Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rescued From the Dark, A Review

Rescued From the Dark
Lynda Kaye Frazier
Contemporary Erotic Romance/ Suspense

She has no memory of their love… 

Kidnapped by terrorists and sent into a drug-induced coma, FBI intern Mercedes Kingsley awakes with no memory of her ordeal—or the intimate interlude that left her pregnant. Convinced her child was fathered by her ex-fiancĂ©, Mercy walks away from the only man she has ever loved, determined to make things work with her ex, a man the FBI suspects is implicated in her abduction. 

He knows the truth, but no one will listen… 

FBI undercover agent Jason Michaels remembers what Mercy can’t and those memories are breaking his heart. Forced to keep his distance from his lover and their unborn child, Jason risks his life to protect Mercy from a cell of international terrorists who have vowed to get the secrets locked in her memory, no matter the cost. Can Jason convince Mercy to trust him until she remembers their past, or will he lose her to a man who will trap her in a nightmare world of darkness from which there is no escape?

About the author

Lynda Kaye Frazier spends her days working for a group of Cardiologists doing ultrasounds, then each evening she’s in front of her computer working on her next story. She grew up in Pennsylvania, but now lives in Arkansas where she enjoys the four seasons without a long, cold winter. She’s an avid reader of romantic suspense, which is the genre that she writes. Other than spending time with her family, she enjoys writing, reading, going to the movies, listening to music, and—her most favorite—going to the beach. Surf, sand, and a good book— her stress relief.

What others say about this book:

5.0 out of 5 stars A book you can really dig into! February 17, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a wonderful debut novel written by Lynda Kaye Frazier. It's a riveting romantic thriller revolving around a special ops mission, kidnapping and deception. I have to say, I'm impressed with the intricate plot this new author has devised. She's provided vivid imagery and has developed a strong force of players.

The story is involved, and the author has pulled it all together by making us feel for all of the characters and the situations they find themselves in. I'd recommend Rescued from the Dark for anyone desiring an action packed adventure with the added bonus of romance. I understand this is the first of a series of eight books. I'm looking forward to Lynda's next novel.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazingly intense book by a new author!March 20, 2013
This review is from: Rescued from the Dark (Kindle Edition)
This book will have you so mad, so scared and so emotionally wrung out you will want to pull your hair out. Rescued from the Dark is one of the best romantic suspense books I have ever read. If this is the author's first book, I can't imagine how the next books will be. This was amazing! It's my favorite book so far in 2013. I can't wait to read more about the team introduced here. The author's website says they are coming soon.
Lynda Kaye Frazier is a very talented writer. She definitely knows how to write romantic suspense. I was drawn into this book immediately, and it still hasn't released me. I can't wait to read more of her work! 

My 3.5 Stars Review

This were a difficult read, and to be honest there were a few times I wanted to throw in the towel on this book. The multiple characters, each in its own story line kept the book busy, exhausting with no clear main character that you would find in many other books.  Although the story was about the budding romance between Jason and Mercy and the kidnapping, finding the real villains  the attention was not on them for the duration of the book. The story continually flipped from one character to the other so that you struggled to keep up.  Leaving many gaps in the story line that left you with a frown half of the time. 
The characters was in my mind way too emotional for harden federal agents. We know that these men has to handle a lot of strain because of the pressure of this job. So their emotional unbalance unnerved me. Especially with all the various twists in this plot. Many scenarios were confusing at times, and I could not understand the reasoning behind them.  Causing more frowns. 
It was only the last part of the book that I really could connect with Jason and Mercy and the love they shared. Staying alive through all the ordeals the author has set in motion and trusting that all will work out at the end of the day. Their unwavering faith in each other that rescued them from the dark. A well fitting name for the book.

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