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#crossroadsreviews Presents Transcender: First-Timer. My Review and Giveaway

Transcender: First-Timer
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Join us for a three week tour of Transcender: First-Timer! And then come back and enjoy another three week tour in Jan for book 2!!  And don't forget to enter the wonderful giveaway!

Book Description

August 3, 2012
When a freak lightning storm turns terrifying, Jaden Beckett, a typical Connecticut teenager, is suddenly shifted into a parallel existence where she finds herself a member of the ruling family in a counterpart of America on a strange alternate version of earth--one filled with hidden dangers, political intrigue, remarkable creatures, and forbidden romance.


Born and raised at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Vicky Savage became irresistibly enchanted by the lure of the ocean when she attended law school in Florida. She practiced law for several years before taking time off to raise her two children. She lives on the water on the west coast of Florida with her husband, son, and two dogs. Ms. Savage recently completed Book 2 of the Transcender Trilogy, Streaming Stars, which will be released in 2012.
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5 Star Review
What an amazing story, captivating your mind as you learn about Jaden and her travels to a alternate world. Thrilling adventure filled with mystery and danger as she tag along and discover who she really is. A strong willed, determined young woman that is not afraid to face the problems head on as they unfolds in her life.
Meeting the most spectacular young man Ryder Blackthorn. I was extremely impressed with this young and fierce chieftain who rocked her world. He is everything a true hero is suppose to be. Strong, decisive, brave, good leader, not afraid to show his feelings towards her, accomplished, and compassionate. If I had another daughter he would be the perfect candidate. smile
From beginning to the end I was fascinated with the plot and how the words simply flow from the pages that it became a easy read, although lengthy. You hardly notice it because it just holds your attention.
Each character were fully developed to play his/her role to perfect the story. From the lowliest servant to the villain.
The blooming romance between Jaden and Ryder centers the story and the plot to be a perfect entirety that I can recommend to all lovers of YA and Sci-Fi stories. I believe all ages can enjoy this book to the fullest.
Taken to another world where life as Jaden knows it are different in all aspects and she learns to become a intricate part of that world while doing her best to safe those she loves. Her determined actions saved a few people but always stayed humble at her skills. No typical youth arrogance was displayed through out the story her willingness to learn and adapt and making the most of what she has, the forefront of the plot.
My heart was touched at the end as the two lovers were separated and life had to continue without Ryder in her life. Feeling the loss of that separation as Jaden struggles to get back to "normality"
But do not fear my good readers the story does not end there. Well I hope not.

A enjoyable adventurous read, looking forward to read Book 2 in the series. 
Well done Vicky Savage.

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