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Sometimes it doesn’t end with happy ever after. Heart by Nicola Hudson. Today the Cover is revealed on this much awaited book.


Sometimes it doesn’t end with happy ever after.

Neve believes Jake is the one.  She is miles away from home, struggling to fit in at university and missing the people she loves.  The only thing getting her through is the knowledge that Jake will be visiting for the weekend.

Jake believes he isn’t the one.  His family and lifestyle mean he can’t give Neve what she deserves: so much more than him.  He arrives for the weekend, knowing that he has to break her heart, along with his own.

Sometimes we make decisions and have to live with the consequences.
Each of them struggles to cope with the aftermath of the weekend.  Each of them is unhappy.  Each of them refuses to do something about it.

Sometimes it isn’t about a boy meeting a girl and falling in love; sometimes it is about what happens next.

Heart features characters from Nicola Hudson’s first New Adult novel, Curve, but can be read as a standalone novel.

Release Date: November 28th

noun  [härt]

 1. The muscular organ that pumps blood through the circulatory system.

2. The central or most fundamental part of something: its essence.

3. Courage or enthusiasm.

4. Slang (verb) To like something very much, to love.


“Sit down, Neve.”  He never called me Neve.  Ever. 
“Why?  Can’t I put some clothes on first?”
“Please, just sit down.”  The quietness in his voice had me worried and so I obeyed. 
Big mistake
That was the moment I let it happen.
“I can’t carry on doing this.”
“Carry on doing what?  What are you talking about?  Why are you acting so weird?”
“This.  Us.  I can’t do it any more. I want out.”  The bastard couldn’t even make eye contact with me as he broke, no, shattered, my heart.


Of course I knew it would hurt but I hadn’t expected it to feel like I was ripping my own heart out.  I mean, I knew it was coming, didn’t I?  What I hadn’t thought about was what it would do to me, seeing her hurt like that.  I know her too well to fall for the angry mask she tried to conceal her hurt with.  That was the moment I felt like the biggest bastard in the world.  That was the moment I almost relented and took back the lies I had spoken.  I just wanted to take away the pain I had caused.
But it’s better if she feels angry; it will distract her from the hurt.  And, as tempted as I am to pick up my phone and make it all better again, I can’t.  I have to stay strong.  For her.
This is all for her.
It always was.

It always will be.


Nicola Hudson is a British author who lives in Birmingham, England.  She is also a full-time high school English teacher and avid reader – her taste runs from New Adult novels to the classics.  Her dream day involves reading, writing and plenty of chocolate. 



Today's blog tour highlights The Circle 2: Bloodgate by Amy Lee Burgess.


Vampire Claire finds herself caught in the middle between her Master, Parker, and her Trigger, Andre. Little love is lost between the former friends, but somehow Claire must build a bridge between them when they are sent to Edgewood to settle their differences. The cost of her failure will be deadly.

Deep in the cellars of Edgewood, a game of sexual bondage unleashes unexpected dangers, twisting open, loving Andre into a secretive virtuoso of manipulation. Is this just another part of the game, or is he losing his mind? Parker will take desperate steps to protect his apprentice, but he won’t be dragged into the game with them.

Can Parker set aside forty years of bitter rivalry, or will he sacrifice Andre to save Claire?



Andre stooped to the floor and came up with a pointed piece of one of the nightstand legs, which he held in his fist like a stake.

Terror slammed into me, turning my muscles to jelly. Paralyzed, I lay sprawled on the mattress, my right wrist still cuffed to the bedpost. When he headed for the door, I screamed his name. His head jerked, and the look on his face was so full of malice and hate, I recoiled.
But a second later, he stared at the stake as if he had no idea how it had come to be in his hand. He dropped it to the floor, and it rolled into a corner. Andre crossed the room at a run and climbed onto the mattress with me.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, darlin’,” he crooned, taking me into his arms. My cuffed wrist made it awkward, and he unlatched it so I was free. Scooping me into his embrace, he held me against his shuddering body. His heart galloped faster than mine.

I closed my eyes and buried my face in his neck. Even with my lids tightly shut, I couldn’t get the image of his face twisted with hate out of my head. I knew it hadn’t been directed at me—it had been meant for Parker—but I still couldn’t stop shaking. Had Andre really been furious enough to try to stake Parker? What if the woman in my nightmare hadn’t been telling me to go ahead with the game, but instead to stop playing it? Maybe my subconscious realized Andre was in peril of losing control of himself the more he indulged his kink?

“This game is dangerous,” I said with a shudder. “I don’t want to play anymore. Not if it makes you like this. I don’t like you like this. I don’t even know who you are sometimes, Dre. You scare me. You scare the shit out of me.”

Andre stiffened against me, but his voice was gentle. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I swear.”


