Monday, April 1, 2013

New Cover Reveal for A Pirate's Wife by Lynelle Clark

New Cover Reveal

A Pirate's Wife
Lynelle Clark

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Sheltered growing up Rosa Lee Almaida lived a carefree life after her mother and she experienced a horrific ordeal on the seas and in the middle of Africa when four years old. Meeting her adoptive father the only joy and good experience that occur from it. The man honored by all sailors on sea and land for his bravery and unconditional love. He was her hero, the model of her own husband to be. Now twenty years later she is forced to return to the seas that took the life of many including her birth father.
Abducted from her parents’ castle in Portugal, Rosa Lee Almaida became part of a ransom to The Falcon, a brutal Pirate King on the Island of Madagascar in exchange for her younger brother Pedro’s life.
She faced The Falcon’s son Roberto de Ville, a man equally fierce but with a hidden agenda.
Reliving her past on the voyage she found that she admired the Pirate for his leadership and skill but can she look past his pirate exterior to see the man for who he is? Through the inscriptions her parents left in their diaries she make a choice to safe her life.
In unexpected turn of events she had to trust him unconditionally, believing that her life would be spared. Giving herself over to the love and intimacy from this man she craved.
Taking Rosa Lee from Portugal, Roberto brings her to the Falcon on the Isle of St Mary. From stories told by her brother his thoughts were settled from the start that she would be his. While listening to her and saw her bravery through a daring escape he knew that this was the woman he waited for all his life. Willing to set the life of Piracy away but first he had to set a plan in motion to change his life forever. He could trust only Pierre his second in command to bring it to fruitation.
At the end the out come startled her. The biggest lesson learned.


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