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Breaking the Silence, Post and Review

Name: A.L. Daniels
Occupation: Writer, speaker, activist, debut novelist
Dislikes: Scary movies, mean people, and ketchup.
Favorite television show: The Big Bang Theory. I can relate well to quirky people.
Most unique quality: Ambidexterity. I can often being seen switching utensils between my hands several times during a meal. Though I write faster with my right hand because I have been trained to use it, my penmanship is equally as neat with my left.
Secret Obsession: It's no secret that I have a real bad hand bag fetish. I've had to get several organizers just to store them neatly in my closet. But I do rotate through them often, so none are ever sitting still for long!
Books you have read entire series of: Tory Haden's books have always intrigued me. She writes with such heart about her students with disabilities and clearly loves them all. The stories are heart-wrenching, yet I can't put them down.

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Book Blurb:
In a single moment Kate's life was changed forever.
After learning that her autistic daughter had been abused at the hands of her only brother, Kate Rose spent years trying to cope with her family's tragedy. She nearly gave up hope when the justice system refused protect her daughter and was exhausted at the long, drawn-out trial that seemed to go nowhere.
Years later she is finally able to put the past behind her and becomes an advocate for those still living in silence. Taking the stage at the End Violence Against Women Conference, Kate tells the audience how she lived through the worst years of her life, and offers hope to victims still living with their secret.

Meet the characters:
Kate- The caring mother who struggles to find a way to fight for both her children after a family tragedy
Megan- Kate's nine-year-old autistic daughter who is abused at the hands of her only brother
Joe- Kate's current husband who unconditionally supports his wife and step-daughter during their difficult times
Andrew- Kate's twelve-year-old son who has a long history of behavior problems and confesses to abusing his sister
Ed- Kate's tyrant ex-husband who will stop at nothing to protect his son
Why did you choose to write about such a sensitive topic?
The answer to that one is simple: Too many people are still living in silence. The character Megan spent the first six years of her life as a non-verbal individual, like many autistic children are. Once she learned to speak her mother didn't want her to be silenced anymore. There are a large number of sexual abuse victims who refuse to talk about their pain in fear of being judged. Kate tells her story to give a voice to all victims, and especially for those who have a disability and cannot speak for themselves.
You spent six years writing this book. Why was now the time to publish?
There was no better time to release my book. March is Disability Awareness Month, and April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. My story captures the heart of these issues. By releasing my book now I can help support both the causes.
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My 4.5 Star Review

This book touches serious issues that are relevant in our society. Autism in it self is already a serious matter but when you mix it with abuse, rage, and ignorance it becomes a phenomenon that can not be ignored. Breaking the silence is the author's attend to raise public awareness to both and our ability to speak for them that has no voice. 
Kate found herself in a situation that no parent must endure, pulled in two when her nine year old daughter was molested by her twelve year old son and as the story progressed we learned by a bastard father. Using her disability to cover their own sick and twisted actions. The court's reluctance to see the actions for what it was and place Megan in harms way every time. With court officials that turns their heads and some who was helpless because of the slow working system. All while Kate seems to fight a loosing battle.
I admired this character the most, torn between her children she stood and fight even if the odds was against her, protecting her girl against those who tried to harm her.
She had to deal with shame and guilt, putting her son away, deal with a abusive ex-husband while creating a safe-haven for Megan and Joe. This man although not a main character was always the support and backbone for Kate's character, urging her on even if it cost him. his love like a warm blanket over Meagan and Kate.
Karen her long time friend was always ready to listen and give solid advice in times of great turmoil.   
The story line flowed from one scene to the other in a fast paced manner that kept your attention on the seriousness of the plot. Written with compassion I could sense that the author really cared about this topic bringing it under our attention.
I truly believe that her book will help those in similar situations to break the silence, an appropriate name for the book and take action. Giving them the courage to stand and fight no matter the odds. Some one will listen and help.


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