Amy Lee Burgess lives and writes in Houston, Texas but her heart belongs to New England – especially in the autumn. Ruled by two dachshunds and addicted to Irish breakfast tea and the Walking Dead, she loves to write about vampires, wolf shifters, gargoyles and other assorted paranormal creatures. Amy loves to travel to places like London England, Edinburgh, Scotland, Paris France and Providence, Rhode Island where she stalks the coziest Irish pubs she can find. She writes to trance and house music by candlelight and welcomes email from her readers – especially if they want to talk about the supernatural.

Links to reach Amy Lee Burgess:

@AmyLeeBurgess (Twitter)


Today I'm talking to Senayda Pierre, author of Reverence, #3 in the Irresistible Series.

Interview with Senayda Pierre:

1.      Where did the idea come from for the book?
Reverence is book 3 of the Irresistible Series. Each book focuses on a particular couple while including the other characters. This book is about Desirae Philippe, the outlandish best friend to one of the main characters, Carina Lobos, from book one in the series. Many readers shared how they had a love/hate relationship with my fiery brunette. From the moment I wrote Irresistible, book one, I knew that Diego Lobos, Carina’s older brother, wasn’t going to be able to resist Desirae; hence, the inspiration for Reverence. But more than that I wanted to share their story; I wanted to tell the story of a girl who refused to be a victim and found a way to become her own warrior.
2.      What genre does your book fall under?
Reverence is categorized as a Contemporary Romance. I’d also place it under the Erotic genre since there is some (light) BDSM with plenty of naughtiness that can make readers all hot and bothered.
3.      Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
My beta reader Shannie K. actually created a casting collage as part of her review of Reverence and I loved her suggestions. I think Ashley Greene would make a great Desirae and Nick Bateman would make a great Diego. Ashley Greene has the right amount of sex appeal, vulnerability, and attitude to pull the character off. Nate Bateman parallels Diego nicely in looks, athletic ability, and being multifaceted.
4.      What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Reverence is an unconventional story about a girl finding unconditional love while battling her monsters and exploring her sexuality with the one guy who’s out to prove that she’s not only worthy but deserves to have her happily-ever-after too.
5.      Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
Reverence is self-published. Smashwords Inc. (visit their website) has done an exceptional job in educating and providing resources for Indie authors like myself to get published. I’m hoping to someday be represented by an agent or publisher but in the meantime I’m moving forward on my own. I’ve only been doing it for a year and I’ve learned a lot in that time. 

6.      How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
The first draft of Reverence took me several months to write. It was probably the first manuscript that I wrote the chapters in random order. Typically I’m very organized with my writing format, laying out a novel in chronological order. Desirae’s chapters came to me very easily and I had many of them complete before I was able to focus on Diego’s. I chose to write this story in a slightly different style than the first two books of the series because the two central characters in this story had so much to share. Generally when I get a story in my head I can sit down for hours trying to finish a certain scene or part before laying it to rest for that day.
7.      What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I had to consult with a few readers on this one as I’m extremely biased. I’ve had a few readers tell me that my stories aren’t like most in my genre which is what attracted them to read my books in the first place. I do write erotic-based material, there is plenty of meat and bones in the story to suffice for the romance genre, yet unique enough to stand on its own. I did have a blogger ask me if my series was similar to Nicole Edwards’ Club Destiny series which prompted me to purchase and read it. Although she does have ménage couple(s) like I have in my book one, and they own a fetish club (while one of my characters has an estate that is a sex club), the core storylines are different. I’m passionate about music and it reflects in my writings. I focus on love and exploring characters’ sexuality... So maybe there’s a comparison? Also Olivia Cunning’s character, Trey Mills, from the Sinners on Tour Series helped inspire two of my characters. I guess that’s good company to keep. J

8.      Who or What inspired you to write this book?
Music is a great inspiration in my world. I have a habit of putting a song on repeat until I can successfully hash out a scene or chapter. There’ve been times when I’ve repeated the same song dozens of times while writing. The play lists for each of my books are actually incorporated into my stories. I don’t just create a song list; it becomes a part of the storyline. I first wrote Irresistible (book one) with the intention of having a follow up book. I did not start this journey out with the intention of having two novellas and six full-length novels for the series. I began to tell a story that may have started as a single limb but has branched out in various directions insisting on more growth and development. Inspiration comes to me through music, dreams, and as randomly as while I’m in the shower running out to jot an idea before it disappears. Reverence is just an extension of many characters and voices within me that demand to have their story told.
9.      What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
If readers have read any of the other books in this series and wanted to know the back story of Desirae, or just wanted more of her, then Reverence is the book to read. There isn’t as much of the other characters throughout the book as there usually is in the series but I truly wanted to focus on Desirae and Diego this time around. Desirae just had too much history and her story deserved to be told in her own unique way. Here is a quote from the book that isn’t in one of my teasers. I think it speaks volumes.
"You don't ever need to use an implement within the dungeons. You can shatter Desirae with a few careless words. You Diego. No one else. I always thought she was untouchable but you proved me wrong today. I don't know what's happening in your life or hers," she softly continues. "But I do know that she needs you and she doesn't know how to express it."
Reverence has a compelling story to tell. I hope it moves you as much as it did me.


