Saturday, May 10, 2014

A 5 Star review for Goldilocks by Patria Dunn, a paranormal twist to an old story.


I received the book from the author for an honest review.

A very old children's story with a very new and original plot that every age group will enjoy.
The plot was authentic, original and very entertaining and I really enjoyed the book. Although I found some gaps in the story, that at times hindered the flow; the fact remains that you could still enjoy it, catching up quickly as the story flowed from page to page.

I really loved Goldilocks character. This seventeen year old young woman that suffered the loss of her mother, still trying to get to grips with it, her emotional state vulnerable but yet it gave her the edge to see other people pain; connecting her with them.

Her willingness to work with her father to restore their relationship after the loss, even moving with him to the woods in Colorado; living in an old shack away from all her comforts as she knew it, was clearly visible. Making the best of the situation without the usual tantrums of young people her age.

Her tenacity as she bounce back each time and adapting to her new life was impressive. With a passion for nature and cross country runs she soon learned about the woods and the secrets it kept.

When she met Jake Bear her life as she knew it changed. A block of a young man with his own secrets so closely guarded that he couldn't trust anyone. Fighting for what he believes even if it brought some new challenges into his otherwise quiet life.
Both these characters had their own problems, dealing with it the best they could and you could really relate to them on a personal level. Their human frailties and changes tested to the limit.
When mysteries revealed the new twists in the story it made sure that you could experience with them the high and lows of the plot.
Filled with enough tension to keep you on the edge, while you get to know them better.
I liked both the father's characters as well. Both duty bound to do the best for their families while protecting their children; so different in their approach, but at the end they had to work together to safe the town, its people and their children.
Overall a really good plot that held you glued to the book.

About the book

Hannah Adler had wished for more attention from her father, but not at the cost of leaving everything she loved behind. The mountains of Hinsdale, Colorado was not where she’d imagined spending her senior year, but with her father accepting the inspector position at the Golden Wonder gold mine, she had no choice but to make the best of it. It’s not as if the friends, she didn’t have, would miss her. Life had been lonely since losing her mother almost five years ago, and now was her chance to start letting her heart heal once and for all. 

Jake Bear had his nickname for a reason, but it wasn’t one that Hannah would have ever suspected. There was a secret buried in those sable colored eyes, and with something lurking in the woods behind her new home, Hannah was almost sure he knew more than he let on. 

He only wanted to protect her, but from what…?

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