Saturday, July 25, 2015

Book review: Detox your soul by Tamar House. Renovate your mind, body, and spirit. #SelfHelp #Christian

Detox Your Soul
By Tamar House
Genre: Christian based self-help
Freeing your soul from all the negative stuff in your life is an exhilarating experience. It’s amazing what a positive mindset can do! God has forgiven us for our sins, and now it’s time that you start forgiving yourself. It’s time to change your thought process and learn how to enjoy the destiny God has created for you. In your life journey, challenges and mistakes are going to happen, but you need to realize how these issues are simply the stepping stones to the “good life”. This book will not only teach you how to overcome obstacles, but to renovate your soul. When you are finished, you will have the tools to give your mind, body, and spirit a complete overhaul. It’s time to make better choices. It’s time to live that wonderful life you dream of. It’s time you focus on the YOU that God intended you to be. It’s time to DETOX YOUR SOUL!!!

Author Biography

Tamar House grew up on the other side of the tracks.  She was born in Lancaster, California and spent her early life in the slumlords. Straight from the school of hard knocks, she has been through it all.  Abandoned by her biological father, lived in a drug-infested neighborhood, molested as a child, raped as an adolescent, ran with the gangs as a teenager, and divorced in her early twenties, she felt that God was out to punish her.  She was broken and abused and she struggled as a single mom.  She met her current husband, Ryan, in 2010 and he brought her back to the Christian church.  She accepted the Lord back into her life weeks after they met and she began focusing on all of the wonderful blessings she has in her life.  She decided to rid her soul of all the negativity that encompassed every ounce of her being, and started on her journey to true happiness.  She began encouraging her friends and co-workers to live life focused on being caring and loving, instead of anger and resentment.  People started to notice this change in Tamar, and saw that by changing your attitude, it could change your life.  She has created a following on social media and now her friends all look up to the motivational posts she has to offer.  She wants everyone to have the wonderful life God intended for us all.  She is now happily married with four beautiful children, is a successful Realtor, owns a property management company, sells body alkalizing and balancing products, and spent two years writing this book “Detox Your Soul”.  She hopes you enjoy it as much as she did writing it.  This book will renovate your mind, body and spirit.   

Review by Leonie Stanley.
I received this book from the author for an honest review.
It was rather refreshing to read a self-help book, as I cannot remember the last time I read something in this line of writing.
This is not a book which you can start on page 1 and only put down once you get to the last paragraph, all in one sitting.  The book is filled with tips and suggestions on how you can go about to detox your soul, and for this book to give you your money’s worth, you have to follow the suggestions and whip out your journal and start making notes.
It is an easy to follow book and well laid out with each chapter tackling an issue you will encounter on your path to detoxing.
Some of the chapters, although it is good to form part of this book, can in fact stand alone, and will do good to inform people of the hazards of toxic people.
Coming from a Christian background I personally enjoyed the references made, yet it was subtle enough that you do not get the feeling that you are being preached at.
There is one thing I did not quite enjoy about the book and it was all the ‘If’ statements made.  If you see this, then it means that.  If you experience this, then look out for that, and so on.
All that said and done, I will suggest this book to anyone needing a good detox.
I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to read my book & write up a review. My hope is that it will help people connect with the positive life God intended for us!

    1. Great pleasure Tamar. I wish you all the best.