Thursday, May 1, 2014

A review for The last Virgin Alive by Stephanie Crosby.

About the book
It's 's a Romantic Suspense novel about a girl's first year of college. she is going through family drama that she went to college away from her home state; she feels rejected because she is still a virgin.

3 Star Review

I really struggled with the way this book was written. Filled with to much repetitions and dragged out conversations.
Written in the first person, we get to know Symphony; at 17 she was uncertain of herself, craved love and acceptance while feeling she didn't belong any where. Her irrational thoughts due to lies that she was fed by her immediate family caused her to act in doubt all of the time; projecting this on her relationship with her boyfriend, Adam.
She's quick to rush to conclusion, seeing herself as the bad guy, while trying to avoid her sister's attention.

Still a virgin at her age was one of her biggest problems, and acted as if it were a curse, at first. When she met Adam, her mindset changed due to his loving care and his treatment of her. Protecting her from bullies and at the end from her sister; whose behavior was psychotic and caused her much stress.
When she tried to tell her father, he told her to stop. In total denial about his daughter's behavior while all this was going on, being abrupt and careless, which cost him at the end.

Adam, a young man with a strong character was a perfect gentleman with his own problems; he would encouraged her and convinced her that she was not the monster she believed she was.

The death of her mother had a huge impact on her that she never resolved; having lunch at her grave on a weekly basis. The only place she felt accepted and where she could speak her mind. I thought it sweet that Adam would go and sit with her there, eating as if it were the most regular thing to do.
She had a few friends that was supportive, and a few that she could have do without; causing a few problems for her.

At the end she was a typical teenager that was thrust within this world with to much burdens to bare, but I think she pulled through just fine.

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