Friday, October 2, 2020

Book review The Cure by Athol Dickson

Sometimes The Cure is much worse than the disease.

Riley Keep, former missionary, now a drunk, is begging on the streets and desperate to forget a past he lost in one far-flung act of wickedness. Then he hears the rumours. Miracles are happening in the picture-postcard village of Dublin, Maine.

Riley isn't the only Pilgrim searching for deliverance. There's the old woman fleeing a horrific monster, the lonely wife tempted by forbidden desire, the impoverished lobsterman lured by tainted wealth, the young girl weighing life and death decisions, and the small-town cop with murder on his hands. But only Riley Keep will learn if it's true what people say: sometimes The Cure is much worse than the disease.

It took me a couple of years to get to this book. I have downloaded it back in 2012 when things in my life were falling apart and my life changed. Back then I was angry, disillusioned with life, marriage, church and God and I lost my way. The last thing I wanted to do was read another Christian book.

Now, after all these years I have found my way back
and enjoyed this book. The foundational scripture the author used is very appropriate for the storyline and it came alive through the character of Riley Keep. A man who lost his way after a heartbreaking experience as a missionary.

The storytelling took me right to the heart of the mystery Riley found himself in. A mystery that caused riots around him, false accusations to derail his family while this man tried to fix things the best he could.

The problem with fixing things from the natural has a tendency to backfire and in this book, it is a certain fact. Never rely on your own understanding. It is then that you think you are all-powerful, in control and untouchable. But as the wheels came off Riley realised his flaw. When God steps in you know you have to be meek in order to be strong.

A wonderful book with so much depth and empath that it touches your heart while you enjoy a good mystery thriller.

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