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A Deluxe Blog Tour For: NOW OR NEVER. Review and Give away

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By: A.J. Bennett 

Book Description:

Twenty-one year old Grayson Alexander finally breaks away from an abusive relationship and finds herself free for the first time in three years. Determined to enjoy her new-found freedom, Grayson is intent on sticking with 'no strings attached' relationships—one-night stands, and steamy sex. But she didn't plan on Derrick. Her attraction to the sexy man in uniform quickly turns into an unhealthy relationship. They both try to resist the pull, but neither can stay away. When tragedy strikes, Grayson realizes it's now or never—walk away or make it work.

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My 4 Star Review:

I have received this book from the Tour Host for an honest review.

No strings attached relationships that back fires, the main topic of this book. And proof once again that it can not work. As emotional creatures, we become attached to another no matter how much we say to ourselves we are emotional uninvolved. It is a lie that quickly twists and turn so that you are forced to deal with the emotional side. I always said that sex is great but trying to fool yourself that you can walk away after giving yourself physically is foolish, it never works, especially from a woman's perspective.
The author did a great work in creating the characters of Grayson and Derrick, showing this truth once again. Both had emotional baggage, both ran away instead of working through it, and when they met the chemistry that they felt turned into complications, jealousy and a tug of war. Not realizing that they are playing with fire in concealing certain truths to each other. Standing at a grave they realized that they had to be honest and truthful to each other to make this work. Admitting their growing feelings as something real.

A great story, well written as you follow their lives, the decisions they made and the emptiness it caused through out. The supporting roles of Luna as her twin sister and her brother, Ethan made the story believable and entertaining. Walking away from an abusive relationship you learn about her strength and determination not to be drawn in another relationship again. Standing up and moving forward, growing as a person in her own right.
Derrick although much older than Grayson was not a good friend to her, hiding truths that caused more problems. Although an excellent lover, I had to agree with Luna - Stay. Away. But after the near death incident I could connect with him as he tried to reach out and finally admit the truth.
A wonderful contemporary romance just right for that time when you are looking for something good to read that will raise the temperature and entertain you with enough drama but not overbearing.

Author Bio:

A.J. Bennett lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and bulldog. She's addicted to coffee, popcorn and books. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream, and she's extremely excited about her debut novel Now or Never.

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