Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Introducing Charlene Douglas. New reviewer on Inspire To Read. #Books #Reviewer #Reads #Blogger

From today Charlene would be helping me with reviews on the blog. The demand is simply to overwhelming at times and I cannot read every book offered to me. The reason my grandson helps out as well. Yep, so far he had read and reviewed 3 children's books for me. Granny is so proud. :) 
            But back to the lady of the moment.
Interesting thing about Charlene other than the fact that she loves to read is that her mother and I were school buddies ages ago. ("34 years," Lynelle whispered.) At the end of last year, 2014, we had a school reunion and we could pick up the friendship once again.
Since books are an universal language she introduced me to her daughter, Charlene. A young woman that loves to read and wants to expand her own world.
I want to welcome her to the crazy world of books and I hope that she would enjoy her time with me. Taking her under my wing is a great responsibility but a challenge I like. *smile*. 

Who is Charelene?
I’m a Wife and Mother to a Princess. I’m a loud and proud book nerd!  If it has romance in it then I love it!  I’m an avid reader of Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance / Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance and some Young Adult.
I’m always on the hunt for new authors and books to read. Living in other people’s worlds is a way for me to escape my boring job and stress of everyday life. My Love for Ice Cream and Chocolate is Ridiculous and Other than my love for books, I like being creative with arts and crafts; Listening to Music and playing Computer Games with my Hubby.

     There you have it. Make her feel welcome on the blog and I know you will enjoy her reviews just as              much as you had mine. I do still read books, have a long list waiting for me but my own writing and                promotional work for WDA Publishing keeps me busy to do it as I used too.

    Thank you for all my supporters without you, Inspire to Read blog would not be where it is today.

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  1. Welcome Charlene!! I look forward to reading your reviews!