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Into the unknown by Lorna Peel. Learn more about this remarkable women and the lives they lived thru the pen of Lorna Peel.

The WAAF During World War Two

The Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) was established in 1939 by King George VI and was linked with the RAF so that RAF personnel could be substituted for women whenever possible.

Originally the roles of the women in the WAAF were domestic duties such as cooking and driving. Women were not allowed to fly and their general capabilities were often doubted in the early stages of the war. During the Battle of Britain, however, the RAF were under huge strain and this led to a change of role for the WAAF. It became crucial for the WAAF to take on more technical tasks, and they were trained in operating teleprinters—like Into The Unknown’s Kate Sheridan—radar plotting, the maintenance of barrage balloons and the interpretation of photographs.

There were approximately seven thousand WAAFs based at Fighter Command airbases such as Biggin Hill during the summer of 1940. These bases were targets in raids by the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain and without the diligent work and bravery of the WAAF, the RAF would have struggled to cover all necessary roles, which could have had a bearing on the British victory. Through their outstanding work the women in the WAAF proved that women were fully capable of aiding and contributing to the British war effort but also to the general role of women in British society.


At the Sector Station, Kate sank down on her bed and groaned. Jean had followed her into their hut and stared.

“You look awful, Kate,” she commented.

Kate rubbed her eyes. “So would you if you had on average only three hours sleep per night in a week.”

Jean nodded. “I heard it was bad.”

“It was awful. The first night, Charlie and I were nearly killed. A bomb landed only a couple of gardens away.”

Jean winced. “How is Charlie? Still as handsome as ever?”

“Yes.” Kate smiled, remembering that night in the shelter. “But he’s so tired now. Any gossip here?”

“Daniel ‘Paddy’ Connelly’s gone.”


“Posted away. He tried it on with Wilma, Rachel and Teresa. He’s in bombers now, somewhere in Group Twelve, but away from here, thank God.”

“Yes.” Kate closed her eyes. “I thought he was dead.”

“I thought you hated him?”

“I do, but I wouldn’t wish him dead. Oh.” She groaned again. “What time is it?”

“Half past seven.”

“Right, I’m going straight to bed,” she told Jean. “I need a good night’s sleep, I’m all in.”

“All right, we’re going to need all the sleep we can get. I think we’re going to be put on nights.”

Kate stared at her friend in dismay before flopping back onto the bed, too tired to even swear.

Unfortunately, Jean was right. They were put on the night shift. Reports flooded in on the teleprinters, and Kate found herself too busy to be tired.

“We’ll be on the go tonight.” Squadron Leader Brown reached over, taking a bundle of reports from her, and hurried into the Operations Room.

Inside the room, she could see the map of her sector, then a couple of rows of raised seating where messages were passed down to the map plotters. Behind those seats sat the officers who made the decisions. Where was Charlie, she wondered as another report began to come through. The report was from Fighter Command HQ. “Here, sir,” she called to Brown as he came out again and handed him the report.

He scanned it, then frowned. “Damn,” he muttered, but smiled at her anxious face. “Take a break, Sheridan.”

She nodded and gave her seat to Wilma Pinner. She went outside, taking a breath of fresh air, and glanced to the horizon. She stared, her heart leaping into her mouth. The horizon was lit up by an orange glow. It was as if all of London was on fire, and somewhere in the middle of it all was Charlie.

The night was long and demanding. By six in the morning, Kate and Jean were exhausted, but they concluded there had been worse nights, before falling into bed.

Night after night at the teleprinter followed before Kate and Jean were put on day shifts and told, to their delight, that they had leave due.

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London on 3 September 1939 is in upheaval. War is inevitable. Into this turmoil steps Kate Sheridan, newly arrived from Ireland to live with her aunt and uncle, and look for work. When she meets Flight Lieutenant Charlie Butler sparks fly, but he is a notorious womaniser. Should she ignore all the warnings and get involved with a ladies man whose life will be in daily danger?

