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Today Myckelle P Williams grace my blog with her book Choosing the Road Less Traveled


Myckelle P. Williams,

Author “Choosing the Road Less Traveled: Finding Grace on the Path to Purpose”

What advice can you give first time authors?

   1)      Just Write! Writing is like a muscle that you must exercise daily in order for it to stay strong and effective. Whether its journals, a blog, or a monthly column for an online magazine…as a writer you should always find opportunities to use your craft, and grow your audience.
    2)      Keep a Schedule. Whether you outline your stories in advance, or simply ‘free-style’, the key is consistency. In my own experience, setting a daily schedule to include writing time was extremely helpful. My husband kept me accountable, and made sure that I didn’t get off task. Choosing a quiet area to write in, and scheduling daily uninterrupted time is key to finishing what you start. Find opportunities to write whenever you can. Become a blogger, an online magazine guest poster, a columnist. There are many places available online for you to contribute, and some even pay you to write!
3)      Keep learning your craft. There is a variety of workshops, classes and tele-seminars that you can attend to learn more about technique, style and improvement. Many of them are free, and hosted by professional authors that have knowledge of the book industry. Take advantage of these as opportunities for growth. I was surprised at how much I didn’t know starting off!
4)      Making contacts is key when ready for publishing. Take advantage of social media, such as Facebook. Twitter, and LinkedIn, which have thousands of writing groups. Asking around to people you know that have already published something for advice. Join writers circles, and book clubs. These are the people that will eventually purchase your books, and usually, many of these sources are willing to share their tips and contacts once you join.
5)      Be prepared to invest in your craft. To be honest, self-publishing your book will cost at least $1,000, including cover design, interior design, editors, and internet fees. That is not including website development and logo, branding and marketing costs. But many people will work with you, and work out payment arrangements. It’s up to you to search for the best rates, and count the cost as an investment into your dreams.
6)      Never give up! Famous Author John Grisham was rejected by 16 agents and 30 publishers before his work was given a chance. Failure is not in the rejection, but staying down, and giving up. If you really want to write, and truly have a passion for it: be willing to stick with it and never, ever give up! Remember, “You can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens you!” (Phil. 4:13)

About The Book
Born in an environment of drugs, sex, broken relationships, and parental neglect, 18-year-old Myckelle Williams eventually faced a major crossroads in her own life, and the prospect of becoming a statistic, as a desperate teenager unexpectedly pregnant with her second unplanned child.  Like so many young women across America, she found herself literally at a ‘fork in the road’ while travelling life’s path.  Myckelle soon discovers that each choice in life come with a heavy price to pay, and is forced to decide whether or not to end her unplanned pregnancy. You will be amazed as Myckelle tells how one uncommon act of unselfish love by total strangers helped her to discover forgiveness, break generations of dysfunction, and walk away from destructive cycles that enabled her to change her life, and family, from the inside out.

Join Myckelle on a journey of hope, healing, and finding love in unexpected places, that include powerful life lessons for the reader with each new chapter.
By pulling from Robert Frost’s poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’, you will be led on a journey of self- discovery, forgiveness, and the impact of everyday choices.  Her story of faith, courage, and victory over circumstance, contains powerful illustrations for women of all ages, races, and backgrounds, which provide guidance in creating new traditions and generational patterns in your own family, as well as breaking old strongholds and family patterns that threaten to keep you and your children from the Purpose that God intended. As she struggles with often agonizing acceptance of the consequences of her own choices, you too will be inspired to reflect on your own past decisions, and through her heartache learn about the miracle of life’s true purpose...and discover the unconditional reality of God’s unfailing love.

About The Author

Myckelle P Williams, co-founder of B.L.O.G. Magazine™, host of 'BLOGTalk Live!' monthly Christian radio show, and creator of the Heartwood Project™ for Women, lives in Tennessee with her husband of 20 years. She is the mother of 6 children and two grandchildren. Once a teen mother who overcame the odds, Myckelle helps empower women to overcome the traumas of their past, and mentors young women over the country. She was featured on "Joy in our Town" on TBN Network, for her development of the PURE Satisfaction™ Abstinence Program in Atlanta in 2009. She is the author of the book 'Choosing the Road Less Traveled: Finding Grace on the Path to Purpose,’ which is now available on amazon.com

For more information about her upcoming Heartwood Project™ Seminars, you can reach Myckelle at myckelle@mpowermentww.org

Connect with the Author

Book Excerpt


Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart for my holy purpose...I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.
~Jeremiah 1:5
“I’d like to make an appointment...for an abortion.”
Desperation and shame filled my voice, and I hoped the lady on the other end didn’t know me or my parents.
“How many weeks are you? When was your last period?” The lady on the other end asks, seemingly not surprised, sounding more annoyed than anything else.
I gave her the dates she requested, asking “How much will that cost?”
Annoyed sigh. “You are fourteen-and-a-half weeks. Well, the process will be much longer because you are further along, but it will be $375 total.”
“Do you take Medicaid?”
“When can I come in?
“Tuesday at 8 a.m.
“Do I need to bring anything?”
“Just your money, or Medicaid card, proof of pregnancy. And a ride home.”
I hung up and looked at my boyfriend. How were we going to afford that? We could barely afford to take care of our eleven month old son, the child I had had less than a year ago at age seventeen. “It’s cool.” He told me. “My sister has Medicaid. We can use her card. You just use her name and info.”

My 5 Star review

I received this book from the Tour Host for an honest review.
I was wondering what will be revealed in this autobiography of this person, the reason I love to read autobiographies is that you get an insight in to their life normally not seen by other people. As I open the first page I was immediately drawn into the life of Myckell Williams. She was facing an uphill battle with parents that were two opposites. She fell pregnant at a very tender age, and soon found herself pregnant again not long after her son was born, and it was quite devastating. Confronted with the choice to abort or not she had a particularly volatile back ground her reference to do the right thing was over shadow by her parents different life styles but in all this there was a young teacher that taught her the principles of the Word of God. She did not fully understand, but that has ultimately helped her to make the right choice.
When she cried out in her confused state, the Lord opened a door into a well balanced family that took her in without question, but with certain guiding rules.
She experienced that life is not always as it seems the choices you make affects it positively or negatively. She became aware of God’s love for her and made the choice stay celibate until she is actually married.
What also came out in this story is how the Christian believe was watered down, and she experienced the truth by studying the Bible and allowing the Holy Spirit to show her. As the story unfolds the choices she made, and people she met had a great impact on her life.
What really stood out in this life story of Myckell is that she placed God first and listen to His Word that have changed her love, and the choices that was made is affecting a lot of people around her. To go against the norm and change history by living a life different than what she was brought up in, we do not have to conform to the world but be obedient to God.
All I want to say is this is a heart touching thought provoking eye opener life story. I am glad Myckelle that you where obedient to the leading of the Spirit to write this life story so that many lives can be touch with this act of obedience and give people hope, though your life was not easy God made it possible.

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