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Book tour and Guest Post: How tragedy birthed Triumph. Empty Womb Emty Tomb by Quiana E. Johnson, #inspirational #nonfiction #memoir

Beware the Procrastination Demons

All of us have experienced procrastination in some form in our life. We have procrastinated in our academics studying the day before an exam. We may have procrastinated in confronting a loved one who may have offended us and sometimes we have procrastinated in completing a project at our job. In every case, all procrastination has led to frustration and stress and creates an environment where your best work is not presented in excellence. There is something about time that grants you the space to be more creative and thoughtful. As a writer, you must beware of the procrastination demons. I call them demons because they are initially external forces that interrupt our life and they have the capacity to hinder the greatest writers from being released. Let’s talk about two things these demons use to have you procrastinate from finishing and publishing your writing project.
One of the things that procrastination demons will use is busyness. You have to provide continual care to grandma, your dad is sick, you have three kids in three different sports, you work more than 8 hours a day and have a family at home, you signed up to plan the baby shower, you….go head and fill in the blank. If your life has more demands than the time you have, you will always put your writing project to the side because everything else will seem more important to do.
Fear is another element that these demons will use. Sometimes our family members do not support our vision as a writer because they have their own thoughts about what we should be. Sometimes, we look at our finances and realize we do not have the investment to fund the writing project. Other times, we have our own insecurities and rejections about our self that stems from childhood that compounds the fear already present in our life. Therefore, we will procrastinate on the project and put it aside for another day. At this point, we have just devalued the project.
I personally have had to vow to myself that I am an author that writes books that should be read and I must commit some small measure of time every day in order to accomplish this task. If we do not take our vision to write seriously, who else will? Who will benefit from a book unwritten or unpublished due to our lack of time management or emotional setbacks? Write the book and cast out them demons.

Book Title: Empty Womb Empty Tomb
Author: Quiana E. Johnson
Genre: Inspirational, Non-Fiction    

About The Author

Quiana E. Johnson is a sought-after Bible teacher and the author of the new book Empty Womb, Empty Tomb, an astounding life-altering memoir for women who desire encouragement, hope, healing, and deliverance from prenatal trauma.
Quiana is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, worship flag dancer, vision consultant, online radio personality, and CO-Pastor of Transformation Temple International, a new progressive church in the Richmond, VA area. Affectionately known as "Queen", she resides in North Chesterfield, VA with her husband and business partner, Bradley. She is currently finishing her Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration and Computer Science at Liberty University.
Since the age of 19, Quiana recognized that her predestined assignment is to travel the world teaching women how to overcome their past by having their broken hearts completely mended by the Word of God while becoming engulfed in the purposes of God and representing the Kingdom culture. She currently mentors women in achieving the abundant life in the areas of vision, marriage, finances, and self-love.

About The Book 

Empty Womb, Empty Tomb is a thought provoking memoir recapping the dramatic events surrounding the premature birth and death of Quiana's baby boy, Nehemiah Johnson, and the restoring work of the Holy Spirit in the aftermath. March 10, 2014 was undeniably marked as one of the most life altering days of her life as her and her husband delivered their firstborn child at home in the bathroom, only to bury him five days later. Through this tragedy, Quiana learned many truths that allowed her to overcome her trauma and receive one of the most riveting revelations of her life. Empty Womb, Empty Tomb provokes every emotion imaginable as the reader tags along as one woman finds hope and wholeness through venturing to an empty tomb once occupied by Jesus Christ.

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