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Primal by D. A. Serra Tour and 5 Star Review

Description of Primal by D. A. Serra: 
 Publisher: Perry Street Pictures, Inc., May 13, 2012 
Category: Crime Thriller 
Tour Dates: September 17 - October 12, 2012 
Available in ebook: 191 Pages

PRIMAL by D.A. Serra (screenplay originally purchased by James Cameron)

The most dangerous place on Earth is between a mother and her child...
With everything at stake - what are you capable of? What if the worst happens and you're not a policeman, a soldier, or a spy with weapons training and an iron heart? What if you're a schoolteacher - a mom? In this gritty crime thriller a family vacation takes a vicious turn when a fishing camp is invaded by four armed men. With nothing except her brains, her will, and the element of surprise on her side, Alison must learn to kill or watch her family die.

And then, things get worse.

Praise for Primal from Tour I:

"D.A Serra does a great job in making the reader connect to the characters.  I could picture everything as it happened, right as I was reading it.  D.A Serra paints a picture, and puts you in it as it's happening, and once the action starts there's no way you're stopping until you get to the very end.  This is a great read, and one I thoroughly enjoyed, and James Cameron just purchased the screenplay." Jamie, Minnesota Girl in LA

"Serra delivers a suspenseful thriller that is packed with fear, hope, family love, revenge, and desperation. The adrenaline rush will keep you on the edge of your seat anticipating the next move. The characters are well-developed. Serra gives a sense of balance in both a functioning and dysfunctional family. She draws the reader in with a story that flows smoothly and at a steady pace filled with action and drama.  Serra also paints a beautiful, yet terrifying setting in the woods of Northern Minnesota. Her vivid descriptions places the reader in the scene as the action unfolds." Mason Canyon, Thought In Progress

"Ms. Serra is a screenwriter of many years and this book has been optioned for a movie byTitanic and Avatar director James Cameron. Can I see this as a movie? You bet I can, and a good one. Primal is smart, well written with a strong willed female lead that I think women and men would flock to see on film. This is an exciting story that I can happily recommend." Dark Haven Maven
"What a great book! It's scary, suspenseful and very thought provoking. It will keep you grab you and not let you go, even after you've read the last word.  This book is about something that every mother fears...her child in danger. It shows what lengths you would go to, to make sure your child is safe.  Much happens in this book and if you decide to read it, make sure you have first the time, and second won't be interrupted. It's hard to put down." Vicki, I'd Rather Be Reading At the Beach

"What a fantastic story, this had it all while keeping me on the edge of my seat.  At only 222 pages this seriously left a thrilling impression on me.  Primal was so much more than I expected, great characters, intense situations, the flow and energy, dialogue, plot and overall I found it came together and was believable. What a great wrap up ending, even if you figure it out it is still shocking, very well executed.  I was thoroughly impressed and entertained throughout.  I thought this can cross over to many genre fans appreciating it but it is a Thriller.  You get Suspense, Romance, Adult Fiction, Crime all wrapped up to create a memorable story.  Another read for the men in your life, they will appreciate as much as females." Marcie, Tea Time With Marcie

What Some Other Reviews Have Said:

"I honestly loved Primal. It is incredibly well-written with deep, emotionally-charged characters and a storyline punctuated with fear and adrenaline. I found Primal to be an incredibly quick read, mostly because I had a hard time putting it down. I also liked the fact that author D.A. Serra delved into the emotional spiral eclipsing Alison's life after the horrifying events on the island and wasn't content to simply go for all-out action, although there's action a-plenty. I highly recommend Primal if you are looking for a thriller to read this summer. You won't be disappointed."-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications (AKA Ashley Perkins )

"To some, Minnesota's North Woods are a soothing antidote to the stresses of civilization. But to others, all that unpaved, unpeopled wilderness is just plain unnerving. And therein lies the seed of some very spooky storytelling."- Amy Goetzman, MinnPost

"The book was originally written as a screenplay and there is certainly a cinematic quality to it, with moody descriptions, lively dialogue and a relentless sense of pace. The writing, however, is unexpected, poetic and philosophical by turn, without impinging on the action. The description of a mother hiding a gun in her son's Batman pyjamas must be one of the most moving, yet ominous, passages of crime fiction I have read in a long time, while the use of household props to distract a rampant killer is ingenious.  A very confident debut novel, highly recommended as a summer read, although perhaps not if you are planning a camping trip."- Marina Sofia, Crime Fiction Lover

About D. A. Serra:

Deborah Serra was a screenwriter for twenty years and recognized by the Writer's Guild for her long term continuous employment. She has written ten TV movies, four feature films, and numerous TV episodes including two years as a staff writer for NBC.  She worked for top producers, directors, and actors.  She has taught writing at the University of California, San Diego, Wofford College and at writers' conferences nationwide.  Serra has now turned her attention to novels, and she was honored as a recent recipient of the prestigious Hawthornden Literary Fellowship, and as a semi-finalist for the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Award given by the Faulkner Society in New Orleans, LA.
Deborah's  Website

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My 5 Star review

An exceptional crime thriller pact with a wonderful plot that held your attention from beginning to end. Masterfully planned story line that demanded attention and you are introduced to the Kraft and Burne family so opposite from each other that you wonder how they will come together. Serra managed to hold your imagination as you are introduced to Alison. A real suburban teacher who have never been in the woods, never went on camping trips with no idea of survival. Her husband Hank, her partner and friend, a wonderful father and music lover with their son Jimmy, nine years old with the typical characteristic of a boy of that age. Adorable, sweet and excited about life.
Then you meet Ben, Gravel, Kent and Theo Burne the epitome of evil in its ugliest form. And the seven come together at a fishing ground and it went down hill from there fast and ferocious.
Alison’s delicate system could not handle the outing and she found her self separated from her family and co campers when these evil four are introduced. And we see that what were supposed to be a pleasant weekend away became a nightmare that changed them all forever. Finding each others weakness and strengthens amidst the show down of survival.
When they finally return home Alison, Hank and Jimmy found it difficult to adapt back into normal life. Especially Alison who could not shake the experience leaving her paranoid, on the edge, fearful and bereft from her former self. Yet a hero in every ones eyes. But for some reason she could not go back to her old life, standing guard vegetal at all hours of the day and night. People became scared of her outburst her paranoia to have weapons in the house, alarmed every inch of their home and always looking for that one person who promised to return.
Her marriage and relationship with her son suffered and when she finally decided that maybe this one man will not return, and she let her guard down, then all hell broke loose and yet again she fights for her family. Willing to lay down her life so that they could be free.
Fast paced, with well developed characters,  this story keep you at the edge of your chair, not willing to stop to make sure Alison was right and not crazy as every one believed. Telling your self the story could not end in that manner. Hoping it does not.
A book that is definitely one of my favorites for this year and I can recommend to all lovers of thrillers. Creating a sigh at the end as you relax and smile knowing it was all worth it at the end.


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