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Impossible Compassion Tour and Review

Title: Impossible Compassion 
Author: Edward Mannix
Pages: 189

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How do we end suffering in our own life and on the planet? How do we bring about seemingly impossible outcomes such as miraculously healing our self from a fatal disease, saving the environment or ending violence and war?

In his second book, Edward Mannix takes on our assumptions about what is possible and impossible for us as individuals and as a species, and he provides us with a new paradigm and new tools that enable us to achieve that which was previously unachievable.

The new paradigm he presents includes two key concepts the author calls metaphysical causation and interlocking karma. 

Metaphysical causation at first sounds a lot like the Law of Attraction but ends up being quite a bit different. According to the author it is not our thoughts that create our reality, but rather it is our karma or karmic imprints that are projected onto the movie screen of our life by the powerful projector of our soul. By moving the discussion away from the potency of our thoughts to something more difficult to observe - our karmic imprints - the book reveals to us important hidden aspects of the creative mechanism of life, and offers us the opportunity to intervene in this causal process in a new and powerful way. For those readers who have tried the Law of Attraction and found it sometimes effective and other times ineffective, it is likely that the information presented in this text will illuminate why those techniques often fall down. 

Impossible Compassion provides a missing link of sorts, helping us identify and change our karmic imprints through the use of simple tools and processes that fall under the heading of what the author calls directed compassion. By utilizing our own compassion to alter the karmic imprints on the film of our soul - which the book teaches us how to do in specific detail - we can literally re-write the script of our life, leading to rapid and potentially miraculous changes in our external world.

And, while according to metaphysical causation we each sit at the center of and in some way create our own universe, we are also all connected to one another and part of each others' created universes. In his discussion of what he calls interlocking karma, the author illuminates this critical paradox that is so often misunderstood or entirely missed by students and teachers of modern spirituality. In so doing, he gives us further insight into the process of reality unfolding, and it is with an understanding of interlocking karma that we can see how giving our self compassion can influence the physical health of a loved one or help bring about major changes in our collective reality, e.g., ending violence and war. 

Author Bio:

Edward Mannix has been on a conscious path of personal and spiritual development for over twenty years. He has practiced Vipassana meditation in a monastery in Burma, travelled to Nepal to receive teachings and empowerments from Tibetan Rinpoches, and worked with hidden masters from a number of traditions and geographies, spanning Asia, Europe and the United States. Throughout his journey, Edward has consistently focused on a form of practical spirituality – integrating his spiritual pursuits into ordinary life, not leaving worldly endeavors behind, but instead using them as a vehicle to go deeper into awakening. While on his conscious path and prior to becoming an author, he worked in the private sector as a management consultant and social entrepreneur. He holds an M.B.A. from Columbia University where he studied Sustainability and Social Enterprise, an M.A. from The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. in Psychology and Economics from Indiana University. Drawing upon unique insight and an unusually diverse set of life experiences, Edward brings fresh perspective to ancient wisdom, and is emerging as an important new voice in the arenas of philosophy, spiritual development and personal transformation. 


My 5 Star Review

A Self Help Guide to bring restoration and healing in your life. Useful and helpful in many levels of our journey and experiences. Its practical explanation assisting you to go about directing compassion in your life and those you encounter with. Finding it useful and well delivered.
Words and actions creates our world around us starting from the moment we are born and even before as our parents actions directly contribute into us their own fears, abilities etc.
Our words and actions causes ripple effects in other people that connects with us on a daily basis. Leaving their footprints in us. Those footprints causes everlasting results in our lives and the after effects creates positive or negative results.
Applying compassion to ourselves and those we come in contact with not only helps us to help them but shields us from any harming after effects.
Developing your compassionate heart creates a force of goodness and healing that extend further than our own world, touching our environment, the people we come in contact with. Our way of life, community and businesses.
Many Christians do not understand this concept of being the Grace of God in a other wise devoid and dark world we are living in. As the author points out in this book effectively

"You and your own compassion are the vehicle of Grace"

Apostle Paul stated it this way in Ephesians 3:1 and 2 (Amp) that says the same as the author

For this reason [[a]because I preached that you are thus built up together], I, Paul, [am] the prisoner of Jesus the Christ[b]for the sake and on behalf of you Gentiles—Assuming that you have heard of the stewardship of God’s grace (His unmerited favor) that was entrusted to me [to dispense to you] for your benefit,

When you have received Grace, God's unmerited favor in your life as Paul did you can understand the true meaning of the Word Grace and effectively give it to those who connects with you on a daily basis.

Compassion do not correct world view but is a source for their experience of reality. Applying the truth you have learned to the people and environment around you. In that we can be the image of Christ to a thirsty and dying world.
The two part self guide book help you to look deeper, seek the answers to your doubts and fears and find the truth that sets you free. Not to repeat the same mistakes, but learn from them and become stronger in your ability to live life. And truly be a compassionate human being.

A great book I can recommend to those who seek better understanding and enlightening their world in a pure unadulterated way.


  1. This book sounds quite encouraging and helpful. Will definitely check it out. It's my desire to be a compassionate person who can positively impact others and be a vehicle of God's grace. Thank you!

  2. Yes my only regret is that I had to read this book quickly since I was pressed with time, but definitely a book to read again.
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