Charlie Butler has no intention of getting involved with a woman. But when he meets Kate his resolve is shattered. Should he allow his heart to rule his head and fall for a nineteen-year-old Irish girl while there is a war to fight?

Private conflicts and personal doubts are soon overshadowed. Will the horrors of war bring Kate and Charlie together or tear them apart?

Author Bio and Links

Lorna Peel is an author of contemporary and historical romantic fiction. She has had work published in three Irish magazines – historical articles on The Stone of Scone in ‘Ireland’s Own’, on The Irish Potato Famine in the ‘Leitrim Guardian’ – and Lucy’s Lesson, a contemporary short story in ‘Woman’s Way’.

Her first novel, Only You, a contemporary romance, was published in 2014. Into The Unknown, an historical novel set during WWII, will be published on 5 May 2015.

Lorna was born in England and lived in North Wales until her family moved to Ireland to become farmers, which is a book in itself! She lives in rural Ireland, where she write, researches her family history, and grows fruit and vegetables. She also keeps chickens (and a Guinea Hen who now thinks she’s a chicken!).

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Guest Post: Today I have the dynamic author Lloyd Lofthouse on my blog. The Redemption of Don Juan Casanova. #Crime #Fiction #Mystery #Thriller #Suspense

Guest Post 
Why did you choose this topic for this book?  
The answer to that question is complicated and starts with me as an infant. The themes running through The Redemption of Don Juan Casanova deals  with the collision between a sexual education and religion—often seen as a sin by many religious sects, because those same themes ran through my childhood like an invisible super highway.
My mother was extremely religious. As an infant, I was baptized a Catholic and attended kindergarten through first grade in a Catholic school with tough, no nonsense nuns as my teachers. All I remember to this day was the ruler one nun used to whack us across the knuckles if our printing and/or cursive writing wasn’t perfect, and then we had to go to the corner, kneel and pray to Mary for forgiveness.
My father, on the other hand, was an alcoholic and a gambler, but he did work in construction and earned enough to pay off a house and feed his family. He also went to church each Sunday with my mother but refused to be baptized by any religion. Later in my life I’d learn that my father had a number of sexual affairs with other women that my mother refused to believe even though the evidence was strongly in favor of his guilt. In fact, he had an affair with my Catholic godmother whose husband often picked up women in bars and had affairs, but in Catholicism such sins are easily forgiven through weekly confessions that go along with your weekly contribution to the Church during Sunday mass.
Then when I was twelve, my mother converted from Catholicism to the Jehovah Witnesses and that was when we stopped celebrating Easter, Christmas and everyone’s birthdays. As far as the topic of sex was concerned, joining the Jehovah Witnesses was my mother jumping out of a frying pan into a blazing fire, because the Catholic Church forgave our mortal sins through confession but the Witnesses didn’t.
My parents dropped out of high school at age 14 during the Great Depression, but they were both avid readers. My father loved mysteries and westerns, and my mother focused on sanitized romances where holding hands and maybe a brief kiss at the end was standard practice as the girl always got the right guy. If my mother was reading a book and ran into a sex scene—no matter how it was written—she stopped reading and tossed the book in the fire without an explanation because any topic about sex and sexually was never mentioned in our home to the point where it wasn’t even forbidden.  In fact, talking about the birds and the bees didn’t exist, but that didn’t protect me from the hormones that hit when I was age twelve or thirteen. I was totally unprepared for that collision and spent my adolescence living in guilt for what I was feeling and thinking about girls.
My fumbling misdirected sexual education started after I left home and joined the U.S. Marines right out of high school and ended up in Southeast Asia fighting in one of America’s endless wars.  That education would stretch for seventeen years culminating in an MFA during the early 1980s when I was teaching days in the public schools and working nights and weekends as a maître d’ in a palace of a nightclub-restaurant combination in Southern California called the Red Onion—that chain lost its liquor license and went bankrupt in the 1990s.  The description of the Aphrodisiacs Academy, the nightclub in The Redemption of Don Juan Casanova, was modeled after the Red Onion where I worked. While earning the MFA, one of my research papers focused on the art of seduction, and I used the night club as my own personal laboratory to see if what I was learning from scientific studies worked. In short, yes, what the scientists discovered was correct.
This novel came out of a question I asked myself after I left that maître d’ job in the bar and nightclub industry that rakes in about $24 billion annually—an industry with more than 70,000 businesses that employs almost 400,000 people, a sector that is mostly about sex and seduction.
Instead of sex being a forbidden and a never talked about topic as it was in my childhood, what happens when sex and seduction is the focus of a child’s life, because it’s the family’s business and tradition?

