Monday, December 18, 2017

Book release: Winter Thrillz 2 by TL Katt. Paranormal Romances

Winter Thrillz 2 by  TL Katt

Two short paranormal romances to get your juices flowing!


Jazzy is denied a flight to Atlanta for her best friend’s funeral and, worse, hauled into an interrogation room within the airport. Security lets her go with nothing to hold her on and she makes the decision to drive to Georgia. Along the way she runs into trouble when Matt, the large muscular man who hauled her into interrogation, and a few comrades find her. Things get worse when a huge black bear with armor-like skin attacks them.
Together they must fight against the beast. Will they survive?

Esma Rose

After walking home with a complete stranger, Esma’s night grows even eerier when she finds her boyfriend dead on the couch of his home. The stranger who waits outside comforts her as police and crime scene tape circle the house.

Esma and the stranger grow closer. More real than life, she enters his dreams and the mystery takes a twist. Is she guilty, or the intended victim?

27k words

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Releases Dec 18, 2017

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Two short stories by TL Katt to get your juices flowing!
Pre-order .99
Kindle and KU

Author bio

T.L. Katt lives in the south eastern U.S. with her two fur-children Crescent and Gibbous. She dabbles in graphic design, creating all her own covers, and writes stories that are more truth than fiction. Her favorite genres and writing preferences are paranormal and fantasy.

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