Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Letter from Aspired Writer - Lynelle Clark

To all my supporters, fellow authors and avid readers a blessed and prosperous 2013 to you all.

What a journey it has become since I started on this road of discovery in the world of Books. Always an avid reader since I discovered books at a tender age, appreciating the art of writing, the ability to pen thoughts and emotions down that could captivate your thoughts, heart and mind to the extent that it enrich your knowledge and broaden your horizon. Even challenge your own believes or giving you the hope needed with in your own life.

This past year I became part of that process. Writing, publishing, reviewing, marketing and everything in between. And on this journey met great people. Talented. Able. Knowledgeable people with a passion for the written word in all its beautiful facets. Learning to be creative in more than just writing a book. Meeting different genre's authors and come to realize within each and every one's sphere we have something unique to offer each reader out there.

We all make mistakes, stumble even but then stand right up and continue. The writers community encouraging each other to become better. This really touched me from the beginning. No jealousy, no arrogance among each other just a genuine love for books that keep us together. The rest of the world can take note of this society that works as a unit, helping and promoting each other always in a positive light. To get the word out and to know each other better.

Since the words written on paper is directly from our hearts we open our self to the general public to be open for scrutinizing and sometimes even offensive and hurtful criticism, but at the end it build us and do not destroy us. What most people do not know or realize is that we are actually very shy people that do not like the spotlight, so to open our self and be vulnerable is a huge risk we take in opening our self in such a way. To make our deepest thoughts known for others to enjoy takes energy, strength and self-discipline. It does not come easy. It takes long hours away from our families, isolating our selves to bring a story of a few hundred pages. Most of us burn the midnight oil literally to have some time with our children or spouses. Many of us have regular jobs just to put food on the table. Most of us do not receive huge checks from publishers houses that we can live from, we are just ordinary people with the same struggles but willing to share the stories in our hearts. Taking the time to do so.
So tread careful with the book in your hand, it cost us something. Put it on a shelf for visitors to see, give us positive feedback, spread the word. Support us. Now that is not to hard, is it?

With each day, we become stronger and better equip for the many books still lingering in the depths of our hearts. Ready to see the day light. Working at a pace that leave us breathless at times. So a kind word in the right time just lift our spirits giving us the go ahead to continue this self appointed road.

I am so glad that I can walk this road with you all and be part of this community. Thank you for accepting and making me part of this journey. For allowing me to be part of your journey and that we can grow together to the ultimate climax of our careers.

I already have many books lined up for reviews by great authors that will be posted on their designated dates. Starting from The 5th with "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" to many more over the next three month period. Watch out for them. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. To me and the author.

So far I have two books ready for editing, and hopefully they will be released in this year. Both are Contemporary Inspirational books with powerful messages. And I am busy with a follow up for A Pirate's Wife which is still along way to go.

Thank you once again for allowing me to be a small part of this and my prayer is that you will know abundance in every aspect of your life. That you will walk in discernment, and make wise decisions that will contribute to your journey. That you will know peace and joy and that your heart will be safe. But mostly that you will continue on your path growing so that you can become the person you know is deep within wishing to be released.

May I be part of your journey for a long time.

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