Instead of writing about my life as a child, I wanted to write about a child who grew up in a family that was totally different from mine. In other words, he grew up learning from his parents and grandparents everything it took me seventeen years on my own to learn after I left home. Even the string of murders in the novel is linked to that war between religion and our libidos.

The Redemption of Don Juan Casanova by Lloyd Lofthouse: 

  Redemption of Don Juan Casanova

Publisher: Three Clover Press (May, 2015) Category: Crime Fiction, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Tour Date: May/June, 2015 Available in: Print & ebook, 325 Pages

From the award winning author of 'My Splendid Concubine' and 'Running With the Enemy' comes 'The Redemption of Don Juan Casanova'!
 Don Juan Casanova wants to discover what it’s like to be loved by only one woman. His problem is that he was raised by his grandparents to become a Lothario, who loves and then leaves women for the next conquest, and as he approaches 40, he is facing a crisis. His grandfather and then younger brother have been viciously murdered, and Don is the prime suspect. As he struggles to stay out of jail and end his life of serial seductions and find one woman to love, he’s discovering it isn’t easy to kick an old habit, and his mother isn’t helping by quoting scripture every chance she gets in an attempt to change her son’s lifestyle of sin for one of piety.

Praise for 'Running With the Enemy' by Lloyd Lofthouse:

Runner Up in General Fiction: 2013 Beach Book Festival Honorable Mentions in General Fiction: 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival 2013 San Francisco Book Festival 2013 Hollywood Book Festival 2013 New York Book Festival "Obviously drawn from the author's first-hand experiences as a Marine serving in Vietnam, Running with the Enemy is a rough but occasionally heartfelt war story. ... The book is sometimes too obviously drawn from his experience. But ultimately that's a small complaint about a book that, on the whole, is quite good and has a lot to say about the nature of the conflict ." - 21st Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards commentary from an anonymous judge "This book grabbed hold of me. It has left me knowing just how horrific conditions were for those who fought in Vietnam, and I applaud those who survived."-Lisa Binion, The News In Books “I found Running with the Enemy captivating and well worth reading and enjoyed such a different type of historical novel from Mr. Lofthouse than his previous. Since Mr. Lofthouse is a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, I am sure he drew from some of his personal experiences and I shudder to think of some of these experiences.”- M. Denise C. “Running With the Enemy is a gut-wrenching page-turner at once a historical rendering of the Vietnam-American war, a suspense-thriller involving the framing of an innocent man forced to go on the run, and a passionate love story. As an historical novel, it renders an intricate tapestry of the era, the geography, and the several cultures in confrontation at that time. As a suspense-thriller it grips on page one and keeps your heart racing page after page with hardly a paragraph of relief. As a war story, it depicts war as the bloody, hell that it is–a place in which the mettle of the honorable is tested and honed in the same landscape where sociopaths thrive and reach the heights of power and influence. As a love story, it portrays the way a bond between two hearts can transcend race, religion, politics, national identity and family loyalty, defying all convention, tradition, prejudice and law to claim their right to have each other. The characters are all deftly drawn and believable and if they exist beyond a page or two they will leave their mark on the reader who has come to care about them whether it is to love them, admire them, hate them or simply be amused by them. I can wholeheartedly recommend Running With the Enemy as a story that rewards the time and effort invested. Its impact will linger long after the last page is turned.”-Joystory

