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A Pirate's Wife is currently on sale at Smashwords. I thought to repost the Interview I had with Falcon back in 2013.

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I was fortunate enough to get the villain from A Pirate’s Wife for an interview. Falcon had no last name but was well known in the 1600's. A man who instilled fear over the seven seas through out his time. Cunning and sly, brutal to those around him and …

Falcon: “Now just stop there Missy!”
Me: “Why?”

Falcon: “What do you mean I was the villain?”

Me: “Well, you did do all those horrible things to people and you died at the end.”

Falcon: “I call it survival of the fittest Miss.” and he spit tobacco to the side, sneering at me in disdain.

Falcon: “Who are you anyway?”

Me: “The Author of the book.”

Falcon: “Women cannot write; they are simple minded.”

Me: “No, we are not," I said harshly, "you are a condescending man Falcon," and I glared at him as I point out. "We live in the 21 Century and women can do all things now.”

Falcon: “Imbeciles, never! Women can do nothing. They are only good for one thing.”

He slammed his fist on the table, and I must admit the man had me shaking in my boots.

Me: “We are not in your Century anymore Mr. Falcon.” I reminded him matter-of-factly.

Falcon: “Bha, women are only good for one thing.”

Me: “Must I remind you, Mr. Falcon, that you were killed by a woman.”

Silence fell among us as the beady eyes darted over the restaurant we met earlier on. One of my favorite hang outs and I felt very pleased with myself to get the notorious Pirate here. Even if he was dead.
Falcon: “It is because you wrote the story, you know nothing of honor.”

Me: “It wasn't honorable what you did to the Almaida family or Rosa-Lee,” I pointed out.

Falcon: “She sure was pretty,” and he grinned slyly.

Me: “Yes she was, and married to Roberto. They were happy and  they sure did deceive you.”

Falcon: “I was furious!” his fist hit the table again cursing at the fellow who stared at us and he looked away.

Me: “Easy there, we don't tolerate such bad behavior in public anymore.”

Falcon: “Bha, I still cannot believe she killed me.”

Me: “You did dare her, and you threaten her and her baby’s life,” I pointed out.

Falcon: “If it was my baby she would have felt differently about me.”

Me: “But she didn’t, she carried Roberto’s baby.”

Falcon: “Do not mention that traitor’s name in front of me,” he hissed.

Me: “But he was your son.”

Falcon: “Imbeciles! Do not mention his name, I will kill you!” His glare made me shiver and I took another sip of my water, just to calm my nerves.

Me: “So much violence. You died just as you lived.” I couldn't help myself as I continued to point out the facts.

Falcon: “I had a noble profession.”

Me: “No, you were a villain, thief and murderer.”

Falcon: “There is that word again, how dare you! I had mouths to feed.”

Me: “There were other ways to feed them!”

Falcon: “Bha, typical woman, know nothing!”

Me: “If I know nothing, then inform me so that I can understand why you became a Pirate?”

Falcon: “It is a long story.”

Me: “I have time, would you like some tea?”

Falcon: “What do I look like to you, a woman?”

Me: “No, but I thought tea would help you to calm down.”

Falcon: “I do not care for tea, I need rum!”

Me: “Tea and coffee, nothing else. This is a family restaurant. What about a nice Espresso, which would calm you down definitely.”

Falcon: “What is that?”

Me: “Very strong coffee. Drink.” I smiled at him as the waiter placed the small cup in front of him with trembling hands. 

Falcon: “Nice and strong,” he said, smacking his lips, twirling the dark liquid in his small cup.

Falcon: “What did you call this drink?”

Me: “Espresso.”

Falcon: “Espresso. Hmmm,” smacking his lips again and gave me a grin as he waved the waiter closer, ordering another cup.

Me: “Please tell me why you chose the Pirate’s life?”

Falcon: “I ran away from home when I was only a lad of twelve. My father used to beat us with out reason; always drunk and in a bad mood. My mother, a pretty little thing was broken and had no more life in her.” I swear I could saw a tear forming in the corner of his eye but he brushed it away quickly, and I decide not to say anything.

“She could not defend herself against the onslaught, and finally he beat her to death, when I put her in the ground I disappeared never to return home. I found myself work in an Inn, but that was no work for me. All that cleaning and scrubbing just did not sit well with me. I wanted to explore the world. I listened to all the stories from the sailors who passed through the Inn, watched as they told in great detail about their ventures and I was hooked.” Taking another sip, he smacked his lips once again.

Falcon: “I met Brutus,” he chuckled looked at me and said, “now there was a villain, the devil personified,
that one. He let me work on the ships he owned. Every thing I knew I learned from him and I learned what hard work was, he was merciless. Tolerated no disobedience from anyone and I would get a swat against the head often, but I didn't mind. I was where I wanted to be, on a ship having my own adventures.”

Me: “How long did you work for him?”

Falcon: “I was a grown man by the time he died. Brutally, I might add. His second-in-command finally got to him and whacked him with an ax. Now that was a bloody mess.” His toothy grin showed ugly black stains and I shivered in disgust. 

Me: “If you do not mind, spare me the gory details.” 

Falcon: “Bha, women!”

Me: “Please go on.”

Falcon: “To my surprise the men chose me to be their new Captain. The task was overwhelming but I have learned to be tough. Trained by Brutus, I ruled with an iron fist. Tolerated no nonsense from my men. We sailed the seven seas, conquered everything that came in our sight. Including women. Now those were the days.” and he cackle his appreciation. 

Me: “Today they will hunt you down.”

Falcon: “Who?”

Me: “The authorities.”

Falcon: “I am not scared.”

Me: “I know, because you are dead.”

Falcon: “Will you stop rubbing it in, imbecile!”

Me: “I will not tolerate that tone with me, and I must remind you that you have been dead for centuries.”

Falcon: “Bha!” he sneered once again.

Me: “Tell me your thoughts about Rosa-Lee.”

Falcon: “She was a pretty little thing.”

Me: “You said that before, what else?”

Falcon: “Brave, very brave. I would have loved to have her for myself but at the end the best man won.”

Me: “So you do not mind that Roberto…”

Falcon: “You are a dim wit, of course I mind.”

Me: “Sir if you don't mind.”

Falcon: “What! Will your authorities capture me?” he sneered once again with an ugly grin.

Me: “It is impolite to talk like that.”

Falcon: “Impolite! Bha. That Rosa-Lee was the same. Annoying b…”

Me: “Falcon Sir!” My patience was dangerously low, so he continued to answer after another glare.

Falcon: “She was brave, and a good fighter with the sword.”

Me: “Yes I know.”

Falcon: “How will you know, you are so young?’

Me: “I wrote the book.”

Falcon: “Bha!”

Me: “Why didn't you like women? I would have thought after the way your father treated your mother that you would be better?”

Falcon: “Women cannot think for themselves and needs a firm hand from a man.”

Me: “I am sorry sir, but women can think for themselves. In this century, they have good professions, trained to do any work. There is no limit anymore to what a woman can do.”

Falcon: “Bha! I don't believe you. A woman need to know who is in charge, who is the better man.”

Me: “That doesn't make you a better man.” I was truly annoyed with this old geezer.

Falcon: “I do not have to listen to this anymore!”

Me: “Fine, I don't talk to ghosts either.”

Falcon: “Bha!” and he was gone.

Just like that.

Me: “Well there you have it, even in death he is impossible to talk too.”

Falcon: “Imbeciles!”

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