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Book review: A Beautiful Wilderness by Dupe Olorunjo. Inspiring Fiction.

Paperback: 222 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 27, 2014)
ISBN-10: 1492275042
ISBN-13: 978-1492275046
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Dupe Olorunjo is an Inspirational fiction writer who loves to create stories to challenge her readers to consider life-changing possibilities sometimes outside their normal reach.
She is also the author of TAILED, a compelling tale of a troubled family of five; and THE AIREGINAN DREAM, the story of one man’s quest to set his country free from the shackles of corruption.
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Keanu Omira is a wealthy Nigerian private equity investor whose ruthless backroom dealings have brought him to the top of the corporate ladder. Driven by passion to escape memories of his childhood poverty, he would do anything, hurt anyone to keep his fortune growing; leaving him with little thought for his family. Cathy Omira, a beautiful and successful events manager loves her husband still and hates the towering invisible wall growing between them. Her distress mounts daily as she tries to understand why Keanu cheats on her and doesn’t seem to care enough for their two adorable children. One bright morning, Keanu is on his way to seal a hostile takeover of a fledgling company owned by his childhood friend Bisi Sanders, when he is involved in a ghastly car accident. From that point, his life takes an unusual downward spiral. He is helpless as subsequent events trap him in a remote place he never knew existed. As the hand of the clock cycles on and Keanu’s ambitions no longer mean much to him, all he craves for is a chance to unearth what is fast becoming an elusive key to aid his return back home. Will he ever find it?

Book Review by Paul

I received this book for an honest review.
When you read the title you immediately think it is a story about the bush, but no, this is a book about a season in a person’s live when they found themselves separated from the truth. In this book we meet Keanu, your first impression is that this guy is a good man and a wealthy owner of an equity firm, but his action’s shows that he looks down on people, he mistreats his staff and when he snaps his fingers he expect the people to jump and ask how high. We see how his families life fall apart with his wife Cathy and his two children, never there for them because he indulges himself in extra martial relationships with serious consequences. Because of a lifelong obsession to make Bisi pay for rejecting him when he was young, he ended up in an accident and a coma.
This is where the story gets very interesting. This is a very powerful story with a strong message of what could happen when you end up in a wilderness situation in your life. This is very well written and an authentic story of everyday life. At the end, righteousness and truth prevailed. To find out more you have to read the book.
Well done Dupe Olorunjo it is well written and an inspiring story, the characters are believable and story line is good.
I give it 5 stars

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