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#sageblogtours: Black and White and Dead all over: Review

Title: Black and White and Dead All Over
             A Brian Wilder Mystery
Author: Micheal Bradley
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Pages: 159
Publisher: Self Published

Available at: Amazon


When the skeleton of a teenage girl is uncovered at a construction site in Newark, journalist Brian Wilder must follow a twenty-two year old trail of deceit and lies to uncover the truth behind her death.

While still struggling with his own tragic past, Brian uncovers a haunting secret of passion and anger that could threaten to destroy one of the most powerful political families in Delaware.

Born and raised in southern New Jersey, Michael Bradley is an author and IT consultant, whose frequent travels bring him in touch with a variety of people up and down the east coast.
When he isn’t on the road, Michael hits the waterways in one of his three kayaks. Being an avid Apple fan, Michael loves to preach the benefits of Apple’s Mac OS X and iOS.
Before working in information technology, Michael spent eight years in radio broadcasting, working for stations in
New Jersey and West Virginia, including the Marconi Award winning WVAQ in Morgantown. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream for Michael, which was finally realized with the release of his first book in 2012.
Among the writers in which he finds inspiration, Michael favors P.D. James, Raymond Chandler, Leslie Charteris, Simon Brett, and Ian Fleming. He lives in Delaware with his wife, Diane, and their two furry four-legged “kids”, Simon and Brandy. Michael does all of his writing on an Apple iPad 2 with a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

Contact: Michael Bradley
Blog: / Facebook: 

My 5 Star Review

Already from page one you are drawn into the story of the new book "Black and White and Dead all over" an interesting name to a excellent fast pace read.  
The book begins where a journalist and photographer were standing along side a old house ready to be moved to its new destination only a 100 yards away. The in-dept explanation of the whole technical act are explained so that you could get a clear picture of the construction site and what was about to happen. Then suddenly everything changed as a man discovered that the one side of the foundation is crumbling in and a gruesome sight is revealed.  
Brian Wilder, journalist and owner of the newspaper in town, Jessica his freelance photographer and Samuel Jenkins, Chief of Police is drawn into a story of a missing young woman twenty two years ago. Of a untimely blossoming romance that ended badly.
Finding a mess of ugliness buried so deep that no one could or want to remember. Power hungry politicians that want to buried the case under the rug. Power hungry drunk wife that would do everything to hold on to her position and name.
And you have the makings of a good mystery thriller story.
You meet the mother and father that could never get over the loss of their only daughter. Finding some closure in the sickening plot.
The characters was well defined, each playing their role to create a good read. Strong in their delivery so that you would know who they were as individuals. The nightmares that plagued some to finally relent, telling the truth.
I really liked the main character who lost his own family eight years prior, having compassion for this mother and father doing everything he can to discover the ugly truth. Even when his own life was threatened he hang in there to gave us a conclusive ending.   

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