Monday, September 15, 2014

Wine & Food Blog Tour. This was great fun!.

I was invited by author MCV Egan to participate in this really clever blog hop, so here I am!  This is all about pairing books with food and drink, which is something I never really thought of.  But here goes…

1) If your main character were a glass of wine, which one would they be? Anabella Anthony, heroine of Bella's Choice, would be a glass of Four Cousins Rose (A deliciously fruity light-styled semi-sweet wine). Aldrich Hagin, lawyer and Bella's love, would be L'Avenir Far & Near Pinotage Merlot 2013. (A fruit-filled, succulent and lighter-styled red wine, ideal for drinking without further maturation.)
 2) Describe your book in one meal: I’d say a platter filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, sauces to compliment it all, and some Rye bread on the side.  Bella's Choice combines romance, suspense and a lot of heart to deliver a unique reading experience.

3) What candy would your book be? Turkish delight.  Sweet, chewy, and classy-not something everyone would like, but it leaves you wanting more.

4) What does your book smell like? Bella's Choice smells like strawberries, for sure.  The tangy taste combined with its syrypy sweetness leaves its taste long after you have eaten the delicate fruit. Combining it with cream that is mixed with caster sugar and vanilla essence and you have a unique flavor going on in your mouth that drives you to have the next bite.

5) Your book’s snack would be: tough one.Salticrax with an avocado dip.
And about me…
1) Describe your most memorable meal: We just went through a very tough time in our lives, had no meat for most of it, then someone gave us a whole bag filled with a variety of meats. That night we made Boerewors complete with braaied onions and fresh hotdog buns. That was very memorable for us as a family.

2) One food word to describe your writing style: Stew or bredie. I like the diversity in it and it shows in my books as well.

3) What will someone find you eating/drinking when you’re really into a good book?Water mostly, but sometimes coffee, or tea. Fruit and crackers are always around.

4) Sweet or Salty? It depends on my mood since I cannot indulge myself to much in them. But there are times that I love a Crunchie, or Bar One, even a Rum and Raisin chocolate. Sweet Chilly chips or Sourcream chips. But always in moderation.

I'm inviting Brenda Perlin 

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  1. Great post Lynelle. I don't know one thing about wine or I would include myself. Food, that is a different story. I am an eater for sure!!!


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