Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interview with Mary C. Findley

I have met Mary through the face book page International Online Book Club of Clean Reads
 when I uploaded my book The Pirate's Wife. She responded and said she liked the cover and was interested to read the book. Pointing out some mistakes and I was hooked :) 
This is where our journey began and I can recommend her to all Indie Authors for her thoroughness and diligence, patience with me and her sound advice.
Her blog post shows her intensive interest in Christ, Religion and Humanism. 
We have never met face to face, living thousands of kilometers apart but yet have found common ground in the books we read, friends and the love for the written Word. 

I grew up in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, roaming the woods, camping with my best friend and her sisters, and drawing and writing in in the branches of a big old pine tree, among other places. I always wanted to be an artist and still illustrate and make covers for all our books.  I have made puppets and written puppet scripts for children's church.
I met my husband at Bob Jones University in South Carolina, where I worked as an editor on textbooks. We lived in several places around the country, teaching school, homeschooling our three children, and working at many different jobs. We created videos for church, community organizations and for commercial television.
We now travel the country in a tractor trailer, writing, blogging, creating ebooks, hoping to have an influence for Christ. I also make book covers and edit for other authors. I read and review books by my fellow Christians to help extend their influence. We are especially trying to offer inexpensive ebook-based homeschool resources, curriculum and review guides to our books.
Our blog covers topics we believe are vital to the survival of Christians and especially Americans, politics, what we see as we travel around the country, the state of the culture and the need to draw closer to God and do what's right for our future. Many of the articles come from our nonfiction book Antidisestablishmentarianism, designed to fight Secular Humanism.
Our fiction includes SciFi, Historical, and Fantasy and seeks to "speak the truth in love," by teaching the authority of the Bible in an attractive way. Writing Science Fiction helps us communicate truth about Science and its relationship to God as opposed to the secular writings that try to make a god of man and his potential achievements.

My latest book is the third in a historical adventure series. Benny and the Bank Robber begins with a ten year old boy who loses his father and travels through 1800s America as he grows, The Latest book, The Oregon Sentinel, shows him traveling on the Oregon Trail with his family to start a frontier newspaper by that name. Ben, now a young man, encounters a bully from his younger years who might kill him if he continues his journey, or whom he might be forced to kill. The theme of the series is how God doesn't work the way we expect, but is always with us and always working for good in our lives.

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