Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Announcing the Release of Book Two, Healing my Heart by Aleya Michelle. 5 Books needs an owner, enter now.


Roxy is in a bind...

Should she stay true to herself or should she follow her wounded heart back to her first love?
Back to the one who left her heartbroken and alone.
Who will be the one to help heal her heart?
Will it be Dylan, who started as her re-bound, but has become her strength and her life line over the past few months.

Or will it be Kade, the one who stole her heart and showed her the true meaning of love. Then showed her all the despair, vulnerability and pain a broken heart can cause.
Which path will bring her to her happily ever after?

Breaking my Heart


What's that saying?
You don't know what you've got till it's gone? Fuck, that couldn't be any truer.
I miss her smell. 
I miss her laugh.
I miss her moans.
The quiet moments with our skin touching each other, only sound of our beating hearts could be heard.
Blissful silence, just me & Roxy, it's the only thing I need in the world.

Kade - Healing my Heart


Born and raised in Sydney, Australia.
Married for ten years and we have 3 crazy boys, never a dull moment, always on my toes...
Writing to me is a love, a passion and an escape to another world.
Thank you to Abbi Glines for getting me hooked on reading, you can find me chilling out with friends, reading, writing or at the beach:)


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