
in their lives, developing the gift and allowing God to have his way in
her life. Teaching her father and family how to understand her and walk
with her during this time when she is an open vessel, speaking the heart
of God directly into the situations they faced.
The author's ability to create with words were descriptive and flowing 
so that you could experience what she was seeing writing this book. The
ebb and flow of each scene as it opens to the next appreciating the 
character and place as the plot unfolds. Creating a world where God 
reigns and people obey his statues, word and commands, and you see 
the results of that, coming together as a wonderful and entertaining 
book to read. 
The topics are easy to understand, from the power of the tongue to 
paternity, healing, obedience, grace, prayer and knowledge of 
God's character emphasis by the scenes as they develop creating a
wonderful read. 

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“He said that you told him he was taking 
advantage of the fact that 
I didn’t have a father. 
He said you said that from now on…
you’d be my dad.”

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