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Introducing Jason McGlynn 'Divine Towels' My review

I had the privilege to meet Jason on Face book and we started to talk about his book. 

As a result of those talks I offered to host him on my blog.

Learn more about this remarkable man, his journey and my thoughts about his book.

Title: Divine Towels
Author: Beau Jason McGlynn
Genre: Inspirational, Christian

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Reading the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles is electrifying for they remind people what God can do when people trust Jesus completely. The word YES is a simple three-letter word, but it can unleash power and change the dynamics of the world. Divine Towels shows that when we trust God entirely, the seed of faith will germinate and extraordinary wonders beyond anything imaginable are possible.
Divine Towels is ultimately the answer to Beau’s prayer. Beau grew up and did everything that society said would make him a happy man. He went to college, earned his MBA, and took a job in corporate America.
Beau should be living the life, but he is miserable. He has always wanted to serve others and perform merciful acts. Sitting behind a computer eight hours a day is not for him, and he is frustrated!
One day, Beau has had enough and tells the Lord exactly how he feels. Much to his surprise, he hears, “My son, I call you to be a towel boy.” Beau knows God speaks to people and reveals His plan in these revelations. Never having experienced anything like this before, Beau wonders if he is hallucinating. The idea of being a towel boy seems absurd; nevertheless, he plans to find about what this riddle means. Eventually, because Beau cannot figure it out, he asks the Lord for clarification.
Jesus soon explains He wants Beau and his mother, Jessica, to carry out a very special mission for Him: open a nonprofit store called Divine Towels and spend their days washing people’s feet. At Divine Towels, people who have faith are healed of their ailments, become empowered by the Holy Spirit to perform mighty works, and often walk away feeling an overwhelming peace.
Not only do “the healed” think differently, but they also have the uncanny ability to find unique solutions to complex problems. Every facet of their lives is transformed! Nothing bothers them and they are always ready to take on a new challenge.
Everything goes smoothly until the doctors as well as the hospitals in the area realize that Divine Towels has all but ruined their businesses and livelihoods. Because of Divine Towels, they are not earning enough money to live life the way they have become accustomed. They have to do something. 
Initially, a group of doctors try to reason with Beau and Jessica, imploring them to stop. They even try unsuccessfully to buy them off. Ultimately, they devise and execute a plan to obliterate Divine Towels. Just as the Pharisees’ plan to crucify Jesus backfired, doctors’ plan ends up having an unintended consequence. When people find out the doctors tried to obliterate Divine Towels, they devise their own plan not only to rebuild Divine Towels but also to start franchises throughout the nation.

About the Author

Jason McGlynn has lived in the Atlantic City area and has worked for the FAA as a Technical
Publications Editor for ten years. He attended Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where he earned a B.S. degree and a MBA in management information systems. 
While Jason is quite successful, his life got off to a rocky start. When Jason was born in the coal fields of West Virginia, the doctors diagnosed Jason with cerebral palsy and told his mother to forget about him because he would be profoundly retarded, basically a vegetable.
Jason has been determined not to allow his struggles to stop him from living a full and productive life. Living with cerebral palsy is hard enough, but it is even more difficult when you do not have an earthly support system behind you. With the exception of his dear mother, he has always felt like a leper. 
Often people ask Jason how he has managed to overcome the many adversities of his life and why he has such a positive outlook. Jason attributes his success to the three things in his life:
  1. His God, who is not only at his side every step of the way, but who also gives him the determination and will needed to face whatever obstacle comes his way. The Bible verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” has always sustained him and given him the strength to do whatever he needs to do. 
  1. His mother, who is his best friend and role model. She has been there for him in every way imaginable. Not only has she dedicated her life to ensuring that he has had every opportunity possible, but she has also inspired him to write Divine Towels
  1. His writing, which is Jason’s greatest passion. Jason definitely does have cerebral palsy and a speech impediment to go with it. However, when Jason becomes quiet and asks the Holy Spirit to fill his heart, his speech is no longer an issue. For the Holy Spirit blesses him with an incredible gift and tells Jason word for word what to write. The words the Holy Spirit gives him are inspired; they are intended for a troubled world that desperately needs to hear them.

