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Mason Michael: The Heaven Projection Book 3 in the The Beautiful Justice Series, 5 Star review

Faith, let me take a walk with you all the way to the end of the world. From my very first step, you have led me. You are my one true Friend. Bring me back to innocent days when things made sense. 
                                                  Alexa Dyson

“You ask a lot of interesting questions for a young girl,” he said. “This isn’t a physical war, Princess. It is a spiritual one. The only thing that matters to them is numbers of souls who renounce Christ before death. They’re building up an army for hell for the last fight.”

Mason Michael: The Heaven Projection Book 3 
The Beautiful Justice Series
Author Dawn Dyson

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“For one hundred thousand souls be saved, save me.”

In the final hours of Earth’s existence, eighteen-year-old Alexa Dyson holds the hope of humanity—the key to salvation of lost souls in a world where proclaiming Christ is a death sentence. Frightened and alone, Alexa finds herself warming up to an unlikely protector who vows to care for her and her unborn child. But when faced with a series of incredible events, Alexa realizes there may be more to her handsome young savior than meets the eye.

With judgment day approaching and countless lives hanging in the balance, will Alexa accept her divine assignment before it is too late? And when the time comes, will she be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?

This thrilling conclusion to the Beautiful Justice series illustrates the power of intercessory prayer to redeem generational sins, and sheds light on justice and retribution, mercy and divine preservation. Mason Michael will break your narrow perception of heaven and inspire you to trust God’s sovereign will above all else.

“Drew was a kindhearted man with a pure soul. He was as pure as refined gold and therefore easy for God to formulate, fill, and use he was as honest as the unblemished blue in his straightforward eyes. His uncomplicated nature was a compliment to his Maker. And he carried it well and carried it lightly. Some people are like that – like a sunny day. They’re easy to love because their trust is in so much more than circumstance. Their pliability is what makes them solid to hold.”.

I will give the Beautiful Justice Series an over all 5 Star Rating
This is not a series you can read separately. The plot develops from Book 1 until the finale in Book 3. Giving you an in-depth look at the Bible and what it means for you as a believer. This is highly recommended for people searching the truth about spiritual gifts, Kingdom life and what happens after the Rapture. It will be good to first understand the Word before reading the series, since this is very symbolic by nature. A Series well written and developed to bring you closer to the Will of the Father.

I want to thank Dawn Dyson once again for sending me the whole series and introducing it to the public and readers.

About the Author

Dawn Dyson lives with her husband on a farm in Nebraska and has degrees in both Animal Science and Education. She currently serves as the farm's office manager, but writing is her primary passion. She describes her writing as a God-given gift and strives to incorporate Christian themes throughout each of her works. She encourages others to find their passion in life, link it with God's and then share it with the world.

My 5 Star review

My initial thought when I started with book 3 was I of wonder. It felt like a different person has write this book. It was not the same flow in adjectives as words rolled on the paper, giving you an in-depth look at every facet of the characters and plot. This was written casually, and simpler, making it an easier read.
All the characters were back from the previous two books with Alexa, Connolly and Dax added to explain in greater detail as the story unfolds. In Book 3 the rapture has come and gone and life as we know it has disappeared leaving people to do what they want when they want with no conscious of right and wrong, light or darkness.
What touched me the most was how God prepared the house for Alexa during this difficult times so that she could live there, giving birth never leaving the island or house.  Which became the center stage for the whole plot. 
In this book generational curses is explained with forgiveness playing a major role in the healing process. Restoring what God has intended all along in a specific person's blood line. 
The work of angels is better explained, the part of the sea clearly defined and I loved how the author brought in the horses as messengers of the Living Word. Helping the angels doing the work needed preparing Alexa to accept her task saving a 100 thousand souls. 
Dax's part was also clearly defined, first as protector and later as betrayer. The complexities of his character enhanced the plot as you learn his true identity, and at the end his knee had to bow before the Maker of Heaven and Earth.
Connolly's character was at first a mystery but as we got to know him he became a trusted friend and husband for Alexa. A beautiful and quiet man that knew his duty at the end.
I loved how the author brought the families together, opening the obvious wounds and tragedies and confronts them with it, restoring and healing not only them but all the generational blood lines as well as those people that was directly influenced by their acts. 
The angels doing their work silently in the form of Sienna, Jonathan, Drew, Bella and Justice. Each accomplish their task with grace and love. 
A great book from beginning to end.

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