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Laying Low in Paradise My 4 Star review and Give away

Laying Low in Paradise

By: Kristy K. James

Book Description
Laura Keane and her son have been spending summers at their chalet on Bois Blanc Island since her husband was killed in the war. She never let anyone else in after the chaplain delivered the sad news four years ago, so it’s just the two of them, and she wouldn’t change that for the world.

Cameron Rafferty and his friends were keeping secrets. Dangerous secrets, and they’d hoped the little island paradise would be a safe place to hide out. The plan to keep a low profile quickly unravels when an accident changes everything. Cameron soon finds himself becoming more involved with the Keane family than he’d intended -and wishing for things he shouldn’t.

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My 4 Star Review:

A sweet Cinderella story with a jealous family member that caused havoc among the royal family. Leaving a mother to believe she has lost every one dear to her heart. Fist killing a beloved wife and maiming the thirteen year old son to get to the throne. The building plot line keeping you in suspense in who this wicked person could be and will it work out at the end.
Widow Laura and her son Sam visited the island Bois Blanc for their annual summer holiday meeting widower Cameron and his son Brendan by accident. Literally. When she sprained her ankle Cameron came to the rescue for both mother and son and over the course of six weeks they became good friends.
Cameron had several friends close by fulfilling every desire and need they could have. Always feeling safe with the men around they set out to enjoy the holiday and the warm weather as much as possible. 
The underlining tension build up as you learn more and more that Cameron and his friends are not who they say they are, hiding away from some demented person who want both him and his son dead. Security measures was taken to keep them safe and when Sam got badly hurt this team stepped up with another notch.
Laura's interaction with both boys were especially well written and I loved the way that she took time to connect and really love Brendan, accepting him as her own.
Sam, a beautiful young boy with a character that says he would make it far, understanding more than a thirteen year old should.
When feelings started to grow between the two of them things becomes serious. Cameron knew that Laura would be his wife no matter what any one said and revealed to her their secret. A secret that shocked her, chasing him away to get to terms with all the secrets but a specially getting used to her new title if she decide to say yes to his proposal.
There were a few comical situations that lifted the seriousness of the story line making it more believable, the characters were interesting and well developed and the plot line giving a edge of suspense that keeps you wondering.
A very good romance story that you could read in a day leaving you relaxed and entertained till the last page. In my opinion the money spend to buy the book worth it.

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Author Bio:

All it took was the encouragement of a student teacher in a ninth grade writing class and Kristy K. James was off and running. She has been writing for more years than she’ll ever admit to, and loves every aspect of it. From creating characters who are so real that they sometimes take over the writing when they don’t like where she’s taking a story, to adding as many twists and mysteries to her plots as she can get away with. 

She is the author of Reluctant Guardian, A Fine Mess, and The Stranger in my Head.

Kristy currently lives in Michigan with her family, too many pets and the occasional spider. She spends her time living in her make-believe worlds, cooking and baking up a storm, and doing her best to learn to say ‘no’ when stray animals wander into her large country yard. 

Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, as is traveling around the state, especially to coastal beaches to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and gulls screeching overhead.

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