My/Our 5 Star Review

I felt my husband, that read the book with me captured the book's essences very well and therefore with his permission placed it here, instead of mine.

When asked to review this book the first thought comes to mind another Christian book. But as I read the introduction I was challenge to read further, it seems that the writer also experience the same things from Christian books, that it is just a story and does not challenge ones own love for the Lord as you read.In the preface we already get confronted with a lot of issues as is in life and who we trust as we go through it. The following story evolves over a 12 year period. We meet up with Ethan who after he received a dream are not satisfied in his job because there is a void. He knows there is a calling on his life from God, so he feels he are missing something, he is unfulfilled.  So when he received an instructing from God the wheels start to turn and he is forced to walk in faith not just talk faith.When he told his mother what he needs to do she became quiet. We are taken back with Ethan when he experienced something before he was in the womb he was not sure if it was real or not when he had a visitation from God to determine the outcome of his life. After all this back to the now we are taken on a journey and what transpired with Ethan and Claire, his mother how they start to walk the path obeying Christ with great difficulty in their lives. Ethan resigned and started to pursue the calling he had. We are drawn into the road Ethan and Claire walk to establish the business they felt God called them to do. A lot of things transpired in preparation that needs to be read to be fully understood.
The way God open doors where there seems to be none as Ethan and Claire just obey and surrender themselves to the Holy Spirit.As Ethan obeys things start to fall in place and in the most unlikely places help comes forth. Jim and Bill also became part of this plan as it start to unfold each one with their own story and hurt but as always God is in control and preparation of the store started by divine inspiration. Even Jim and Bill’s lives start to change since their involvement with Ethan and Claire. A real powerful story unfolds as lives started to change with this new business as they obey God. They were faced with many a challenge but it was overcome when they became quiet before the Lord seeking answers and direction. As they go on with the task at hand some obstacles were presented they needed to face with a new understanding of God’s Grace.
They met Gail, a woman from their past. From here the story developed quickly, moving fast. Bill received instruction to open a foot wash institute so the work of healing can spread further in the community, more people get added to the ministry of healing.A greater need was identify during the course of the story and as Claire prayed and asked for guidance she was told to open a Soul Station, a place to become still and find rest from a busy schedule to receive input and direction from God. She was faced with many challenges before this could happen, as you read on and drawn into the struggles all is revealed. We learn how the Spirit of God directed different people to become part of the ministry and lead some in this new assignment.
Through all the challenges the people that were directed by the Spirit start to work as an unity to become the hands and feet of Christ. This devotion to the positive influence that the community of Copper Town experienced spread like a Fire and a vast group of people lives were changed and their commitment to Christ was renewed with more fever and direction.
A small congregation’s obedience to listen what was revealed and meeting with Ethan and Claire brought them to a new facet in ministering. They need to witness what happened to them to other larger congregations which was a challenge once again.
The second part is even more profound. Things we did not anticipated because we were so focused on the progress of Divine Towels, followed by the Foot washing institute and the Soul Station that we never paid attention to the impact it made on the people upholding the medical profession. They were caught up in their own world that they could not allow Christ to mess their world through Ethan and Claire and the team of Divine Towels.
They threaten them to close the shop even after a great healing took place in their midst. The rest I will leave for the reader to experience themselves. A must read for those who are in search for a better understanding of God's grace and His work.
Jason brought forth a very well written and an overwhelming inspirational story that seems to people without spiritual eyes or understanding as a fairy tale or a book for children. The characters were believable and strong, touching your heart.
I really enjoyed this thought provoking and inspiring story from the first to last page.
Thanks for being obedient Jason to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

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