Friday, August 3, 2012

Sharing some of my news.

I finally received my book back from Mary Campagna Findley who done a great work @ proofreading for me. I can really recommend her services to every one. 
I met her through Facebook International Online Book Club of Clean Reads The small group promote and help each other with publishing and spreading the word. I really enjoy their insight and conversations. Books are interesting reads and through time have become friends with them.
The Book is called: 
The Pirate's Wife and will be released as a e-book. 
My husband is busy with the TOC and Copyright etc and says he is really impress with the changes she suggested.
I am excited at the next step.
It is a Romance Novel filled with adventure. With trust the main topic. The heroin must trust the Hero to be saved from a cruel Pirate on the Isle of St. Mare.
The story started in Portugal where she is abducted as a ransom to save her brother's life. During the 4 month period she is confronted with the cruel man's son and must lay her life in his hands. The one thing that helped her to make the correct decision is her father's guidance through their turmoil in the heart of Africa years before. Stories she shares with the pirate and crew better understanding the man she had to trust.
I first published the book at as a free read but realized that my book lack the polished veneer of experts. Since I call myself aspired writer I knew I lacked the knowledge to do this and this is when I found Mary. Who was a great help in building the story and developing the plot to its current state.

Here is a sample of what you can expect:

It was Christmas of 1623 when six people stepped onto the dock at the harbour of Lisbon, Portugal. It was a cloudless, sunny day with a definite bite of cold in the air. People scattered around the harbour, pulling jackets tight to keep body heat in, each busy with luggage, hauling crates off various colossal wooden hull ships. Each had three masts rigged with sail and heavy tackle and supplies, ready for trade to new destinations. Sailors shouted to each other, in anger or in banter, in their usual sailor dialect, accompanied by loud and heavy thuds as the gigantic ships were either unloaded or reloaded, depending if they had arrived or were departing on a new course.
In between the shouting of the sailors, animals bellowed, clucked or whinnied, waiting for attention. Everyone raced to finish so that they could go to the already awaiting soiled doves waving seductively to the tired but aroused sailors. Their half-clad bodies teased men hungry for female companionship after six months or more at sea.
No one gave the group of six passing by much thought, because they looked like ordinary citizens. Led by a tall blond man, the two women of the group were attracting a few lustful looks of unwanted characters. The men protected them though, guiding them through the throng to a waiting carriage ready to take them to their destination.
They had lost everything of earthly value but discovered who they were as people, as human beings. They were survivors of the vast untamed land of Africa, overcoming the greatest odds against them, gaining new friends and unlikely love. The company consisted of the giant blond sailor and his old sailor friend, the Contessa who held a little girl by the hand, the sea captain, and a slave girl. Bone weary, they entered the carriage. The blond giant closed the door behind them, tapping on the roof to signal the coach driver to move.
He wrapped the frail body of the beautiful black-haired Contessa Qonchita in his steely arms. Rosa-Lee, the little girl, slept in her mother's arms. The gentle giant gazed at her with so much love and adoration. One thick finger caressed the soft pink cheek of the little girl he had accepted as his own. Cisco thought back to where their journey had begun.
Two years ago they had embarked on a voyage from India to Portugal, a supposedly easy and hassle-free voyage. But it had tested their endurance and their faith in the Hand of Providence and in each other.
September 12, 1621
We have finally arrived on the ship Armando on our long-awaited journey. Five years I stayed in this hell hole. Finally I am leaving, a disillusioned wife and mother. Rosa-Lee is the only highlight of it all, born out of abuse, but a shining beacon in my life.
The sea seemed to be calm enough and Captain Laurenco Breno assured us that our voyage would be without problems. How he could make this statement was beyond me, since the ocean could change instantly.
I didn't like the man's beady eyes, his expression cold and stormy, with a glimmer of evil in the black depths. His lustful eyes raked over me and I felt violated by this act. I had to stop myself from shivering in front of this obnoxious man, and will keep my distance the entire trip.
Rosa-Lee made a friend today. It was the first time I saw her openly speaking to an older man as she did to the giant sailor, with such familiarity. I hope we don't bring him any trouble. The look of disdain from the captain towards the blond sailor was undeniably menacing.
I never saw such a big man. His tanned, hard body stretched his white cotton shirt, his height towering over all on the boat including Faro, who is not short at all. But he was kind to Rosa-Lee, humble in his approach. Careful, maybe, with only a slight smile on the handsome face caused by her continuous chatter. There is something different in him. I find myself standing close to observe him better, something I have never done with any man, not even my own husband. Faro calls me 'ice princess' and I like to I keep it that way.
I hope I can see the sailor again.

Qonchita shut the old leather-bound dairy, set the pen down, and crept under the soft blankets of the bed in the cabin appointed to her and Rosa-Lee, already in a deep sleep. She brushed the dark locks of her daughter and kissed the rosy cheeks.
'I love you,' she whispered to the small child, and lying back she prayed softly for a safe voyage.
September 12, 1621
New people boarded the ship today: a man and his wife and their young child. The chatter of the little girl was interesting to say the least. I never thought I would love this so much. What would the fellows say if they hear about this? Big Cisco Almaida falling for a little girl like that.
She stood next to her mother, a stunning woman with dark hair and dark smouldering eyes. The eyes were shadowed as if to hide something deeper. She was not happy, even if she was married to the rich merchant. Faro Iago's reputation preceded him. How could she be married to that scoundrel, who was so far beneath her? The man clearly did not appreciate her or his daughter.
How many times have I wished for a wife and child of my own? Like this man had. After nineteen years on this ship it was only a dream, but the little girl did something today. She touched a very deep desire for a family of my own. Maybe even a piece of land where I could retire. An impossible dream for any hardened sailor.
Can I be so bold to continue this dream?
Cisco sighed and closed his eyes. The hammock swayed with the gentle movements of the ocean. A sway he hardly noticed anymore. He touched his fingers to his forehead, then to each side of his chest, and prayed silently to the God he had learned to trust above anything else.
Trapped in a marriage arranged by her father with a cold-hearted older man, Faro Iago, Qonchita had no way to escape. The business transaction had been profitable to both parties. Faro did not care for her or for his four-year-old daughter. The fragile lady admired Cisco. Since they had boarded Faro Iago had made a beeline for the captain's cabin which housed the best of everything, including fine whiskey.
Immediately drawn to the gentle giant, the little girl, spitting image of her mother, accepted him first as a friend, and then as her new father. Daily Rosa-Lee would seek him out; with Qonchita always close by and under much scrutiny of Captain Breno.

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