Diego Lobos is every mother’s dream. He’s handsome, smart, athletic, and well-mannered. Diego attended an Ivy League college and managed to keep a near perfect GPA. Mothers want Diego Lobos as their future son-in-law. Girls swoon at the mere mention of his name. Guys want Diego to be on their team.

Everyone wants to be friends with Diego Lobos. He’s the guy everyone loves… And rightly so. But is he right for me? Can Diego fill the voids within me? Those vacant spaces that have been dark and empty for so long that I’d forgotten they existed until he stepped into my life… Diego is charismatic, charming, and genuine. He’s a sexy motherfucker without being the arrogant asshole. What more can a girl ask for? In my dark world I need more. I have a need most guys can’t fill. I demand certain expectations that have guys cupping their balls and running in the other direction.

Can Diego be a submissive? Sometimes I think so and other times he just confuses the shit out of me. This particular detail matters though. I can’t ever go back to that time. I can’t ever be under another man’s thumb. I refuse to bend. I refuse to part with the little bit that’s left of me.

Yes, I’m broken. But damn the world to hell if even this fractured part of me is more magnificent than half the bitches out there.

Love me or hate me. I don’t give a flying fuck. But everybody loves Diego… So why would he work so hard to be with someone like me?

This is book 3 in the Irresistible series. Desirae and Diego's story.



Diego’s Perspective

I stumble into the hallway immediately freezing upon hearing her voice.

“What did I say would happen if you disobeyed me again?” She snaps. Damn I do not want to be in this dude’s place. Desirae sounds fucking pissed.

“I’m sorry Mistress D” the man stammers. My chuckle’s lost amongst the pleadings and groans coming from the largest room. A behemoth of a man stands by the doorway already shaking his head ‘no’ at me. I roll my eyes at the fucktard. I know I’m not permitted in this room, yet – if ever. But I have to see Desirae in her domain. I need to see what it is that drives her.

“Put him in the cage until he learns his lesson” she barks. I peek around the silent giant and watch as another wall of muscle drags the flailing man into a cage beneath a magnificent bed.
“I’ll do better Mistress D” he continues to plead to deaf ears.

“Understand something” Desirae informs the room of slightly terrified members. “I rule here. I don’t give a shit what your standing is with the club. I don’t care how much you pay in dues. And I certainly don’t give a shit who you are away from this property.”

“Yes Mistress D” the room responds in unison. My dick instantly hardens at the sight of Desirae dominating the entire room. She caresses a wicked looking cane. My balls shrivel a little as she approaches a table in the room. Part of me gawks at her leather ensemble. She’s all tits and ass wrapped up in skin-tight leather. My hands itch to caress the supple material and slowly undress her until I bury myself balls deep into her. But the other part blanches as she switches her cane for a wand. And not just any wand but one meant for electric play.

Desirae is fucking hardcore. Nicholas has her ruling this room not only because she can flick her wrist better than any expert but because she isn’t afraid to use the kind of shit that makes most guys’ balls resemble raisins. She rules the dark realm and she does it with a sparkle in her eyes and a wicked smile on her face.

“Your bio says you love electric stimulation” her deceptively soothing tone has most of the room breathing a sigh of relief. My body remains tense; I recognized her body language. Desirae is still tense. Her muscles twitch ready to spring into action. She looms before a man who’s kneeled in the required position. He’s tatted from the neck all the way down to his feet.

“Yes Mistress D” he whispers. Desirae caresses the man with the wand. We collectively hold our breaths expecting him to jump with the contact but nothing happens. I stare at the foot-long device in her hand. Can it really provide enough power to get this man off? And how the hell does someone even discover that they need to be shocked to get their freak on anyway?
A soft buzzing sound hits our ears just as the man’s entire body tenses then jumps at the contact. Desirae glows as the room leans forward to watch her performance. The tatted dude remains perfectly still; only his soft pleasurable moans and the occasional eye rolling lets us know that he’s thoroughly enjoying it.

“Mistress D” his choked voice makes Desirae pause.

“Yes” she purrs shocking him again with the wand before he can continue.

“May I come now?”

Desirae bites her lip tilting her head and observing his flushed skin, ragged breaths, and twitching dick. She really knows how to administer the right amount of pain and pleasure to make someone insane with need. The tatted guy can barely function. I’m envious while somewhat pitying him.

Desirae squats allowing him to get an eyeful of her spectacular tits. I growl unable to refrain from being heard. Desirae stills but doesn’t look back, as if she knows it’s me who made the sound. Instead she places the wand between his dick and nuts pulling it away just as he explodes all over his stomach and chest.

