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Reflections of a Whisper: Review

Blurp from Goodreads
Have you ever wondered why a certain thing was happening to you? Have you ever asked yourself, ‘How did I get here?’

Several characters in this book asked themselves these same questions. One woman in particular, Minnie, is faced with the awesome responsibility of making decisions that will affect her entire family. But what she has yet to realize, is that her entire family 
had made decisions, long before she was ever born, that would put her directly in this position.

Reflections of a Whisper is a thrilling journey that will lure you into a tale of secrets, love, and loyalty. This first installment will guide you through a woman’s present, shielded from her past, as she carves out her future.

Paperback226 pages
Published September 2011 by Crystal Stair Publications
1450785263 (ISBN13: 9781450785266
edition language         English

My Review: 2 Stars
I received this book about a month ago and to be honest I struggled to finish this book. It is not an easy book to read and the plot only unravel at the last fifteen pages, but still left with many unanswered question. I do believe the author is still busy with the follow up. Well written the content left me at a loss for words and not because it was that good. On the contrary it lacked to captivate me and a reluctance to continue with the book. You know the feeling you have of excitement and interest when you are drawn into the world the author creates, that was just not to be found. There is many things that would sway many readers not to read this particular book. It all depends on who the author wanted to address.The cursing is to the extreme. If you are a fan of Boy in the hood movies and books etc. this would not be a problem but for most it would be to much. No where on the Copyright or Blurp the reader is warned of this. But I have to add that life is real and reality is not always cut and dry as many authors would want you to be believe. Things happen and words do slip out. But in this case many of the cursing is a form of slang with a specific meaning but not all will see this in that light.The main Character is in a homosexual relationship although not a great emphasis is placed on the relationship. Christianity is mentioned frequently, the relationship with God and prayer life in a every day setting. In that context it is then mentioned that their way of life is God's way of helping people. This I have to agree with because I know from personal experience that God works differently in each of us. Letting us walk a road not necessarily to the status quo. To change something takes hard work with what you have and turn it around as in this book in order to have lasting affects on the people: the streets kids and the woman of the night. But then everyone must have that same vision, and this stands out in the book. All the characters closely knitted as family work together, protect and help those they care about. But then not every one sees it the same and is only in it for the money. 
This is then where it becomes tricky. Their way consists of a brothel, clubs, prostitution, etc. There for the name Whisper since it happens in secret with only a few that knew the whole truth. The Eta Mu Society is the front face to help street kids and those who have lost all hope. Their work is admirable but the funding? That I would leave to the reader to decide. And I can not close this before I mention that the one main character in a coma, fighting for her life and witnessing what her loved ones is facing is talking to a dead aunt. Personally I do not believe in this. Riyah is the head of the house who planned every ones lives to the smallest detail. Her name to the secret world is Whisper. Only a privilege few knew this and her twin sister must be informed and take her place for the world to see. There is many unanswered question of a life that was chosen before they were born that directed them to be the people they are.
Personally I think if the author had written it differently the story would be better received but the way the author did this was in a first person, character for character way. So that you know how the different characters perceive it from their perspective. This I think breaks the story and the excitement of reading is lost to the reader. 

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