Praise for 'My Splendid Concubine':

Finalist in Fiction & Literature: Historical Fiction: The National "Best Books 2010" Awards, December 2010 Honorable Mentions in General Fiction: 2012 San Francisco Book Festival 2012 New York Book Festival 2012 London Book Festival 2013 DIY Book Festival “My Splendid Concubine is packed cover to cover with intriguing characters and plot, a must read for historical fiction fans and a fine addition to any collection on the genre.” Midwest Book Review “Lloyd Lofthouse believes Hart was motivated to destroy his papers not out of shame but out of privacy: ‘What he had with Ayaou was something special he wanted to keep to himself. I don’t think he would approve of My Splendid Concubine … but we live in a different age than Victorian England. I feel that this love story deserves to be told.’ ”- Anneli Rufus , East Bay Express “Historical fiction potboiler, yes. But where the `Concubine’ saga truly shines is its thought-provoking passages on relationships, attitudes and cultural differences.”-Tom Carter, author of China: Portrait of a People “Told in descriptive detail and such beauty of the Chinese culture that I did not want it the story to end. A very well written and impeccably researched story that I highly recommend to the historical fiction fan. A lot of history but not written like a history book. This book does have a lot of sexual content in it but told in a very tasteful way. I really enjoyed this book.”- Kathleen Kelly, Celtic Lady

About Lloyd Lofthouse:

Lloyd Lofthouse

Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran, who worked as a maître d’ in a 15 million dollar nightclub for a few years. He also taught English literature in the public schools for most of 30 years where he explored Romeo and Juliet with thousands of high school students. A romantic at heart, in his award winning novels, he tests true love in difficult situations and the challenges of keeping that love alive. My Splendid Concubine, his first novel, is an epic love story that teaches acceptance and respect for other people and their cultures. Running with the Enemy, his second novel, is a love story that will either cost the characters their lives or will complete each other’s hearts. The Redemption of Don Juan Casanova, his third novel, is the story of a man raised in a world of sin and seduction, who craves the love of one woman but fears, because of his infamous reputation as a libertine, that he’ll never find a woman to love who will trust him to be faithful. Lloyd Lofthouse lives with his family in California’s San Francisco Bay area. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Google+:

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Take your child on a learning adventure! My First Travel Books by Anna Othitis.


Book Tour: Julian's Pursuit by Haleigh Lovell. He smiled, a curve of his sculpted mouth. “You enjoy torturing me, don’t you?”



She is the cold and unfeeling Ice Queen at the corporate office.
He is the ex-baller and reformed player who wants her.
It is pulsing between them, the sexual energy reaching for each other, seeking to entwine

Let the pursuit begin.

NOTE: Standalone novel, no cliffhanger, dual POV.


This excerpt is from Sadie's POV. Enjoy:

I stroked his leg under the table with my foot. “Oh,” I moaned, making my voice airy and breathless. “Is the food orgasmic?”

He smiled, a curve of his sculpted mouth. “You enjoy torturing me, don’t you?”
Yes, I did. I took great pleasure in watching him squirm when I gave him blue veined throbbers out in public. And I found it especially amusing when he told me he pictured playing mini golf with his grandmother whenever he had to tame the rumbling in his loins.

“Why?” I lowered my voice and feigned innocence. “Do you have a hard-on right now?”
Grinning with just enough arrogance to make him look sexy, he reclined in his seat and said coolly, “Nah. That’s my dick normally. Huge, right?”

“You poor thing.” My shoulders lifted with laughter. “Is your stiffy giving you a hernia? 

Don’t worry, all you need to do is tuck and duck and I’ll try not to laugh.”

“Miss Frost,” he chided “behave yourself.”



Twitter: @haleighlovell8