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Announcing a SALE! A Pirate's Wife for only 99 cents. Plus news article

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Señorita Rosa-Lee Almaida abducted from her home, 1641

My sources informed me that Señorita Rosa-Lee Almaida was abducted from her parents home yesterday morning. Her beloved parents are grief–stricken. We all know the Almaida family well for their work among the village people, that this tragedy must befall them is indeed catastrophic news.
Senor Almaida is as always the pillar to his wife Qonchita and their oldest son. I have tried to talk with him late yesterday afternoon but as I understand he was not available for any comments. His son refused my request to see the older couple but sadness and anger could be felt through out the villa. Somber looking staff was subdued as they passed me, doing what were expected from them.
The sweet young girl went willingly with her capturer to safe her brother Pedro, who is in the clutches of Falcon also known as the Pirate King. Despicable people! He demands a ransom for their lives insisting that she would be brought to him on the Island Of Saint Marie. No doubt as a slave. Just the mere thought of his attentions with her makes my heart ache with pain at the family’s horrific ordeal.
The name Roberto is spoken with much reference among the sailors as her capturer and it was difficult to find more information about this man before the print of this article.
Señorita Rosa- Lee is well known in the village for her hard work and dedication with the children. Starting the new school less than six months ago with much opposition amongst the farmers but her patience and strong will nature turned their minds and they have agreed to send them early in the mornings for classes. A huge benefit for our community and a topic that is on every one’s lips as of late.
I was informed that one of the older girls at school will continue her work under the watchful eye of Senora Qonchita Almaida.
A childhood friend told me this morning that Rosa-Lee’s biggest fear was to go back on the open seas after the ordeal she and her mother had twenty years ago. This would not be an enjoyable journey for her and who knows what the pirate will do to her.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, Pedro and the young Senorita during this stressful time.

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Rosa Lee Almaida lived a sheltered and carefree life growing up until she and her mother experienced a horrific ordeal on the seas and in the middle of Africa when she was four years old. The only joy came after she met her adoptive father, a man honored by all sailors on sea and land for his bravery and unconditional love. He became her hero, the role model of her own husband to be. Now twenty years later, she is forced to return to the seas that took the life of her birth father and so many others.

Abducted from her parent’s castle in Portugal, Rosa Lee Almaida becomes part of a ransom to The Falcon, a brutal Pirate King on the Island of Madagascar, in exchange for her younger brother Pedro’s life.

She comes face to face with The Falcon’s son, Roberto de Ville, a man as fierce as his illustrious father but who has his own hidden agenda. During the voyage, she learns to admire Roberto for his leadership and skill but can she overlook his pirate exterior to see the man for who he is?

Through the inscriptions her parents left in their diaries, she must make a decision to save her life. In an unexpected turn of events, she learns she must trust Roberto unconditionally in the hopes her life will be spared. She gives herself over to the love and intimacy of the man she now craves.
Taking Rosa Lee from Portugal, Roberto brings her to the Falcon on the Isle of St Mary. Enchanted by the stories told to him by her brother, he knows that Rosa Lee is destined to be his. Listening to her and seeing her bravery, he knows this is the woman he has waited for all his life. He is willing to give up the dangerous life of a pirate but first he has to set an intricate plan into motion that will change his life forever. He, along with Pierre his second in command, rush against time to bring the plan to fruition.

In the end, Rosa Lee discovers a valuable lesson that startles her: NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.

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