She’s fucking magnificent.

Watching her there; unable to enter the room… This is exactly how I feel in real life too. Desirae is that shining star that’s close enough to touch but too far away to make contact with. She burns hotly and brightly. But something about her makes me aware that for all of her brilliance, a darkness resides in her that threatens to swallow her whole. I’m not sure what it is or if she’d ever let me get close enough to her but I’ll do anything to get the chance… Even if it means I have to get on my knees for her.

Senayda Pierre is a native Floridian who's always had a passion for music, sports, reading and writing. Senayda currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and three beautiful daughters.
Senayda is an identical twin. That's right, sometimes people give her a second glance wondering if she's the person they know! She's never seen snow... Swears she'll live in Hawaii someday... And she intends to travel the world...
Senayda's had a long love affair with reading and writing. She loved to write short stories and poetry throughout her childhood. Now she's moved onto novels.
Her debut novel was a psychological thriller, Killer Antidote. Currently she’s working on an erotic, contemporary romance series. The IRRESISTIBLE series featuring a free prequel, Attraction; with Irresistible as book one; Temptation as book two and with Yearning as the most recent novella.
Not to worry! She has several other projects in the works with a paranormal fantasy series coming to fruition. Senayda always loves hearing from readers.



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Blog Tour: Endless affinity by Brooklyn Taylor. Is love really enough? You could win your very own signed paperback.


Grace Ingram made one mistake that sent her down a path that was full of heart break and misery.  In a moment of hesitation her stubbornness left her filled with doubts in her mind that could cause her to sacrifice the love of her life.

 Grace was a blue-collar, strong, independent Texas girl that had been with the same guy since high school. Now at the age of 26 she has been asked the one thing most women are waiting and wishing for, but not Grace. The last thing she wanted was to get married and start a family- especially with a guy that had never had to work for a living. She knew Kyle was the only one she had ever loved with all her heart, trusting and allowing a level of intimacy she would never allow with another. After all he was the only man that knew of the abuse she suffered as a high school teenager. The differences in their lifestyles were in such contrast, though, that it was hard for her to let her guard down.  Grace had no idea the battle she would really be fighting once she realized she was losing Kyle for good.

Kyle Chandler was everything every woman wanted. He was rich, gorgeous and full of charm. He was a ladies’ man but the only girl he had eyes for was Grace, his high school sweetheart. He had the world handed to him on a silver platter. The one thing he couldn’t have and wanted deeply was to make Grace his, but he hadn’t been successful at accomplishing that. After years of reluctance he decides to take the risk and ask her to be his, only to be met with the answer he dreaded.

Now, the three girls are back together, trying to juggle their friendships and their busy lives. McKoy is beginning to take over her successful family Vineyard, and Ashlynn getting ready for the arrival of her baby with Cooper.

Will the people that come into their lives keep them apart? Or serve to make them realize the love that they really share?

Do you have to really lose the most important person in your life to realize how special they are? And how hard will you fight to regain that love?

Can Grace overcome her indecisiveness, confident in the love she and Kyle share, knowing they are meant to be together? And is love really enough?


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I woke up to the heat of sunlight blaring on my body and on my eyes. I heard giggles and saw Cooper standing over us.

“Ummmm, Grace…. Kyle…….”

I sat up and saw I had nothing on and grabbed for my boobs. “Holy shit.”
“Wait a minute Grace don’t move. I don’t want to see anything more than I already have. Kyle don’t move, let me back away and drive the fuck out of here. Ash is going to love this story. Hope y’all had fun on my farm truck. From the looks of it, you had more fun than I did last night.”

“Very funny Cooper!”

I heard Cooper take off on the Polaris and rolled my eyes.

“How embarrassing! I didn’t realize we had fallen asleep.”

Kyle laughed. “Let’s get home baby and do that again.”

“I am going to hear a mouth full from Ash!”

He mumbled “wasn’t it worth it” as he kissed my lips then turned to give my ass a slap as I got off the truck.

“Hell yes it was worth it!”

"You know Grace, I’ve always been a car person, but I love this truck." He gave it a good pat. "Do you think that Cooper would sell it to us?" We both laughed as we made our way to the car knowing every time we saw this truck it would hold a special memory for us. 

Brooklyn Taylor Bio:

I am a Texas girl, mother of 2 amazing kiddos and married to my gorgeous soulmate for almost 20 years. I have a full time job in the medical field but hope one day to strictly write. I love to spend my free time reading, being outside and playing with my family and 4 fur babies. I am blessed to have very supportive friends and family that make my life worth living! I started to write at the instinct of "hey maybe I can do that!" and here I am. I have enjoyed every step of the journey. Every single person I hear from about my stories touches me and confirms the reason why I ventured into this insane dream of mine.

Author Links: