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Love Will Make You Drink and Gamble, Stay Out Late at Night is a collection of short stories.  Each of these stories about relationships dramatize the mistakes made, the misunderstood words, and the resulting misadventures.  Santa Barbara is the setting for all of them.

About the Author:
Shelly Lowenkopf taught in the University of Southern California’s Master of Professional Writing Program for 34 years, has taught at the annual Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference since 1980, and has been guest lecturer in many schools and conferences.
He is currently Visiting Professor at the College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, with classes in noir fiction, the modern short story, genre fiction, and developing a literary voice. Mr. Lowenkopf has served as editorial director for literary, general trade, mass market, and scholarly book publishers, seeing over 500 books through the editorial and production process. His own short fiction has appeared widely in the literary press. He is author of the popular The Fiction Writer’s Handbook.
My thoughts about this literary fiction.
I received the book from the touring host for an honest review.
A literary fiction novel that contains twelve short stories. Each story is a peek within different fictional characters lives, giving you a look of their experiences, their troubles or worries.  As a reader you get to share only a brief moment of time with them, discovering what moves them in that particular time. The author's writing is very informative and descriptive in each tale, coloring it with a fluidness of words that helps the stories along.
Some stories I really enjoyed, and could understand. With some I had no idea what it was about, stopping so abruptly that it left me out of sorts. I loved in particular story five: The man within. It came close where I could really connect with Asher and his determination to meet Naomi Bloom. The end putting a smile on my lips. Absent friends; was another I could connect with.
To be honest, as a book lover, I like a book to have a beginning and an end, you get to interact with each character as you meet them and cry or laugh with them. With this novel, there is no beginning or end, and no real connection; although each is believable and you can relate to their problems or situations. You have no idea what is happening, the why's or how's or even the end result. It is left to your own imagination to determine what you think would have been the end. 
Loved the cover of the book. It invites you to come in and listen to the conversations that took place within its pages. The name of the book is very interesting as well. To me it said that love can cause you to do things you would not normally do, doing the unexpected and being okay with it at the end.
At the end it is a book I can recommend to literary book lovers, who loves stories like this. But if you are like me, this book can be tedious at times. 

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  1. Thanks for taking part in the tour. Since this is a collection of short stories rather than a novel, it is not meant to be one fluid piece but to give bites. I'm glad you can recommend it to literary fiction lovers.