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Virtual Book Tour for Shades of Brown by Cassietta Jefferson. Audacious Women, facing a tumultuous year. What will they do? Inspirational Fiction

Genre: Inspirational/Christian Fiction
Paperback: 182 pages
Publisher: Virtuous Ink Publishing LLC (April 29, 2014)
ISBN-10: 0988625903
ISBN-13: 978-0988625907

About The Author

Cassietta Jefferson is a contemporary Christian author, publisher, editor, and blogger. She is the newest book reviewer for Prophetic Worship Intensive Christ Unit (PWICU); a faith based Radio and TV media platform. She is also the founder of Virtuous Ink Publishing LLC where she seeks to provide her readers with the best in contemporary Christian literature.
Cassietta earned her Bachelors of Applied Science in Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University and after traveling the country currently resides in Las Vegas Nevada. She is married to a proud retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant and together they have raised three children. Cassietta the youngest of ten siblings; seven older brothers and two older sisters who in addition to her wonderful parents help to shape her life.
In 2012, Cassietta published her first novel, Be Still & Know and published a novella, Timing is everything, the following year. Her latest book, Shades of Brown, is now available in print and ebook versions. To find out more about Cassietta Jefferson, visit

About The Book

Asami, Bonita, Morgan, and Sienna have shared everything including their laughter and tears. No matter the challenge, they always emerged stronger with their friendship intact. No one ever expected that they would be tested again so severely.
These women soon learn that although life brings its share of storms, it’s what they do in the midst of those storms that define their character. While navigating the worst storms of their lives, these captivating women discover the true meaning of friendship, faith, and family.
What will they do when faced with devastating life situations that shake the very foundation that their lives are built upon? Follow this group of audacious women as they stare down the most tumultuous year they have ever had to face.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Author Cassietta Jefferson
 I’m not what most people would consider an open book. In fact I’m a pretty private person, so I keep quite a few things to myself. It’s not necessarily intentional, but there are quite a few things no one except really close friends know about me. Today, I would like to share a few details about me that you may not know. 
I love to sing. When I was a kid, maybe about five years old, I was introduced to music. My mother was a pianist for our church and volunteered to work with the children's choir. She brought me in to work with the group and I was hooked. I continued singing with this particular church choir until I was about 25 years old. At that time, I got married and moved away, but I never lost the desire to sing.
I’ve done a few professional gigs and I’ve also had the opportunity to travel around the country to sing with various groups, but what I love most is standing before a packed church on a Sunday morning and singing songs of praise to God.
I have a very serious sweet tooth. I love sweets; all kinds. Candy, cookies, cakes, pies…you name it, if it’s sweet, I love it and what’s worse? I want it. To want sweets is not my issues. To give into temptation and to buy or bake sweets is where I have a problem.
I’m a night owl. My writing prime time is between the hours of 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. I recently stopped trying to fight this fact and just go with it.
I love dogs. If I had my way I would have several dogs. I love bigger dogs like Huskies or German Shepherds, but our housing situation over the years hasn’t lent itself to these choices. Today, I have a Chihuahua / Terrier mix; a small 10 pound dog who has a habit of making life interesting.
I enjoy my own company. I’m a classic introvert, so I truly enjoy my own company. I am my own best friend so doing things like having dinner, going to a movie, or even traveling alone doesn’t bother me.
I love water but I can’t swim. If I had my way, I would live on a tropical island; my preference is Hawaii, but I’m open to knew experiences. Even if not on a tropical island, I would love to live near some body of water. Water is calming and peaceful. It quiets my mind with the world around me is in utter chaos. 
I’m uncomfortable with change. I husband was in the US Air Force for 22 years. I spent the last 16 with him, traveling from base to base for and because of his career. I don’t regret a single minute of that time, but it’s been a struggle for me to pick up and change my life every few years. I’ve noticed that now, even the smallest change makes me a little crazy.
I love to bake but I detest cooking. I have a love of sweets (see #3) which caused me to figure how to bake the things that I liked over the years. In the last five years, I’ve discovered some mouthwatering tips and tricks that yield delicious results.
Pink is my favorite color. For years I’ve denied my love for the color pink. In my own mind, there was some sort of stigma attached to the color pink and I wanted a more serious favorite color. Recently I’ve embraced the color pink and wear it as often as I can.
I love french fries. French fries have somehow become a comfort food of mine, I tend to stock up on potatoes or the frozen steak fries by Orida. Although I can eat them with ketchup only, I like to create a real experience by adding sour cream, shredded cheese, chopped green onions, and bacon bits.

Cassietta Jefferson is a contemporary Christian Author, blogger, editor, and book reviewer. She is also the founder of Virtuous Ink Publishing where she seeks to encourage her readers with positive and uplifting messages.

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